Be Period Prepared With Modibodi

[This post is an AD in collaboration with Modibodi and contains gifted items]

If you are someone who has a period, you’ll know that, no matter how long you’ve been having them, they still take you by surprise. I’ve worked out that I’ve had around 270 periods in my life, I track them, I know when they’re due, I should be a period PRO, yet I’ve never quite mastered the art of preparation.
"Sensual Full Brief" - Modibodi

’m what’s known in the industry as a “Sweaty Sleeper” and sanitary towels just don’t work for me and my hotter-than-the-sun body so I’ve always been on the look out for a solution that will be comfortable yet avoid the nighttime leakage (We’ve all been there). Luckily, @modibodiaustralia are a fab brand now available in the UK, who offer a range of extremely cute period pants to solve this issue amongst many others. 

A couple of years ago, I’d have been a bit put off by the idea of Period Pants but since the market has shifted in the way I see sustainability alongside breaking the taboos of menstruation, I was all for giving them a go. Modibodi use breathable fabrics to avoid the sweat issue, alongside an extremely slim (3mm) lining to avoid any leakage. The briefs pictured can be used alone on light-medium period days, and as a back up on heavy period days.

As someone who’s trying to think more about the impact I have on the planet around me, moving away from the sanitary products I’ve traditionally used is becoming increasingly important and @modibodiaustralia offer an extremely attractive solution.

The pants go from a size 8 - 24 and are available in a variety of aesthetically appealing styles. Be sure to check out the “Modibodi Gives Back” page of their website - These guys are really making a difference. 

They’d also like to offer you 10% off purchases using my code: THEEMEDIT*
*T&Cs: Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes discount on bundle packs, gift cards and clearance items as these are already discounted. One code per person.

Em x

The Range We All Deserve - Danielle Vanier x Navabi

[This post contains gifted items]

One of the greatest things about blogging and social media-ing is that I’ve met some incredible women; Women with vision, talent and the drive to make things happen. I’m sure you’ll all agree that Danie Vanier is one of these women. We all have our own styles and “fashion” is incredibly subjective but one thing I can tell you is that for as long as I’ve known about plus size style, I’ve been a big fan of Danie.

Ponte Jersey Top* - Navabi X Danielle Vanier
Satin-Blend Frill Side Culottes* - Navabi X Danielle Vanier

Danie has such a recognisable style without ever being pigeonholed and this year has absolutely been her year to make just this accessible to the mainstream; Starting with a superb Marks and Spencer footwear collaboration and now gracing the rails of our fave stop for high end plus size fashion; Navabi. The range is insanely coherent - it’s simple, it’s modern, it’s unique, it’s just SO Danie.

Each piece is designed in a way that allows you to slot it right into your existing wardrobe and style in a way that works for you, so when I was asked to select a piece for myself I was spoilt for choice. I ended up going with the Satin-Blend (SO SOFT) frill side culottes* and ponte jersey top* (SO LUXE) and this is how they look on me: Unique, fabulous and exactly what a plus size woman deserves.

I found the fit to be very true to size and am really impressed on how well thought out the proportions are, both as standalone items but also together. I just added a belt to break the block monochrome up a little bit and of course, some huge earrings because that's the extent of my ability to successfully accessorise.

Well done Danie and Navabi on a truly brilliant range, I hope we get to see much more of the same in the future.
Em x
 All gifted items are denoted with *

Bring On The Self Love With Simply Be

[This post is an AD in collaboration with Simply Be and contains gifted items]

HOW IS IT NEARLY VALENTINES DAY AGAIN?!? The day of romance, chocolates and (in my case) sausage, chips and beans at Morrisons. Something I've learnt about love and romance and all that jazz is that there is utterly no point whatsoever in expecting to be happy in a relationship if you're not happy with yourself. 

So much of what makes me happy now is not having a reliance on other peoples' opinions of me. Of how I look or how much they value my existence. I like who I am, and even on my worst days I know that I'm doing my best.

Lauren Lace Plunge Midi Bra - Simply Be [Gifted Item] Available up to a 48DD
Lauren Lace Brazilian Briefs - Simply Be [Gifted Item] Available up to a 26

Sometimes self-love comes from acknowledging your limitations and moving onto the next thing. 
Sometimes self-love comes from a full face of makeup and some banging selfies. 
Sometimes self-love comes from eating something covered in cheese. 
Sometimes self-love comes from putting on some really beautiful lingerie and admiring all of the gorgeous things that make your body so unique. And, for me, embracing that uniqueness, both physically and in all the other elements that make you YOU, is your real power in self-love and happiness.

For those of you not planning to spend the evening in a Supermarket cafe, Simply Be have got us covered on the lingerie front with a range, that is not only beautiful but also available in an increasingly extending size range; Some lines go from A - L cup and up to a 56 back, the ones I am featuring below go up to a 48DDI know personally how much effort has gone into ensuring new ranges are both well fitting and current so I was very excited to be giving it a bit of a trial, starting with the Lauren set. 

The Lauren bra fits like an absolute dream, and it LOOKS (albeit in my eyes) PHENOMENAL. I could walk around the house in it all day, the support is spot on, the coverage is perfect and, most excitingly, it's just £20. If you take into account the briefs being just £12, £32 for the whole set is frankly ridiculous.

The briefs are beautifully soft and clearly designed with curves in mind which makes them a dream to wear, but honestly, I cant stop thinking about this bra! You know how much I love a longline and I just really, really enjoy wearing this one. I'm very much looking forward to finding ways to show off the bra under sheer tops and dresses, or just by itself because something this gorgeous deserves to be seen.

Next up is the Figleaves Curve Fever set, because if you cant wear red on Valentines Day, when CAN you wear it please?
Figleaves Fever Balconette Bra - Simply Be [Gifted Item] Available up to a 48DD 
Figleaves Fever Brazilian Briefs - Simply Be [Gifted Item] Available up to a 26 
Figleaves Fever Suspender Belt - Simply Be [Gifted Item] Available up to a 26

I. Feel. So. Sexy. In. This. Set. 
Word to the wise with these briefs; Size up. I think I was bamboozled by the low-slung ness of them (Perfect for under the suspender belt) but I think I'd feel more comfortable in something a bit bigger wedgie-wise (Just a personal knicker preference) Size aside, I'm very into the cut-out feature at the back and the floral detailing.

For me, the real hero of this set is the Balconette Bra - The quarter cup padding, sheer mesh cup and shoulder detailing all come together to make a truly beautiful piece of lingerie whilst offering the kind of support and comfort you would never expect from something so utterly lovely.

Whichever way you look at it, thanks to Simply Be, I'm all set for Valentines day on the lingerie-front. Now all I need to do is hope Cupid brings me a card...
Em x