Simply Be - The Curve Catwalk and LFW

I'm sorry this is going to be a bit of a round up post but it's mega picture heavy so you can have a good old peruse rather than a read if you so choose (read the words though eh, they took me a while to write. It's only nice)

You may remember that earlier in the year, Simply Be sent Steph and me to London for a London Fashion Week Tall Girl Takeover. For some unbeknown reason, they asked us again which was very lucky because we love them and also we love each other so it worked out beautifully.
Leather Biker Jacket - Simply Be
Velour Dress - Simply Be 
As an added bonus, for London Fashion Week, Simply Be hosted a special catwalk show. With models from size 10-26, The Curve Catwalk was a real celebration of size diversity. Model and diversity campaigner Kelly Knox, summed the event up perfectly in saying “Fashion should not be defined by ability, size, age, colour or gender choice. Fashion is for everybody.” 

Let me lay down for you my top three points of the Curve Catwalk:

1.  The Models - Hayley Hasslehoff, Callie Thorpe, Tess Holliday, Sonny Turner - The catwalk was a smorgasbord of beauty. Everybody was different, every body was different, it was truly excellent how the clothes moved on different figures and heights and personality really does go a long way.

2. The Fashion - Simply Be are one of the more fashion forward plus size brands I could name and they definitely had their fingers on the pulse here. Every look they showed was chic, up to date and, most importantly, incredibly wearable. 

3. The Show Itself - Now I have to clarify here, I've been to very few catwalk shows. 
They're just a thing I've never really been fortunate enough to be invited to, so I don't have masses of experience for comparison. This said, the curve catwalk was a professional catwalk show. The lighting, the venue, the music, the whole setup was stunning.

I hope that this will become a regular occurrence for Simply Be, I left with a shopping list longer than my legs but, more vitally, the knowledge that fashion inclusivity seems to be on the turn.

SO we'd had the fashion - What was next...? The food obviously. And what food it was! I've never been to Sketch before but I'd seen/heard about it on numerous occasions and was desperate to go - Queue Simply Be being absolute babes and making my life by taking us for an utterly incredible afternoon tea. I EVEN DRANK TEA which is unmitigated for me (It was decaf - I've not completely lost my senses). It was a gorgeous experience with gorgeous people and I can't wait to go again - I thoroughly recommend it.

Following a million sandwiches and small cake type things, it was time to hit the street and check out what LFW had to offer. I can honestly say that this was the most diverse I've seen LFW presenting in terms of size; Pictures coming from the shows suggested that the models represented more than just one body type and if the fashionistas we managed to catch on camera are anything to go off, I'm excited by what I would class a very clear shift. If you were there I'd be interested to know if you thought the same...

I make no secret of the fact that Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of the year and it was fab to see statement knits, slogan jackets and bold layering all making appearances. I was head to (very almost) toe in Simply Be as you'll see from my first picture and I felt utterly fabulous - They really are very much on the fashion ball right now.

I had a fab few days down in London with huge thanks to Simply Be and my babe Steph - Occasionally events like LFW can take me very much out of my com
fort zone (I'm just SO Northern...) but I left with very much a renewed love for all things fashion and a real gratitude for the opportunities this blog brings. 
Em x

Simple Seduction - Playful Promises x Gabi Fresh

Sometimes we can lose touch with our appearance, other things take over, time goes on by and before you know it, you're wearing your pizza-eating-pyjamas to the supermarket and your hair's so grey you get mistaken for Dame Thora Hird.
Gabi Fresh Playful Promises Strappy Bra
Gabi Fresh Playful Promises Briefs 
Moving house saw me go a full month looking like Official Garbage © - My hair was never clean, my face was never made up, my outfit was 95% stretchy polyester related so I needed to shake things the heck up. Queue my failsafe plan of: Buy some smoking hot lingerie and take some glam (for me!) pictures. So that's what I did.

I'd been eyeing up this stunning Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises set for a while. Gabi's Swimsuitsforall ranges have consistently been on my wish list yet I haven't been able to justify such beautiful pieces for so few days of the year, so when this range with mega lingerienbrand Playful Promises dropped I knew that all excuses were out of the window.

The set is incredibly comfortable, with thick straps, smooth cups and perfect band placement on both the bra and briefs. PLUS IT IS SEXY AS HELL. The straps on the briefs can be moved as low or high as you're happy with, the harness fastening can be adjusted and it moves beautifully with your body. I can actually imagine wearing this set under an LBD which is rare for me with sexy lingerie - There is no bumpy lace, no tugging, no impracticality at all. I may be making it sound dull but I'm in my 30s and I have no time for nonsense.

The bra is just £35 and the briefs £20 - With this alongside the incredible fit and quality, I'm sorely tempted to try this little number next...

Em x

Curve Fashion Fest with

Where have I been?!? How has it been so long?! WELL I've had a lot going down recently, as you may have seen from my instagram, all of which I will tell you about very soon BUT until then, let's talk about the fabulous day I had at the Curve Fashion Festival.

As I've said before, Curve Fashion Fest is a day long event celebrating all things plus size fashion. The event actually started in the morning but passport control at Manchester Airport (aaaaaaghhhhh!) meant that I didn't actually make it to to Liverpool until well into the afternoon which was a real shame. had paid for my tickets for the day and also very kindly dressed me in this beautiful 
bardot midi dress which was ideal taking into account how indescribably hot I was ALL DAY (I think I had a touch of sunburn...) and how much dashing about I was doing. I'm wearing an 18 here and it was a lovely fit - Loose but still a great shape. It was also incredibly easy to get changed into in a train toilet which is a massive bonus and I think you'll all agree, real USP. 

My lateness meant that I missed much of the catwalk but luckily my fabulous pals didn't, so I was able to watch from the train via the power on instagram. The Very catwalk was SO up my street it was ridiculous, with Autumn/Winter heralding retro prints, pussy bows and oh so much green.  The Very stand itself was HUGE and had some corking bits that I'd not noticed online (Like this biker jacket and these lace hem trousers) so they're well worth a look right now. 
Picture c/o The Curve Fashion Festival Instagram
I spent the day with so many of my favourite people, so much so I'm sorry but there aren't that many pictures!! (I also got to drink some Ice & Easy mojito which is literally the greatest drink you can drink after a day of rushing about - TRUST ME) I'm consistently impressed by how TCFF manages to attract brands and visitors alike with their true dedication to all things plus - Roll on TCFF18!

Em x