Style | All That Glitters - I'm Back!

Gosh it's been SO long - I've missed this. I've missed thinking, I've missed writing, I've missed YOU! So I'm back and I'm making a vow to never, ever leave it this long again.

Sequin Kimono - Simply Be
Sequin Shorts - Simply Be
Longline Bra - Gossard (from Simply Be)

So where have I been? What have I been doing?  Well, as you know, I moved house last year and have been spending stupid time and money on getting things just as I want them (I am NOWHERE NEAR MATE) You can see a few of the bits I've been doing on InstagramI've been to Berlin (cold), Rome (wet) and pretty much every reach of the UK.  I've worked with some incredible brands (including NavabiBoobydooCurvy Kate, Second ScriptEvans) on some amazing campaigns. I've been working. HARD.

Most importantly, in March my beautiful, incredible, magical niece was born. Friends, I have never known a love like it. People had warned me that I'd be besotted but this is a whole new level. I can't walk past her without wanting to pick her up, kiss her or sniff her (How weird are humans with this baby sniffing thing please?!?!) I am utterly OBSESSED. I don't even care that everyone loves her more than me (even my husband, who finds babies about as interesting as trigonometry, is falling for her) because, actually, I love her more than anything that has ever lived. If I had to choose between never sniffing her her or never eating a Big Mac again I would say "Bye Bye Big Mac now let me sniff that baby's head."
But throughout it all, I've missed this. I love writing, I love sharing my thoughts, I love just having the headspace to sit down and indulge in my own type of creativity. So strap back in, settle down and get ready for my comeback. 

Em x