The Plus Size Pinafore with Yours Clothing

I've got that Sunday feeling and it ain't good, it's been a lovely weekend but they're never quite long enough are they? 
Luckily I get to start the week with a new and rather wonderful acquisition in the form of this perfect Yours Clothing Pinafore Dress*.
Black Ponte Skater Pinafore* - Yours Clothing
Shirt - Vintage
Ankle Boots - New Look (Similar here)
Suede Look Fringed Handbag* - Yours Clothing 
I was recommended the dress by the lovely Jacqs at Yours and all I can say is: Yours have utterly nailed it. I've mentioned in the past that I generally avoid the skater shape but for some reason, this really works for me. The length is spot on and there are pockets. Ten out of ten. This dress is just so easy to wear - Whether it be with a Tee, vintage shirt or roll neck; It's effortless.

I wore the pinafore with one of my vintage shirts. This one was from the same place as the blue dress I bought last week. It's really unique in that it's longline with split sides - The only issue I have with it is that it's roughly two sizes too small for me, meaning I can only wear it under things. Otherwise you can see my tummy button.
Suede Look Fringed Handbag* - Yours Clothing 
I'm a fan of fringed bags but have never been able to use one without feeling extremely conspicuous. Like I'm going to get it caught in a lift door or dip it in my dinner. This Suede look fringed number from Yours Clothing is ideal, practical (yeah I said that) yet still very "On trend" as people in the know say.

After saying how few clothes I've bought of late, I substantially extended my vintage wardrobe this weekend thanks to a kilo sale, so there will be some extremely gaudy prints and hues gracing the pages of this blog very soon...
Em x
* Denotes iterms gifted for review. As always, opinions are my own.

60s Stripes with Simply Be

Hello Everybody, if you are anything like me you'll be pretty much inside 24/7 at the moment due to the grim weather and left over festive austerity. I cant remember what the outside smells like, or how it feels to be around living things that aren't equally as miserable cats. All of this is basically me justifying why I am wearing no shoes in these pictures. Sorry. You're just lucky I've brushed my hair...

Striped Bell Sleeve dress - Simply Be 
I've not invested in my wardrobe too much new of late, mainly because of the hibernation but that hasn't stopped me from online window shopping which is where I saw this fabulous Simply Be frock. I've got to be honest, I was initially unsure about parting with my cold hard cash, basically because i didn't think it would cover my arse but COVER MY ARSE IT DOES. In fact, it's a really good tall girl length - Mini but not obscene.

A few people have commented on their sleeve dislike of this dress which i think is crackers because these sleeves are quite frankly the bomb. I'm also a big fan of the A Line shape which sits just under the bust on me (unlike on the model online, I must have long boobs), it gives a great shape without feeling too clingy and gives a fab 60s shape. I really seem to going back to my Plus Size retro roots at the moment don't I?


Have a fab weekend everyone - I'm going to the countryside to freeze my arse off! 
I'll be back next week with shoes on. I may even be outside. HURRAH!

Em x

Love Yourself - A Very Vintage Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I just wanted to call in and wish you a wonderful day of hearts and cheap chocolate, as well as slipping in a couple of pictures of my one true love; Clothes.

Vintage Roll Neck Sweater Dress - No 87 Dove House Hospice Shop, Hull
Pointed Ankle Boots - New Look 
To show myself how much I love me on this magical day, I got dressed up all nice in my new vintage dress and let my Mum take pictures of me whilst i pranced about in the garden, because nothing says self love like a touch of frostbite and a chest infection...


I couldn't speak higher of No 87 in Hull - It's a Dove House Hospice shop which is curated so beautifully that I've never left empty handed. This particular visit brought two new/old dresses into my life and I could have quite happily left with more, especially as this one only set me back £10. The other wonderful thing about this shop is that it adjoins the original charity shop, meaning that nothing goes to waste - None of that overpriced second hand as vintage nonsense.

On this Valentines day, I would like leave you with the reminder that the most important person to love today is yourself. 
And Liam Hemsworth... 
But mostly yourself. 
Em x

A very different Valentines Day with FarFetch

Today I'm going to tell you about my Valentines day. For the past seven years my husband and I have done exactly the same thing on the annual day of romance. It has become a tradition if you will, symbolic of our love for each other. I am never disappointed, I once even managed to read a paper whilst we were doing it. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, every February the 14th my husband and I go to Morrisons café for sausage and chips.

