Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring is Springing

Well I don't know what the weather has been like in the rest of the Country but it's been ruddy lovely Oop North this weekend.

As such, I donned this lovely light Jeffrey & Paula shirt (no longer available I'm afraid, you may borrow mine if needs be),  rolled up my Spring Blue Chloe jeans from Simply Be and debuted my new Topshop Nelly sandals.

Ooooh it feels so good to not be layered up and to let my poor tights banished feet get some air.

The sandals are ones I've been contemplating since I saw them in store. Topshop shoes go up to a 9 in so many styles but much of the time they're what I call "fake 9s" (boooo hisssss). Thankfully all three pairs of shoes I've had this year have fit me without having to origami my toes in. 

They look like they have wooden heels but THEY DON'T - IT'S A TRICK. A very excellent trick because they're actually really light, making them much less hazardous for me to have about my person. 

My lovely sister bought me this lippie for my birthday. I've never tried YSL before but this is an excellent first foray,  the shade is a lovely scarlet with a pinkinsh pigment (doesn't come through too well in these pictures) and has excellent lasting skillz.

Don't forget that you can win a pair of the Simply Be Chloe jeans like the ones above simply by tweeting with the hashtag #chloejeansgirl - These jeans make your ass look ace. Trust me.
Em x


Saturday, 21 March 2015

I'm a #ChloeJeansGirl - Simply Be Denim

If you follow me on any of the various Social Mediums I spread myself liberally across you will be aware that February was an extremely exciting month for me.

Simply Be Denim

I, along with six other lovely bloggers, was invited by Simply Be to film for their #SBDenim campaign in Manchester. WHAT A DAY! We frolicked about, laughed, danced (badly in my case), jumped (terribly in my case) and had just a generally fab time in front of the cameras.

Simply Be denim

We also made a video each, talking about our jean of choice - I want you all to know here and now, that I have realised that turning and winking is NOT for me. It has been a tough lesson but the noise my Husband makes whenever he sees it is enough to put me off this "signature move" for life. I'm working on a casual "pow pow pow" hand signal in it's place. I'll feedback on how it's going...

I became the Chloe Jean Girl which was perfect for me as (in my humble, modest opinion...) they made my legs and bum look freaking awesome.

I'm wore a 14 on the day, I'm generally a 16 in jeans but the stretch in these meant that I made the decision to size down in order to prevent any bagging around the knees. SAYING THIS, the Chloe jeans keep their shape perfectly so I needn't have worried either way. These are the Dark indigo but I also have the Spring Blue pair which look awesome with a darker top and sandals.

At 6 foot, the long length (31") jeans were plenty long enough, even with heels So if it's tall jeans you're after: Chloe is the gal for you.

Simply Be denim

To tie in with the launch of their range, Simply Be are running a giveaway to win a pair of your favourite style, so if you're a super skinny kinda chick like me - All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #chloejeansgirl to enter.

The day was just fabulous, Simply Be are always the most loving and supportive hosts, Charlotte and Sarah went above and beyond to make sure that the day was a success. The team at Plan Pictures were an absolute delight to be around, they're total superstars. Most importantly, as I'm sure you'll realise from the pictures, the six other ladies are the most kooky, interesting, beautiful and fun people to be around. I am very, very lucky indeed.

I must say, the support that all the ladies and I received during and after the day has been absolutely phenomenal and I can't explain how much it means, so from the bottom of my stone cold heart - Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Em x

Friday, 20 March 2015

PS Blogger Love - Adventures of a Riot Grrrl

Not long ago, Debz suggested the idea of a PS blogger love day. A day of positivity, love and mutual appreciation amongst an already fabulous community of people. As part of this, we have another blogger to "gush about" (less filthy than it sounds). So Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to:

Let's just break it down RE Kelly of Adventures of a Riot Grrrl here based purely on her profile:
Film making = ACE
Horror watching = ACE (Well I say ace, I'm bloody terrified but I suppose that just means Kelly's rock solid well 'ard)
Music Loving = ACE
Feminist = The best kind of ace.

Kelly promotes women feeling beautiful, strong and powerful and I just love it. Her twitter feed is so positive, full of interaction and support for other blogs and followers - There's nothing about this woman not to like! Plus, as you'll see from below, Adventures of a Riot Grrrl showcases just how beautiful and vibrant Kelly is on the outside as well as in.

OBVIOUSLY I went straight into my favourite part of any blog: the outfits. (Deep aren't I?) Kelly is snazzy as heck, she has a gorgeous mix of punk, rock, vintage and riot grrrl styles which I just adore. Check about all the colours above, I'd be all over that leopard print coat! 

