Faux Fur Fabulous With River Island

Friends, I Have The Lurg. 

Why am I telling you this you may wonder? 
1. Maybe you care, I like it when people care. Thank you for caring. 
2. If you follow me on social media then you'll have not seen much of me. Maybe this has been a good thing. Who knows. Anyway, live tweeting taking antibiotics or instagram grids full of duvets aren't much fun.
3. I'm very whiny. Deal with it.

Tasseled earrings* - River Island
Faux Fur Coat* - River Island
Vintage Look Jeans 
Luckily for all concerned, there was a time in the past when I wasn't ill. I'd go as far as to say I was positively well. During this time I was hashtag blessed to receive this incredible Faux Fur coat* from my lovely friends at River Island. Fluffy, warm and my favourite dove grey colour, it's hardly been off my back (When I leave the house that is...) River Island are one of my absolute favourites when it comes to all things glam - Bright colours, modern cuts and just the right level of embellishment; When I'm planning a night out, they're my go-to.

The absolute best thing about faux fur is that it lends itself equally as well to casual as it does to glam. Wear with a good pair of jeans, tee and trainers to the pub or with a LBD and some bojanglies like these tasseled babies for a special occasion. Reckon you can get faux fur pyjamas...?

I know I can't possibly be ill forever and with this in mind, I'll have more to tell you soon - In fact, I've been listening to your feedback and have been in touch with some of the brands you want to know more about and sourcing some of the items you so dearly want in your wardrobe, so watch this space!
Em x

* Denotes items gifted for review - All opinions are quite obviously my own...

Catch My Baby Blues With Scantilly

When someone makes a lingerie set the exact same colour as your eyes, you just have to buy it don't you...?

Captivate Bra - Scantilly
Captivate High Waist Brief - Scantilly 
I've been eyeing this Captivate up since its launch, where it was modelled by the incredible Olivia Campbell, who did it the exact justice it deserves. Since then, I've seen it on Georgina Horne, Galdalou and Sophie Lewis. All incredibly beautiful women who pushed me further and further in love with it until Christmas when I finally bit the bullet and got it ordered. 


This set is a whole new level of luxe, with eyelash lace edging, black wraparound detailing and beautifully soft sheer briefs, it's the kind of lingerie I've only ever previously seen in the likes of La Perla - Certainly never in a fuller bust. 


There is honestly nothing I don't love about Captivate, the design, the fit and the comfort are all just spot on. If you're looking to spend a little bit more (although still only £74 for the set) for something that looks and feels like it cost A LOT more, this is the one for you. It's the kind of set that makes you feel a million times more gorgeous just knowing you're wearing it.

Note - I never edit pictures other than to add a filter. This said, I've totally edited my awful awful AWFUL 1990s lower back tattoo out of this image because, frankly even I lose respect for 16 year-old me just looking at it...
I'm wearing the size I would usually go for in a less stretchy bra (36F) and the fit is spot on. I have the XL in the briefs which are actually very room and I would say could fit up to a 20/22 comfortably. 
Em x

Five Minutes on Loving Yourself

Remember when you were younger and people said "OH they LOVE themselves SOOOO much" like it was a bad thing? WELL, I'm here to tell you now that actually it's a really really good thing.

Knitted Bardot Jumper* - Tokyo Laundry
I've spent too much time over the years wishing that I looked a different way, that I was cleverer, more interesting, younger, older. I know for a fact that I don't take enough time out to look at who I am and what I've done right now in this exact moment. 


It's not always easy. So here I am, posting gratuitous pictures of myself. Completely unedited (Other than a filter and the removal of an ugly light switch), taken in my lunch hour with a camera on a timer, but made up in my favourite style, well lit and completely and utterly feeling myself. 


Give yourself five minutes tomorrow to love yourself (In whatever way you like. Even that way <Nod to my friends at Lovehoney here>. All self-love is good love isn't it really...?) 


I'll be back with more outfit posts soon - Just as soon as I stop having spotty tonsils...
Em x
* Denotes gifted item 

Five Minutes on Who I Am And What I Want

Happy 2018 Party People!

You all know me fairly well by now and, as such, will know that in 2018 I will be paying no heed to New Years resolutions. I will, however, share with you some of the things I've learnt over the last 12 months and some of the things I'm going to keep on learning for likely forever because I'm a REALLY slow learner (Please see also; "Learning to drive" - Moving into year 17 of that and "Shaving my legs without bleeding to death" - Year 20) 

Taylor Dress - Joanie Clothing 
Firstly, a subject I always come back to and which I am now well and truly laying to rest: 
Babies and the such.

