Plus Size Prints with Dorothy Perkins

Hi, this look is basically me through and through and I love it so please do enjoy this quick post which I have created in its honour.
Floral Dress - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Evans
Ankle Boots - New Look (Similar Here
I picked this dress up at Dorothy Perkins to wear for my birthday but was in such a stroppy mood that I got not a single picture (I don't do birthdays well to be quite honest and my face is basically like Ludo's from Labyrinth when he is upside down) So I decided to re-wear it on a much less grumpy occasion.

The things I love about this dress in no particular order:
> The retro floral print
> The length (Mini but no knickers)
> The frills
> The longer sleeves
> The fact that it makes my boobs look ace.

This is an 18 and I'll be honest, there's not much room across the back and in the arms if you're a lady of the broad persuasion, as I am. Saying this, the fit everywhere else is utterly spot on and the cut means that there is minimal body hugging which is occasionally nice in a world of bodycon.

The dress is in the sale at £24.50 right now (Albeit only in a 6,10 and 14 BOOOOO!) so if it tickles your pickle get yourself down there and do a buy at it!

Em x

Plus Size Glam with Anna Scholz for Sheego at Curvissa

Happy Bank Holiday to you all, I hope you're sufficiently relaxed and have either socialised your socks off or (like me) caught up on the excessive amount of sleep you now need as a work-hard play-hard woman in her 30s.
Wrap Detail Dress* - Anna Scholz for Curvissa
Shoes - New Look (Similar HERE)
Bag - Second hand/vintage
Earrings - Primark (Similar HERE)
Before we get too far here, I'd like to firstly offer my sincere apologies for the state of my legs in this picture - I had a fake tan palava of epic proportions and despite excessive scrubbing and the cleansing properties of my own salty tears, I still look like an orange stick of rock. I just hope it doesn't take away from what I'm actually trying to show you: The Wrap Detail Dress* by Anna Scholz for Sheego (c/o Curvissa)


My favourite part of the dress is the wrap draping around the middle; giving it that pin up sarong style look which I've always been a big fan of. I also love the shape of the bust in terms of giving me a bit 'o' cleavage. The length could be longer for me, but if you're under 6ft this should sit on or just below the knee and give you that sexy yet demure look I crave yet rarely achieve.

I'm wearing a 16 here but could have definitely done with an 18. I wasn't consciously covering up my arm/boob bits in the photos, however, old habits clearly die hard and the arm holes are absolutely not in the right place for me. The other thing to note is that there is no give in this fabric and the underarm zip isn't the sturdiest of workers - I definitely believe this to be remedied by sizing rather than design but would strongly recommend that if you are "on the cusp" size-wise: SIZE UP.

The wrap detail dress by Anna Scholz for Sheego is also available in blue and in sizes 14 - 32. The full range is online now at Curvissa.  

I'm off work for a couple of days and fully intend to spend it walking a billion miles in an effort to reconvince myself that the outside is just as good as being in bed (it's not). Let's see how that goes.
Em x
* Denotes items gifted to me for review. As always all views are honest and my own. 

A Plus Size Night Out - The Sheer Shirt

I've always struggled with a casual night out look - I'm an all or nothing kinda gal (and by "nothing" I mean pyjamas). Saying this, I somehow accidentally aced it this week with the following look which I have entitled; "I have nothing to wear why do I have nothing to wear oh god the taxi is here quick put something on".
Sheer blouse - Yours Clothing (Similar here)
Leigh Jeans - Topshop
Leopard Print Ankle Boots - Topshop (Similar here
How mega are these Leopard print boots? My Wonderful little Sister (Her of shiny hair and Sandra Bullock beauty) bought me these for my Birthday at the beginning of the month. They're incredibly comfortable due to a concealed platform and a size 9 HURRAY.
I'm still plucking up the courage to wear them further afield because they are HIGH. Like "I have to slouch to get through door frames" high. I don't give a crap what other people think but I do care about not starfishing and breaking my face...

The sheer shirt was a sale purchase from Yours Clothing - I modeled it on the NYE shoot and fell in love (despite the bizarre sizing - This is a size 20 in order to get my arms in). It's one of those hugely versatile items that you can wear as successfully to work as you can on a night out simply by adding a cami. Or not. Entirely up to you. This is no longer available in store but they do have a maxi length number which would look AMAZING over skinny jeans or a leather legging.

I've become a big fan of these Leigh jeans - They're not as high waisted as I'm used to and that means a great deal of hoiking throughout the day. However, they're the perfect blue jean colour and look worn without having stupid pretend white bits that make it look like you've been rubbing yourself rapidly A la Reeves and Mortimer. Topshop have always been ridiculously hit and miss size wise for me and I, like many others, wish that they'd consider extending their sizing. Not begging though, until then I'm more than happy to give my cold hard cash to the brands who do.

I love it when an accidental outfit comes together - I should do this more often...
Em x

Ladies Day with Plus Size Brand Lovedrobe

Those of you who follow me on Social Media will have seen that I was a very lucky woman indeed in being invited to a Ladies Day with Plus Size Brand Lovedrobe.
L - R Betty, Sam, Kat, Me, Olivia, Kellie, Becky, Rosie
Picture c/o Lovedrobe
I and a plethora of gorgeous bloggers luxuriated with fizz, canapes and had a generally bloody lovely time. It's so nice at the moment to have a day away from the office, doing the things that I love to do and also having a drink or nine (Please don't ask me about the rest of the weekend, my lips are sealed and my liver is destroyed...)
Picture c/o Lovedrobe
I also had my makeup done by Dean who was just an utter delight - You can see on my Instagram how it turned out (Clue: There were mega borws, it was fierce and I LOVED IT).
Check Wrapover Dress - Lovedrobe
We were all asked to choose an item on the day (Yesssss!) and I was extremely tempted by the Wrapover Dress above, which was a gorgeous shape and ideal for any of the larger busted ladies in my life - Unfortunately the colour washed me out a little but if this comes out in any other colourway (Currently available in stone and white) I will be all over it.
Textured Shift Dress* - Lovedrobe
Instead I went for this Textured Shift Dress* which I have already worn to work on a number of occasions to great praise. This is such a power dress, the shape emphasises a strong shoulder and on me sits in just the right place to be both work and post-work-drinks appropriate.The textured shift dress is also available in stone and a vibrant pink which looked utterly incredible on so many of the ladies there.

As you'll see on the gorgeous picture at the top of the page, there were some extremely snazzy frocks on offer and we all appear to have picked something different. Lovedrobe is fabulous for their huge range in styles, particuarly where dresses are concerned and there is something for everyone. What I will say with Lovedrobe is to be careful with the sizing - In structured dresses with no give (Such as this one) I tend to be a 20 whereas in the dress I chose on the day (a stretchy polyester) I am a 16 - So it varies! 

I had such a lovely afternoon amongst some of my favourite women, all of them strong, individual and independent. A fitting tribute indeed to International Womens Day. Thank you very much Lovedrobe, you really know how to show a girl a good time!

Em x