Corporate and Social Responsibility

So much of who I am and what I am able to achieve is due to the start I was given in life and the support I've received ever since then, be it from my friends, family or the community around me.

The Em Edit's Corporate and Social Responsibility policy recognises this and aims to reflect the values that I, as a one woman business, hold close to my heart. 

I will support inclusivity at all times and challenge with humility to ensure that the companies/agencies I work with do the same. 

At least 80% of any gifted items which are no longer required will be donated to charity, not be sold for personal profit or disposed of in a way that will contribute to landfill. 

The Em Edit will operate within industry standards, meaning compliance with GDPR, Privacy Policy and Guidelines as set out by the Advertising Standards Authority. 

Each April, 5% of all earnings by The Em Edit will be donated to a charity who shares these values and aims to support the wider community. 

Charity TBC 
You can find out more HERE and donate HERE.
During the Covid lockdown, domestic violence and 
abuse in the home reached an all time high. 
Women's Aid help thousands of women and children 
to escape this abuse. 
You can find out more HERE and donate HERE.
Alliance for Choice is an activist organisation that 
campaigns for abortion rights in Northern Ireland 
and supports the Repeal the 8th Campaign and 
their sister organisation, the Abortion Rights 
Campaign in the rest of Ireland. 
You can find out more HERE and donate HERE.