I want to start by saying: My Vagina Is Nobody's Business (Except my gynaecologist's and on rare occasions like birthdays and olympic opening ceremonies, my husband's) This said, I now feel absolutely no shame or even fear in saying "I Do Not Want Children". It gets you the same looks you get when you say you're bisexual or that, actually, you've always thought that dolphins are total pricks. You know, that frozen smile and a look that says "I have absolutely no way of processing this information, I just know that I've now categorised you with James Blunt as a person who I don't hate as much as Hitler but still wouldn't want around my kids" and THAT IS OK WITH ME. In fact, it's incredibly liberating. You make your genital choices and I will make mine. 


I am a remarkably uncompetitive person. To the extent that, if a zombie was chasing me, I'd roll over and let it eat me in order to allow someone else to not be chewed on (I think about this a lot. I have my zombie plan DOWN). It's not altruism, I just like to see people who care about instant gratification do well. Also, being an actual zombie looks to be infinitely preferable/simpler than being the person running away from a zombie doesn't it...? 

I know who I am, I know my strengths and my strengths do not lie in fierce debates, cut throat negotiations or saving face. My strengths lie in influencing, informing and enabling the people around me to be just generally fucking awesome. I recognise all of this and am mostly comfortable with it. However, I now work in what can, at times, be an incredibly fierce business environment and the time is right to fly my own flag, even if it IS a flag covered in fluffy bunnies and Care Bears... 

There's a quote I fucking love; "Don't ever lose your softness to their arrogance, let your soul give them hell". There is a place for us all, soft or hard, leader or influencer but personal development can be good and this is something I'm doing right now. 
So don't piss me off (or do, I'll probably still give you a hug and ask if you're ok...) 

Bikini - Simply Be 

This next bit is copied from an instagram post I put up last week but I'm not going to paraphrase because I was clearly having a good word day when I wrote it:

I started 2017 fat and I’m going to be ending it fat. In the time in-between, I was fat. To all of you reading this, I’m sure you’ll notice that I HAVE NO BEEF WITH THIS. The only time I make excuses is when I walk into something/someone, knock something over or stand on one of my cats but that’s not me apologising for my fat body, that’s me apologising for being a clumsy knob. My fat has nothing to do with my “health” (And I implore you to not be dim or ableist enough to assume it does). There are women who are much fatter AND thinner than me also just living their lives as the smoking hot magical people that they are, enjoying themselves and being total fucking diamonds.

I'm going to go into 2018 fat, fat and happy because my body really isn’t all that I am. I’m hard working, loving and patient amongst other things and I’m not going to let the world tell me that all I am is a disappointing fat body (I’m not, ask my Mum) (Maybe don’t ask my Mum right now, I stole one of her airbeds which is probably pretty disappointing to her).To be honest, I'm bored of harping on about being fat now so please just assume that I am fat and will continue to be so and there will never ever be any form of diet shit on this blog or my social media. 

I also recommend that, Instead of using this week to berate yourself for having a lovely indulgent Christmas and new year, or making stupid goals which you will also berate yourself over or convincing yourself that things will be better if you can just do X,Y or Z; Just go out and do those things because they’re just as enjoyable regardless. Remember that the body image industry exists to make money from people - They’re not here to help us or quinoa and kale would be free and it’s really really not, so don’t believe the hype.

Reed Blouse - Second Script Curve
Jeans - Second Script Curve
One last thing from me, you know that saying; "Fortune favours the bold". Well please believe me when I say that never have four words been truer. This was my third year of saying yes, of doing things that scare me, of taking every opportunity that comes my way, and I'm incredibly glad that I have. Don't sit there and wait for things to come your way, go out and get it: Ask out that cute babe, apply for that job, start that blog, make that new friend, learn that Beyonce dance routine. 

I've got this, and so have you.

Em x

Romance In Moonlight By Lovehoney

Just a quick and lovely post today thanks to my fabulous friends at Lovehoney.

 Moonlight Plunge Basque Set - Lovehoney
Moonlight Plunge Basque Set - Lovehoney 
This is the Moonlight Black Plunge Basque Set - Isn't it beautiful? In wine coloured satin and black lace, it's the little bit of self-indulgence I needed right now. 


I honestly feel that the quality and look of Lovehoney's plus lingerie are ramping up by the day. The lace back and strap detail of the moonlight take it into real luxury lingerie territory, the frilled waist is great for anyone with concerns around their middle region and the tie belt adds a real bit of something different 

I'm wearing the 1X / 2X here which translates to an 18/20 and fits beautifully on the tightest fastening. The matching G-String is a little small in my opinion so probably size up if you've got a big ol' butt like myself. This is such a remarkably comfortable basque despite it being fully boned (Nice)- No digging in or tugging. Perfect for a romantic evening.


If you head to the Lovehoney site today you can pick the Moonlight Basque set up for just £20 which is utterly ridiculous for such a beautiful thing so GO GO GO!
* Denotes items gifted for review - All opinions are entirely my own.

