Plus Size Work Wear - The Elvi Checked Tulip Skirt

A quick post here because I couldn't wait to share this incredible checked tulip skirt* from Elvi with you all [Insert heart eye emoji times a million]
Black Roll Neck - Jette at Navabi
Checked Tulip Skirt - Elvi
Tights - Primark
Ankle Boots - ASOS (Similar) 
Now I've always been a fan of defined waists, asymmetry, ruching and check prints (think Vivienne Westwood) and this skirt ticks every single box. The elasticated waistband ensures a perfect fit and the visible zip at the back gives it a more modern feel, plus it's incredibly strong, which is essential to a good fitted skirt. 

I'm wearing a 16 and it fits perfectly in that it's fitted but I have no issues eating/moving/breathing/being alive. Plus the length is absolutely spot on for me, sitting at just below the knee at its shortest point. Finally, what a glorious shape!

Being extremely high waisted, when it comes to separates I'm often reluctant to tuck the top into the bottoms. This isn't an issue at all with the tulip skirt as the waistband is lovely and thick and the tulip shape lends itself perfectly to my shape. What I will say is that I prefer this look with a fitted top - I can't stand the feeling of excess material around my middle. Because I'm a weirdo. I wore it this week with the Navabi Black Roll Neck featured in my last post, tights and my buckle up ankle boots and felt so incredibly put together it is ridiculous.

I also love the silhouette the skirt gives me from the back. The very definition of "I hate to see you go but love to watch you leave" Totally going to wear this with heels and a fitted short and take over the world...

I've been trying to dress smarter for work, even on the days where I can be a touch more casual, so it could not have come at a better time for me.

I should be travelling less for a little while, which means more time to put on nice clothes and leave the house HURRAH! 
Em x
Note: The image for this skirt on the Elvi website shows the skirt as having a lighter coloured contrast waistband - Elvi have assured me that the project is as shown in this blogpost, with black detailing.

* Denotes gifted items - All views are absolutely 100% my own as always.

Winter all wrapped up with V by Very

Never one to shy away from a million layers and the premature adoption of cold weather seasonal wear, I present to you: The first coat of the year.
Oversized Drape Coat - V by Very 
Black Roll Neck - Jette at Navabi
Chloe Jeans - Simply Be
Rose Gold Loafers - Yours Clothing
Very recently invited me celebrate the start of London Fashion Week and have a look at some of their new garms with the support of a great deal of fizz, it was a fab night and I saw a lot of faces that I have previously only seen on the TV. I sweated a lot. The TV people did not. There's a reason I'm not famous. Anyway, that's beside the point; The V by Very range has some very exciting pieces for Autumn/Winter 16 (this leopard print sequin tee for a start) Daisy Lowe was there in a sheer floral dress which absolutely rocked my world, however, knowing that the weather was on the turn, I was most taken by this fab Oversized coat.

I'm a big fan of a waterfall front, it's so easy to wear and there's plenty of extra fabric to cuddle up in. For those of you who worry about the itch - The coat is fully lined and not a tickle is to be had. I'm actually wearing a 14 here which fits perfectly due to the fact that the coat is oversized. I am not a size 14. It is not 1998. The drape coat is available up to a size 24 and in Navy if oatmeal ain't your bag.

I'm  wearing the coat over a seasonal staple, the black roll neck jumper. This particular jumper is from Jette at Navabi and is definitely amongst the more luxury jersey basics I own, albeit at an excellent price. The jeans are a very old pair of Chloe skinny jeans from Simply Be which I wear rolled up at the bottom in order to look cool. I've also finally managed to find a pair of loafers which I can wear casually without feeling like Simon Le Bon in the 1980s, the Rose Gold Loafers are from Yours Clothing and very true to size (I'm wearing a 9).

I get the feeling that this will be first of many coat posts this year because I JUST LOVE A COAT ALRIGHT?
Em x

#ShareTheLove with Curvissa

I'm not shy when it comes to sharing the love, if I like something, you will almost certainly know about it because I am loud, awkward and a bit romantic. This means that when Curvissa asked me to write about a blogger I love, I panicked a bit. I LOVE A LOT OF BLOGGERS. If you are a blogger and reading this, the likelihood is I GENUINELY LOVE YOU, like seriously. I. Love. You. However, I am just one woman and I do not have the available leisure time to write an encyclopedia of my love for you. With this in mind, I've brought it down to the four blogs that I would take with me to a desert island and I am now going to tell you for why. 

