Monday, 28 September 2015

#GirlGangGoals with ASOS

I've never been formally asked if I'd like to be in a Gang before. In Yorkshire we tend just to hang around with whoever isn't flushing our heads down the toilet at lunch time... But Becky asked me and I said yes. Because who wouldn't want to be in the coolest Girl Gang going...?

#GirlGangGoals is care of ASOS - So they asked us to pick out two items that would become our signature look for the day.
Denim Shift Dress - ASOS Curve
High Neck Top - ASOS Curve
Tights and Boots - My own
So here's my Girl Gang look. Perfect for causing chaos, kicking ass and generally proving that "Being a girl" is the best thing you could ever be.

I'd been planning on investing in a denim pinafore for Autumn and this shift dress is spot on. Comfortable, versatile and so easy to wear.

The High Neck Top is magnificent - Spangly, unique and my favourite Autumnal colours. I would suggest that you size up with this top as it is slightly cropped.

So who's in the Girl Gang...? I'm pretty certain you'll know these faces but let me tell you more just in case...
Becky - My Patty sister 4 lyf. In the world of blogging there are a lot less Northern chicks than you'd think, lest of all from the East coast Massif, so when we locked eyes across a crowded room I knew it was love. I have never met such a driven, talented and like-minded woman as Becky. She supports me in ways she'll never know and whenever we're together it's like I'm home. Plus she's utterly bloody hilarious, a wonderful Mum and has the singing voice of an angel.
Kate - This Woman is a star, she has brilliance running through her veins. Anyone who sees Kate wants to be her friend immediately because she oozes cool (Dolly Parton tattoo anyone..?!) But this isn't all there is to Kate. She's sweet, sensitive, funny and exactly the right kind of a deviant. She brightens ever room she's in and has made my life all the better for knowing her.
Make sure you go over to their blogs and see how they've styled their Girl Gang look - I know it's just my humble opinion but PHWOAR.

These girls, along with absent gang members Elena and Betty, are my Dream Team - Strong, brave, independent (and I'd be lying if I didn't say they're SMOKING HOT). 
Want to be part of the gang...? Head over to Mrs BeBe blog and you have the chance of winning two pieces from the ASOS A/W collection OF YOUR VERY OWN (We don't need to share. Unless you want to...)
Em x


Sunday, 20 September 2015

60s Vibes with Hairspray the Musical

Think that only Twiggy looked good in swing dresses? WELL YOU’RE WRONG, Plus size babes have been making trends look good long before the likes of Melissa McCarthy and Amber Riley were gracing our screens.

The 60s broke fashion rules – Hem lines got higher, eyelashes got longer and musicians became the icons of the time.  Luckily for us, you can grab a bit of inspiration from the best of the 60s trends for your Autumn/Winter 15 wardrobe:

Bold Patterns – The 60s were all about floral prints and clashing colours. Forget the antiquated “fashion rules”, bold patterns work on EVERYONE. If you’re not quite ready for a maxi dress, start with a fancy pussy-bow blouse or Biba style neck scarf.

How I wear it...

How you can wear it...
Floral Tunic - New Look
Scarf - Marks and Spencer
Maxi Dress - Yours Clothing
  • High Neck collars –A high neck is so classic yet so chic. Scour the vintage shops for an authentic look or head to the high street for a huge selection of dresses and tunics with this feature. Ramp up the eyeliner and backcomb your hair for a Brigitte Bardot look that simply can’t fail.
How I wear it...

How you can wear it...
Green Marl Dress - Yours Clothing
Monochrome Top - Evans
Knee boots – So many plus-size brands are now making knee boots with a wider calf, this opens up a world of possibilities; Suede A-line skirts over bold tights, a peek of a chunky heel under flares and, for the confident amongst us, Hot pants under a faux fur gillet – Why not? If it’s good for Elizabeth Taylor, it’s good for me!

How I wear it...