Love Your Legs In Heist Tights

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an absolute tights fiend. When I moved earlier this year, I threw out no less that 27 pairs of cheap, holy, baggy tights. So when luxury brand Heist got in touch to say they were launching in sizes and 16-24 I was VERY interested.


The wonderful Heist team very kindly offered to send me a pair of The Fifty in Black, (also available in Fig which is a gorgeous burgundy colour.) As someone who normally won't entertain below an 80 den for fear of ripping them or that awful uneven coverage you get when your tights are stretched to the limit, I was a little dubious BUT as soon as I put these tights on I knew that the colour and fit of The Fifty were utterly spot on.


I can't go any further without commenting on the Heist packaging. Have you ever seen such beautiful presentation of tights?!? The wrapper which came through the letter box had even the Mr excited. And the box itself? This is some beautiful high-end shiz my friends;  individually packaged with their very own dustbag and guidance on how to wear and care for your tights (Including avoiding cat claws which is easier said than done in this house...) there is no way you could feel anything other than full on luxury b*tch.


These are the high waisted design, I could easily have pulled them higher BUT here's the thing: I didn't need to. In standard tights, I wear my waistband mega high for the following reasons:
1. I dont want them to fall down
2. I find tights move better when they're worn higher up.
3. I hate when my tummy rolls over the top...


The fabric of Heist tights' waistbands are a luxury sportswear design, meaning that they move with your waist in the way that...well...sportswear does. No matter what you do, they don't roll down, they don't twist and MEGA importantly for me, the seamless design mean that they provide an excellent base for anything you wear over the top, including body con dresses and lightweight fabrics. This is rarity in tights in general, never mind larger tights. 

I'm wearing the 16-18 here and they fit with plenty enough stretch to get my hands into them in order to put them onto my legs EVEN AT 6FT TALL GUYS - Brilliantly though, this stretch is stretch; NOT excess material which is what I've got used to when wearing tights which are long enough for me. 


But what about the £22 price tag...? If you look after these tights (USE THE DUSTBAG) I am confident that they will last. Wearing tights that ACTUALLY fit mean that you're not having to gently coax them over your knees praying that they don't rip. The toe seam is actually under the foot lessening the chance of you poking through the end. Essentially, you will love these tights so much that you want to take care of them.


These tights look great and they FEEL really great - I could wear them aaaall day without feeling squished or otherwise bothered by them. As tights go, I would give them an easy 10/10 and I now fully intend to stop buying cheap tatty tights that I wear twice and invest in more Heist!
Em x
* - Items gifted for review. All views are completely my own.

Suit Up With Navabi

I've sung the praises of Manon Baptiste at Navabi many a time on this here blog. With beautiful fabrics, timeless designs and quality through and through, they've long since been my go-to for workwear and occasions where only the best will do. 

Suit Jacket* - Manon Baptiste @ Navabi
Suit Trousers* - Manon Baptiste @ Navabi
Earrings - Zara
Shoes - ASOS 
You may have seen images from the recent Style Collective shoot with Navabi (More of that soon!) where I'm wearing the most incredible electric blue trouser suit? WELL. I fell in love. Hard. That's when I knew I needed a Manon Baptiste suit in my life AND THIS IS THE ONE. The Autumnal Print against the blue background is eye-catcing without being too OTT, I knew from experience that the trousers would sit at that perfect cropped length on me and, most importantly, I knew it would look utterly banging.


The material of the suit is a light jacquard polyester. Jacquard polyester is a fabulous fabric for many reasons; Bold patterns, long-lasting but most importantly to me; It simply does not crease. Every plus-size trouser wearing woman has been there, you sit down on a train/in a meeting/on the sofa for a prolonged amount of time. When you stand up, your trousers strongly resemble an elephant's arse. Not great. I have cavorted about into many shapes in this suit and it still fits exactly the same as when I first put it on. 


Both the trousers and the jacket are an 18. I feel like I could have gone for a 16, they would have been tight but it turns out that's how I like my trousers (Seriously, on paper my measurements are very much an 18 trouser-wise but I always feel like they're too big. I obviously really like having my butt tightly cradled...) So I'm going to say that these probably fit right on a normal person who doesn't weirdly like being squeezed, making them true to size.


I'm planning to get my hands on the electric blue suit now that it's in stock (possibly after my new house-bashed finances replenish somewhat...) and pretty much live in suits from hereon in - They're just so EASY. If you have a suit that you'd like to recommend, please link to it in the comments! 
Em x 
* Denotes Items gifted for review - All views are my own.

Lux Looks with Lindybop and Maltesers Luxury Chocolates

You may have seen on instagram last week that I was sent a box of the delicious new luxury chocolates by Maltesers. To mark this launch, the fabulous team at Lindybop have designed a limited edition version of their bestselling Lily Swing Dress in a vibrant red polka dot and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one! (Queue the dancing lady emoji...)  

