Denim Delight - Arched Eyebrow x Navabi

Bethany Rutter is fabulous, there's no two ways about it. She's bright, fun, influential and WHOA can she design a capsule wardrobe!
Denim Effect Jumpsuit - Arched Eyebrow x Navabi
Animal Print Sandals - ASOS (Similar)
Earrings - Zara (Similar) 
Bethany's first Arched Eyebrow x Navabi collection knocked everyone's socks off; Beautiful bright wardrobe classics which have seen so many of us through the year and this range is just as strong. Bethany has always been at the forefront of the call for wearable basics for plus size babes and that's what this range is. Cute colourful tees, go-with-everything culottes and this fabulously wearable denim jumpsuit - On a page, the collection is simple, SO cohesive,  and frankly beautiful.

When I look at any range, I like to assume that at least one piece was made with me in mind and this one is mine. Comfortable and easy to wear - Denim effect is perfect for Summer, you get the look without the bulk (and sweat!). The length is spot on, the neckline is easy yet chic. I would be just as happy wearing this jumpsuit with my converse and a leather belt as I am in heels and statement earrings. And you all know how much I love versatile.

I'm perpetually between sizes and would have been equally as happy in a 16 as I am in this 18, the fabric is loose and stretchy but has a really great weight to it, meaning that it hangs from the shoulders to the waist then from the waist straight down - No clinging or camel toe! Bethany has ensured that the fit of this range is much more consistent than the previous, meaning that every piece is true to size (How much easier is life when that happens!?)

Huge congratulations to Bethany and Navabi for yet another crowd pleasing collection - Please keep them coming! 

My readers can get 10% off the whole Arched Eyebrow x Navabi range until Tuesday 5th June with the code TUMBLESBR10 
Em x
* Item gifted - All views are my own 

Brighter Days with Coast Curve

It's occasion time innit? Weddings, christenings, birthdays, divorces. All of these things call for a killer outfit because...well...why not?

Occasionwear over a size 16 use to be...shit. We all know the feeling, you've got the money but there's nowhere to spend it - Bland colours, floaty trousers, a scarf. It was so frustrating, especially when there were so many straight size brands on the scene flaunting full skirts, Bardot necklines, wiggle dresses, colours, patterns; FUN.
Belle Maxi Dress* - Coast Curve
Wrap Sandals - Simply Be (Similar)
Earrings - Zara (Similar) 
Coast were always the brand that I looked at longingly so when they first collaborated with Simply Be on an occasionwear range I was all over it. Now they've taken it one step further and launched their own Curve Range online, a glorious mix of best dressed guest, wardrobe classics and Summer essentials and I LOVE it. Just look at the Belle dress I was so kindly sent. Stunning.

Coast Curve starts at a size 20, which I'm wearing here. As much as an 18 would have been more my size, the scuba material and bias cut of the skirt means that the dress hangs beautifully. I love the movement, the comfort and the simplicity of this dress and I sincerely hope they make it in more colourways (navy or green for me please!) But until then, this vibrant red makes me feel fun, bright and ready to party.

So let's throw on those bright colours and dance like we're never going to stop. Lets get sweaty, take up space and enjoy every minute of it BECAUSE WE DESERVE TO. You get one life don't let anyone else dictate what you do with it.
Em x
*Denotes gifted item.

All That Glitters - I'm Back!

Gosh it's been SO long - I've missed this. I've missed thinking, I've missed writing, I've missed YOU! So I'm back and I'm making a vow to never, ever leave it this long again.
Sequin Kimono - Simply Be
Sequin Shorts - Simply Be
Longline Bra - Gossard (from Simply Be)
Charlie Faux Fur Sandals - Tskenya 
So where have I been? What have I been doing?  Well, as you know, I moved house last year and have been spending stupid time and money on getting things just as I want them (I am NOWHERE NEAR MATE) You can see a few of the bits I've been doing on InstagramI've been to Berlin (cold), Rome (wet) and pretty much every reach of the UK.  I've worked with some incredible brands (including NavabiBoobydooCurvy Kate, Second ScriptEvans) on some amazing campaigns. I've been working. HARD.

Most importantly, in March my beautiful, incredible, magical niece was born. Friends, I have never known a love like it. People had warned me that I'd be besotted but this is a whole new level. I can't walk past her without wanting to pick her up, kiss her or sniff her (How weird are humans with this baby sniffing thing please?!?!) I am utterly OBSESSED. I don't even care that everyone loves her more than me (even my husband, who finds babies about as interesting as trigonometry, is falling for her) because, actually, I love her more than anything that has ever lived. If I had to choose between never sniffing her her or never eating a Big Mac again I would say "Bye Bye Big Mac now let me sniff that baby's head."
But throughout it all, I've missed this. I love writing, I love sharing my thoughts, I love just having the headspace to sit down and indulge in my own type of creativity. So strap back in, settle down and get ready for my comeback. 

Em x