How you can wear it...
Tan Boots – New Look
Grey High Leg Boots – Simply Be
Black Stretch Boots – Yours Clothing
My top tips:
  • Second hand and vintage shops are your friend – Most vintage shops will now stock a full range of sizes (For example Mooch in Sheffield - They're ace) and if they haven't anything in for you ASK THEM; If they're a decent kind o' person they'll keep an eye on any new stock and let you know if anything suitable comes in. 
  • Pinafores look gorgeous and are so versatile - You can wear them over roll necks, shirts or t-shirts and keep them as casual or dressed up as you want
  • I genuinely don't think the 60s have ever gone "out of fashion" BUT if you want to play it safe go for a classic shape with a 60s print or a 60s shape in a block colour.

Want to celebrate your new found love for all things 60s? Hairspray the Musical is currently touring the UK, if you've not seen Hairspray YOU HAVE GOT TO, as someone who doesn't "do" musicals I love this one which is testament to just how much fun it is. They've even given me a ticket to go and see it so if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, expect to see much more!

Em x

Saturday, 12 September 2015

The Tall Girl Dream - Simply Be Floral Midi Dress

Don't panic, you've not missed a freak British heatwave; These pictures were taken in Seville where I've just been for an anniversary trip. Seville is literally the most magical place on Earth but I've been told to stop saying this because there were a lot of holiday goers there this year and my husband doesn't like to share...
Closet Midi Dress - Simply Be
Just a quick post to share a wonderful last minute holiday find with you: 
I know, I know, I've proven before that this can happen but I will never ever tire of it.

I bought this Closet dress on a recent trip to Simply Be in Doncaster: The larger lady's shopping paradise, with the ever ravishing Becky. I was immediately drawn to the length (obviously) but the colours and floral print also rock my world hard. It's very pretty without having to be too dressy which is a win for me.

It's a truly lovely, well made, well fitting dress. Just size down, I'm generally a 16 but this is a 12 - it's the VERY stretchy material.

So that's it now. End of the sun. BRING ON THE ROLLNECKS!!!
Em x

Thursday, 10 September 2015

High Fashion With Yours Clothing

Fashion week is almost upon us, as such I have taken the unprecedented seasonal step of FLASHING MY LEGS. These legs are very brown. Very brown indeed. They've had a full week in the sun so even if they look whiter than a polar bear, I can assure you that they are not (They are. They really are)
Floral Skater Skirt - Yours Clothing 
Chiffon Blouse with jeweled collar - Yours Clothing 
Wedge Ankle Boots - Yours Clothing
Earrings - Yours Clothing
I can't lie, when I hear the words "High Fashion", I think "not terribly wearable" but these last three words are not synonymous with Yours Clothing so in putting together this outfit I've gone for a wearable yet fashionable silhouette which is one you won't usually see on me. Saying this, I love the shape that you can get from scuba - the effect of a full skirt without the masses of fabric, and over a fitted shirt I think it looks very chic indeed. The detailing on the collar of this shirt is utterly beautiful - to be honest, there was no need for the earrings but I just like them so very much that I bling-ed it up to the max. Finally, the boots are a size 9 and are ridiculously comfortable (Again, not very high fashion of me...)

My absolute dream high fashion look is basically anything Vivienne Westwood - I know so many women love a bit of Viv - For me it's the structure, the bold prints and STUPIDLY high platforms. In fact, Yours are giving a strong nod to this look in their A/W range: Tartans shawls, chunky ankle boots and tailored shirts - I can't wait to get my grubby little mits on some of it.

Just a few words of advice with these items:
The skirt comes up big - Like REALLY big. This is a 16 and I think I could have gone at least two sizes smaller to wear it on my waist - So size down!
The shirt is a bit on the tighter size. This is an 18 and it is a bit gapey around the busoms - So size up! 
(Yours' sizing is generally spot on for me so this is a one off)

UKPSFW is this weekend and it looks to be fabulous - I'll be keeping my eyes open for some catwalk inspo!

Em x
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