Lily Swing Dress - Lindybop (£35) 
I had such a lovely time taking these pictures, the weather may be on the turn but isn't this dress just a beautiful pop of retro joy? 


I'm a huge fan of how Lindybop dresses fit, the swing skirt moves beautifully, the fitted bodice sits perfectly across the chest and shoulder and the length shows my legs off in just the way I like (If I do say so myself!)  The white contrast lining and metallic belt of this limited edition Lily give the dress that extra bit of snazziness and an adorable nod to the chocolates themselves. 


I'm wearing the 18 here and it fits like a glove - I've mentioned the quality of Lindybop zips in the past and I can now confidently say I've just been unlucky in the past - The side zip on the Lily is both convenient and strong (lucky really with the amount of spinning I've been doing in it!) 


So I've told you about the dress, what about the chocolates...? You know how Maltesers are the best chocolates know to human kind? (It's a family trait to be very into Maltesers; I even posted my Dad 60 bags for his 60th birthday. He was both delighted and baffled) WELL, these are like a whole new level. I've shared them around (Much to my annoyance) and, without fail, there were Mmmmmms all round. With a wafer layer and that lush malty taste, they're a lovely bit of luxury at the end of a long day. 


Look how the dress matches the wrappers - Isn’t it lush!?! The Lily Swingdress is currently online at Lindybop for £35 and Maltesers Luxury Chocolates are available at Sainsbury's for a tasty price of £7.
Em x

*This is a sponsored post, meaning that Maltesers® Luxury Chocolates have paid me to review both their chocolates and Lindybop dress. 

Simply Be - The Curve Catwalk and LFW

I'm sorry this is going to be a bit of a round up post but it's mega picture heavy so you can have a good old peruse rather than a read if you so choose (read the words though eh, they took me a while to write. It's only nice)

You may remember that earlier in the year, Simply Be sent Steph and me to London for a London Fashion Week Tall Girl Takeover. For some unbeknown reason, they asked us again which was very lucky because we love them and also we love each other so it worked out beautifully.

Leather Biker Jacket - Simply Be
Velour Dress - Simply Be 
As an added bonus, for London Fashion Week, Simply Be hosted a special catwalk show. With models from size 10-26, The Curve Catwalk was a real celebration of size diversity. Model and diversity campaigner Kelly Knox, summed the event up perfectly in saying “Fashion should not be defined by ability, size, age, colour or gender choice. Fashion is for everybody.” 

Let me lay down for you my top three points of the Curve Catwalk:

1.  The Models - Hayley Hasslehoff, Callie Thorpe, Tess Holliday, Sonny Turner - The catwalk was a smorgasbord of beauty. Everybody was different, every body was different, it was truly excellent how the clothes moved on different figures and heights and personality really does go a long way.

2. The Fashion - Simply Be are one of the more fashion forward plus size brands I could name and they definitely had their fingers on the pulse here. Every look they showed was chic, up to date and, most importantly, incredibly wearable. 

3. The Show Itself - Now I have to clarify here, I've been to very few catwalk shows. 
They're just a thing I've never really been fortunate enough to be invited to, so I don't have masses of experience for comparison. This said, the curve catwalk was a professional catwalk show. The lighting, the venue, the music, the whole setup was stunning.

I hope that this will become a regular occurrence for Simply Be, I left with a shopping list longer than my legs but, more vitally, the knowledge that fashion inclusivity seems to be on the turn.




SO we'd had the fashion - What was next...? The food obviously. And what food it was! I've never been to Sketch before but I'd seen/heard about it on numerous occasions and was desperate to go - Queue Simply Be being absolute babes and making my life by taking us for an utterly incredible afternoon tea. I EVEN DRANK TEA which is unmitigated for me (It was decaf - I've not completely lost my senses). It was a gorgeous experience with gorgeous people and I can't wait to go again - I thoroughly recommend it. 



Following a million sandwiches and small cake type things, it was time to hit the street and check out what LFW had to offer. I can honestly say that this was the most diverse I've seen LFW presenting in terms of size; Pictures coming from the shows suggested that the models represented more than just one body type and if the fashionistas we managed to catch on camera are anything to go off, I'm excited by what I would class a very clear shift. If you were there I'd be interested to know if you thought the same...

I make no secret of the fact that Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year and it was fab to see statement knits, slogan jackets and bold layering all making appearances. I was head to (very almost) toe in Simply Be as you'll see from my first picture and I felt utterly fabulous - They really are very much on the fashion ball right now. 




I had a fab few days down in London with huge thanks to Simply Be and my babe Steph - Occasionally events like LFW can take me very much out of my com
fort zone (I'm just SO Northern...) but I left with very much a renewed love for all things fashion and a real gratitude for the opportunities this blog brings. 
Em x