These are some of the topics available to you on Adventures of a Riot Grrrl - it's enlightening, cheerful and dare I say it, educational..? I lost about a good fifteen minutes on the A-Z of inspirational women section and I'M GLAD.

Now for a criticism: Kelly is just so bright and active, takes us all along for the ride and makes EVERYTHING sound interesting, which makes me feel thoroughly inept for not having more interests of my own. So Kelly, either stop it or involve me please and thanks. Saying this, now that this post's out there and I can stop acting like an illicit social media lurker, this is an excellent opportunity to get to know this entirely banging lady much better!

Links to everyone's posts will be up on the #psbloggers facebook page twitter etc and keep your eyes on the #PSbloggerLove tag for all of the lovely blogger stories, memories and confessions of love.

Em x 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Achieving the impossible - The holiday capsule wardrobe


I absolutely love a city break, I'm all about the culture, the eating, the drinking, the handsome Spanish / Italian men... Yes I am just that simple.

Sangria in the sunshine
Travelling the world. Making friends.

The other excellent thing about city breaks is that you can take a truly excellent, classy wardrobe. Or at least that's the idea. I, like most people, pack an obscene amount of clothing, too many pairs of shoes (With feet my size, these take up A LOT of space) and pretty much just absolutely nothing of any use meaning that I spend the whole time wearing exactly the same things and cursing my inability to pack.

The temperature should be around 14°, which I am reliably told is "light coat weather" (I don't understand weather in a similar way to how I don't understand time or my finances). As such, I have put together a City Break capsule wardrobe mood board in order to keep me focused and less inclined towards a million dresses that I will never wear and pumps that rip my feet to shreds whilst trying not to swear in historic churches.

This is the dream guys - A truly immaculate, stylish suitcase full of class. Also, it won't weigh a ton or cause me palpitations when it comes to squishing it into the frankly ridiculous sizing cage at the check in gate.

European City Break
Black Joni jeans - Topshop
Boxy lace top - Topshop
Swing earrings - ASOS (Similar here)
Mustard yellow bag - I can't find where I got this but this Michael Kors Selma is dreamy
Navy Waterfall Mac - Simply Be (also available in lime which looks bloody awesome)
Blue Leigh jeans - Topshop
Sunglasses - River Island
Sandals - Primark
Something I forgot to include here is a scarf - Absolutely essential in so many ways, even if just to cover my entire face with on the plane in order to avoid the plane plague which I inevitably get every single time I leave the country. I have an absolutely perfect one from Zara with a bold multicoloured print and which I convince myself makes me look très European and less like the uncultured swine that I kind of am.

I already have the jeans, striped top, sunglasses, Primark sandals and earrings above and I'm fairly convinced they will serve the purpose for which they are intended. The coat and Topshop sandals (Which are STUPIDLY light) have been ordered and I'm keeping a beady eye on everything else as I am poor due to booking a city break like a lush...

What's your secret to the perfect travel wardrobe? Do you have a failsafe look?

Em x

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Snazzy 70s with M&S

I'm 31 now so I'm wearing clothes that are grown up and understated. Oh no hang on I'm not because I'm not convinced I'll ever actually be a grown up and nobody really needs to be a grown up right?!? This paisley shirt dress is from the Marks and Spencer Limited Edition range and I am over the moon with it. 

Paisley Print Shirt Dress:  Marks and Spencer Limited Edition
Coat: River Island (No longer available)
Boots: New Look (No longer available)

I've always been loyal to the Limited Edition range, it is generally super on trend and incredibly well made (Being M&S and all). The most recent launch is no different - If I was five inches shorter, I'd have happily spent my entire disposable income on it, sadly the dress below was the longest of the range and the only item that covered my gusset...

On the hanger the dress looked pretty shapeless and I thought it would be one of those dresses that you buy oversized and wear over leggings. HOWEVER, I tried it on in the 16 and it goes in perfectly at the waist, plus the hidden buttons mid way between the outside buttons (stick with me) stop me flashing any of my parts. This all means I can wear it over tights and feel thoroughly fabulous both dressed up and dressed down.

I'm wearing it here with a 2014 January sale find coat from River Island (Size 18 - It happens occasionally on the high street) and my New Look ankle boots which I desperately need to replace as they're entirely coming from together.

I'm going to leave you here with a picture of Catalina Winemixer the Bin kitten, she refuses to look at the camera because she's going through a "phase"... Also, she thinks the dress is a bit gaudy...What does she know, she lived in a bin...

Em x
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