Baby We Were Born to Run - The Yours Clothing Acid Wash Playsuit

An extremely quick post for you here courtesy of some of my parents' garden and a very begrudging paternal photographer...

Jumpsuits and playsuits: You KNOW I love me an outfit that I can flail about in and this Acid wash denim playsuit* from Yours clothing is absolutely no exception.
Acid Wash Denim Playsuit - Yours
Turquoise Necklace - Yours
 Sleeveless Waterfall Waistcoat - Yours
Gladiator Sandals - Yours

I first saw it at the SS15 launch and knew that people would totally and utterly lose their shit over it because it's just so COOL. I described it as being like the right kind of an 80s throwback. Think Springsteen not Hawkes (who I have beef with but that's a story for another day...). This meant that when Yours sent me the playsuit to try I had it on my body within about 2.5 seconds.

The denim is light and and OH so soft. This is a playsuit made for comfort, frolicking and warmer climes.

The playsuit fastens with presstuds and a drawstring waistband which add to the light and non constrictive feel of it. I'm wearing a 16 here and despite my Grace Jones thighs of power, there are plenty of room in the legs and waist without being too big. 

I'm wearing the playsuit here with the sleeveless waterfall waistcoat*, black gladiator sandals* and turquoise necklace* (all from Yours because they are just THAT good).

The sandals are a size 9 ***REAL SIZE NINE ALERT*** and I finally know how it feels to wear sandals where 40% of my foot is not on the floor as they usually are. These are stupidly comfortable and to say that my feet are in esence just big hands on the ends of my legs, they make them look moderately inoffensive!

 Not gonna lie, I've already worn the waistcoat almost every day; With a vest and jeans, over a sleeveless midi dress and with a plain white tee which made me feel a bit like a crap waiter but STILL LOOKED ACE. It's an absolute wardrobe staple for me now and had reopened the options of a number of strappy dresses which I've avoided in the past because the proportions haven't felt right.

I'm a big fan of a statement necklace but am REALLY bad at wearing them. I just look all self conscious like when you first put a collar on a kitten. Thankfully, this one is different and I'm on to a winner!

Prepare yourself for more holiday looks because I really need to start getting all my shizzle together and packed (by packed I mean in a pile on the floor...obviously...)
Em x
*denotes items gifted for review