Chloe from
Photo c/o
I was trying to describe Chloe to my husband this week but the closest I could get was "You know, she's just really good at things, like capable. And strong. And sexy". Pretty sure he thinks I'm going to leave him now but more to the point, Chloe is just one in a million. It takes a real Queen to rock up to an event late and covered in lube and this Queen is Chloe Pierre. 
Her blog is aesthetically glorious, full of strong looks and interesting articles; all with Chloe's signature professional yet personable style. If you are ever fortunate enough to spend time with Chloe you will get to know her as someone who is truly interested in the people and world around her, five minutes in her company and you feel like you've known her forever. She is someone who I will always look forward to seeing, a true true diamond amongst women.

Bethany from
Photo c/o
I've always looked to Bethany for fashion that takes me out of the ruts I so easily fall into but at the moment she is sartorially KILLING IT. It's almost like she is a beautiful butterfly who has become an even more ridiculously beautiful butterfly without having to create a gross little chrysalis. 
I'm so pleased that I've been able to spend more time with Bethany in the real life world lately and I can assure you that she is a freaking delight; she's fun, she's interesting and if you spill ice cream on yourself outside of a luxury hotel like a Northern street urchin she will rescue you almost immediately. 
Bethany takes the time to think about what she's saying, she looks at the big picture, she's just so damn intelligent and measured - like that gorgeous art school girl with shiny hair who speaks French and never has chipped nails who we all want to be when we grow up.
 I want to be Bethany when I grow up - Who wouldn't.

 Danielle from
Picture by JKGPhotography c/o
In almost every plus size roundup in the history of my knowledge, there sits a bright star; Glamorous, funny and just a little bit naughty. That woman is Danielle Vanier. This hasn't happened by accident; in a world of fashion bloggers, Danie is special in that she really, really, REALLY knows about fashion. I have never seen her wear an item that I've not immediately coveted and then thought about for a long time afterwards. 
Great things are happening for her this year and I cannot think of one person more deserving of them, because not only is Danie a style goddess, she is also very well known for being utterly marvellous to everyone she meets, warm, friendly and just so incredibly easy to like. Life is better for having Danielle Vanier in it and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise. 

Becky from Becky Barnes Blog
Picture c/o Becky Barnes Blog 
I really hope that Beebs has read all the way through this thinking "Where am I bitch?!" Well I've saved the best til last here haven't I. Three things I like about Becky Barnes:
1. She is so stylish it's ridiculous. Every time I consider leaving the house looking like a bag of parsnips I think "What would Becky do?" and begrudgingly slip into something a little more chic. She makes me a better and less slobby Smyth.
2. She fights every life battle with grace, humility and a shit load of laughs. The past few years have been pretty harsh towards this Chick yet she thankfully just keeps on going. She raises her gorgeous daughter (Nearly put MY daughter there which is tres Freudian), brings in the dollar and still manages to pick up her plethora of friends whenever they need it. When my confidence is a bit shaky, all I have to do is think about her saying "Every Room" to me and I'm able to pick my substantial chin up and sashay onwards.
3. She's got a great ass.  
I love the very bones of this woman and couldn't ask for a better mate if I tried. Oh and her blog is BANGING too.

Feel free to get involved in #ShareTheLove,  everyone who writes a post will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 to spend at and seeing as we're sharing the love, maybe we can share the spends...?
Em x

Style | A Plus Size Superhero - The Want That Trend Cape Dress

 At last weekend's fabulous Curve Fashion Festival, I was invited to meet Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan to discuss the launch of her new plus-size range with Want That Trend.
Navy Fiona Bodycon Dress* - Want That Trend
Fringed Earrings - H&M
Court Shoes - New Look (Similar)
 Now I must confess, I didn't know what to expect with Holly at all but I really liked her.
I have to say despite this, I'm not entirely in agreement with Holly's rationale behind the range; There's a lot of talk of "health" and use of the word "flatter". For me, fashion is fashion, health is health - The two bear no relevance to each other whatsoever and it's part of the anti-fat agenda to suggest otherwise. 