So as the big day approaches and magazines tell us what we should wear to impress our dearly beloved, I will always be confident in my choice of: Whatever doesn't show up the ketchup. 

Saying this, I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to be the kind of couple who do full blown romance, you know; Helicopter flights, oysters, champagne and rose petals on the bed. Basically, V Day Kim and Kanye style. That's where come in.
Checked Coat - Balmain / FarFetch   Tassle Earrings - Lanvin / FarFetch
Lace Dress - D&G / FarFetch    Embellished Clutch - Lanvin / FarFetch
Pumps - Aquazzura / FarFetch
FarFetch bring together over 300 high end boutiques and showcase over 1000 designers. I must confess, I spent a good few hours on the site whilst I was putting this look together. It would have been difficult not to.

So here it is, my fancy "what if" Valentines outfit. The D&G dress makes me feel weak - It's utterly perfect. Grungy black lace with a hint of my favourite shade of green, teamed with the vibrant red shoes and earrings and the stunning Lanvin clutch (it IS the international day of hearts on everything after all) and all topped of with the power coat of a lifetime. 
Heart Cut Out Ring - Aurelie Bidermann / FarFetch
This outfit is all about the glamour and I'm a bit sad that I'll never get to wear it all. Unless I win on the Premium Bonds... So if, like me, your budget doesn't quite stretch to Balmain, why not wear your heart where we can see it with this slightly more payday friendly Aurelie Bidermann heart ring.
Jeans - Saint Laurent / FarFetch     Peacoat - Rick Owens / FarFetch
Polo Shirt - Ralph Lauren / FarFetch      Desert Boots - Opening Ceremony / FarFetch
There is just as much choice for the discerning gent - This is exactly the kind of shizzle my Husband wears and he looks damn good in it. 

I just want to mention sizing. Everything above is available in my size - 16 in dress and 9 shoe, and many items are available up to an XXXL which the website states is a size 20 (Mostly Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg)  FarFetch is definitely worth a look for the incredible bags alone, but unless you're a smaller plus, clothing choice is limited.

For this year at least I'll be helicopter and designer dress free, which isn't a problem with me at all - If I ever end up anywhere other than Morrisons Caff, we all know love is dead...

Em x

Caped Crusader - The Evans Plus Size cape dress

It's me.
I was wondering if after all this time you'd like to look at some pictures of me in a rather nice caped dress?
Black Cape Chiffon Dress* - Evans (Now in the sale!)
Tights* - Evans
Ankle Boots - New Look 
I'm not going to waste internet space writing about where I've been of late for the following reasons: 1. It's boring, 2. We need to save space on the internet for pictures of pandas in the snow and Javier Bardem with his shirt off. So lets get straight into it;

Before Christmas Evans got in touch and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing an outfit for them. I decided that as it was a gift I'd go for something completely different from usual - Hence the Black Cape Chiffon Dress*.

The dress is fully lined with a chiffon overlay, keyhole neckline and and the piece de rĂ©sistance; A fabulous chiffon cape. 

If you don't love a cape you're basically a baddie. Capes make everything more exciting - Can you remember fastening the top button of your coat and running around the playground shouting "dinner dinner dinner dinner, dinner dinner dinner dinner BATMAAAN"? Well I can and this is almost exactly the same only slightly more acceptable at the age of 31.

I really like where this dress sits on me - the length is the perfect "short" on me, I really like how it fits (I'm in a 16 which is very true to size) and I really like that it's not like anything else I own - Not one of my existing dresses has a cape which I've never previously been disappointed by. Now I am. 

I have the dress dressed down here with leather ankle boots because I was going to a birthday party and needed to be not only *comfortable* but also a bit swishy so that i could swish about and be one of life's winners. Saying this, I can imagine it with chunky heeled sandals for a city break when the weather bucks its ideas up.

This dress is currently in the sale and if you're a kooky kitten like me there's also a stunning embellished version which is really tickling all my vintage senses,

I'm not just popping in for a sporadic blog here, unless something out of my control happens (Alien abduction / I finally contract salmonella from my husband who is 95% chicken nugget) I thoroughly intend to post regularly from hereon in. I have some corking outfits from Live Unlimited, Navabi and Biba to name a few so, frankly, it would be rude not to.

Em x
* Denotes gifted items but please be aware that I always state my own opinion.