Holly is not currently plus size and the world in which she's lived for the past six years is diet and fitness-centric - She can be sympathetic to the needs of a plus size woman but can't truly understand it. What I will say from speaking from her is, there is no sense of dislike for how she looked in the past, quite the opposite, there is also none of that dissociation from herself as a larger woman that we've come to expect from the exercise DVD generation of celebs. This means more to me than a few poorly worded tweets.
Holly Hagan at the 2016 Curve Fashion Festival 
I know it's very fashionable to berate reality TV stars as being inappropriate role models to young people, but Holly has never been anything other than herself; she works her ass off, stands up for herself and her family and comes across as an incredibly smart young woman. The amount of hate she has received over the past six years is obscene, the fact that she's come out of the other side as sensible and self-aware as she is simply phenomenal. That has to count for something.

By far, my favourite item of Holly's range is the Navy Fiona Bodycon dress* which I was very fortunate to be gifted by the lovely WTT team at last week's Curve Fashion Festival. The dress is a textured elastine which means that it has a bit of stretch but still keeps its shape perfectly. Also, IT HAS A CAPE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

I'm wearing a 16 here and it is very much true to size. I mentioned in my last review of Want That Trend that the lengths were a bit of an issue for me, I also fed this back to the WTT team and they told me that they're going to be working on more longer length designs in the future. Fortunately, the Fiona dress is a very true midi length even on my 6ft height.

The Holly Hagan range goes from a size 8 - 24 in many styles, up to a 32 in two of the designs (I love the lace skater dress here), and includes jumpsuits, dresses, separates and trousers. I'm not always great at articulating my admiration for brands but I want to make a point while I'm able: All WTT designs are a set price, regardless of the size - This is how it SHOULD be, but not always how it IS (looking at you ASOS...)

Finally, the owner of WTT, Victoria Molyneux, is a genuinely awesome (and utterly gorgeous) woman - It would have been so easy for her to carry on turning over a substantial profit without expanding the range, but she genuinely wants to make the same styles available to women of all sizes, as she said before Curve Fashion Fest: 
"I'm really looking forward to launching our new plus-size items at Curve and meeting like minded ladies who are as fierce about fashion as I am."
The fact that she recognizes plus size women are capable of being passionate about fashion speaks volumes and I look forward to seeing this range go from strength to strength.
Rear view - I love my ass in this dress,
I have some fab posts coming up over the next week. Until then, you can always catch up with me across the plethora of social mediums which exist on this planet as below:
Em x
* Denotes Item gifted for review - All views are my own because I'm an honest kinda chick,

Cosying up with Elvi - The Autumn Gilet

Avid readers will know that I've always been a big Elvi fan; Their designs are chic, classic and so different from much of what we've come to expect from Plus fashion. So I'm delighted to announce that their AW16 range is no different. I have two pieces to show you, starting with the faux pony skin gilet*.
Faux Pony Skin Gilet* - Elvi
Jersey Roll Neck - Primark (Similar)
Denim mini skirt - ASOS Curve (Similar)
Ankle Boots - Primark (Similar
 I've always seen maroon as a bit of a neutral, in that it goes with everything, I'm just so into the maroon, indigo denim and camel colour palette that sneaks into so many ranges this time of year - I could never not be a redhead in Autumn. The top half is a glossy faux pony skin, which is so realistic you would have no idea at all if it wasn't for the fact that it very clearly says FAUX on it, and the lower section is a thick warm tweed style material which pulls a slightly darker tone into the look.

The side splits prevent the gilet from looking boxy which is an issue I've had in the past. Elvi do longline extremely well, their catwalk show at Curve Fashion Festival showcased an extremely simple, tailored silhouette which I would never have imagined working on a voluptuous figure (The compromise between oversized and tailored is so rarely well executed) but BOY did it work. I'm wearing a 16 here and the fit is perfectly true to size.

 I've styled it here with one of my favourite easy-to-wear Autumn looks of mini skirt and roll neck jumper. I'd usually wear a pair of tights with a skirt this length but my legs are spectacularly bronzed from a week in Seville (if it doesn't look that way it's totally your screen resolution...) However, I've also worn the gilet with a black jersey midi dress as well as blue jeans and a black bodysuit. Extremely versatile, I think you'll agree.

Guys, if you haven't seen the Hayley Hasselhoff x Elvi range I suggest you take a look as it is just GORGEOUS! 
Em x
* Denotes Items gifted for review - As always, all views are entirely my own (I never fib!)