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Style | Bring On The Self Love With Simply Be

[This post is an AD in collaboration with Simply Be and contains gifted items]

HOW IS IT NEARLY VALENTINES DAY AGAIN?!? The day of romance, chocolates and (in my case) sausage, chips and beans at Morrisons. Something I've learnt about love and romance and all that jazz is that there is utterly no point whatsoever in expecting to be happy in a relationship if you're not happy with yourself. 

So much of what makes me happy now is not having a reliance on other peoples' opinions of me. Of how I look or how much they value my existence. I like who I am, and even on my worst days I know that I'm doing my best.

Style | I Am My Own Best Gift with Playful Promises

It's that time of year when the shops are full of pink and red things, heterosexual men are wondering whether they should start thinking about booking that reasonably priced Italian restaurant and I’m readying myself for sausage, chips and beans at Morrisons (Not a metaphor…) It's also the time of year when our favourite lingerie brands bring out the hottest of their looks - HURRAY!

Stupid Cupid - A Joanie Valentine

With their romantic vintage prints and styles, Joanie Clothing seem to be just like me in that they were positively made for Valentines Day. Alright, so I only go to Morrisons for sausage, chips and beans (minus the beans), it's still nice to know that every year, there is a day put aside purely for getting mushy - whether this be with your partner, your friends or family (My Dad has sent me a card every single year as far back as I can remember which means more than any others) I'm all for the hearts, kisses and declarations of love.
Stupid Cupid Jumper* - Joanie Clothing
Pussy Bow Dress - Primark
Ankle Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Heart Bag* - Joanie Clothing

As someone who isn't big on accessories  it's somewhat controversial that I start a post by singing the virtues of a handbag BUT LOOK AT THIS BAG. Isn't it just sublime?!? I managed to fit all of my usual handbag things (Purse, phone, makeup, keys, crisps, hair brush, 7,000 receipts, wet wipes) and still fit a jumper in there too. It's a novelty bag without being too OTT, to the extent that even I can pull it off.

Joanie are the Queens of jumpers, from Maybe Baby to Brunch Club; fashionistas across the country are going wild for the kitsch colours and sweet slogans. The Stupid Cupid jumper is no different and I think you will concur, incredibly apt for this time of the year. The fabric is lovely and soft and the chain stitch embroidery is such high quality. I'm wearing a Large here which is a 16-18, be aware that the jumpers aren't very long so I don't tend to wear them by themselves but they're the perfect length for layering over a shirt, or in this case, a pussy bow dress - the cropped sleeves make it ideal to show off a bit of cuff.
I'm off to see the ladies at Joanie this week, so keep your eyes peeled on my Twitter and Instagram for some sneak peaks!
Em x
* Denotes items gifted for review - All views are my own

Love Yourself - A Very Vintage Valentine.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

I just wanted to call in and wish you a wonderful day of hearts and cheap chocolate, as well as slipping in a couple of pictures of my one true love; Clothes.

Vintage Roll Neck Sweater Dress - No 87 Dove House Hospice Shop, Hull
Pointed Ankle Boots - New Look 
To show myself how much I love me on this magical day, I got dressed up all nice in my new vintage dress and let my Mum take pictures of me whilst i pranced about in the garden, because nothing says self love like a touch of frostbite and a chest infection...


I couldn't speak higher of No 87 in Hull - It's a Dove House Hospice shop which is curated so beautifully that I've never left empty handed. This particular visit brought two new/old dresses into my life and I could have quite happily left with more, especially as this one only set me back £10. The other wonderful thing about this shop is that it adjoins the original charity shop, meaning that nothing goes to waste - None of that overpriced second hand as vintage nonsense.

On this Valentines day, I would like leave you with the reminder that the most important person to love today is yourself. 
And Liam Hemsworth... 
But mostly yourself. 
Em x

A very different Valentines Day with FarFetch

Today I'm going to tell you about my Valentines day. For the past seven years my husband and I have done exactly the same thing on the annual day of romance. It has become a tradition if you will, symbolic of our love for each other. I am never disappointed, I once even managed to read a paper whilst we were doing it. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, every February the 14th my husband and I go to Morrisons café for sausage and chips.

So as the big day approaches and magazines tell us what we should wear to impress our dearly beloved, I will always be confident in my choice of: Whatever doesn't show up the ketchup. 

Saying this, I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to be the kind of couple who do full blown romance, you know; Helicopter flights, oysters, champagne and rose petals on the bed. Basically, V Day Kim and Kanye style. That's where come in.
Checked Coat - Balmain / FarFetch   Tassle Earrings - Lanvin / FarFetch
Lace Dress - D&G / FarFetch    Embellished Clutch - Lanvin / FarFetch
Pumps - Aquazzura / FarFetch
FarFetch bring together over 300 high end boutiques and showcase over 1000 designers. I must confess, I spent a good few hours on the site whilst I was putting this look together. It would have been difficult not to.

So here it is, my fancy "what if" Valentines outfit. The D&G dress makes me feel weak - It's utterly perfect. Grungy black lace with a hint of my favourite shade of green, teamed with the vibrant red shoes and earrings and the stunning Lanvin clutch (it IS the international day of hearts on everything after all) and all topped of with the power coat of a lifetime. 
Heart Cut Out Ring - Aurelie Bidermann / FarFetch
This outfit is all about the glamour and I'm a bit sad that I'll never get to wear it all. Unless I win on the Premium Bonds... So if, like me, your budget doesn't quite stretch to Balmain, why not wear your heart where we can see it with this slightly more payday friendly Aurelie Bidermann heart ring.
Jeans - Saint Laurent / FarFetch     Peacoat - Rick Owens / FarFetch
Polo Shirt - Ralph Lauren / FarFetch      Desert Boots - Opening Ceremony / FarFetch
There is just as much choice for the discerning gent - This is exactly the kind of shizzle my Husband wears and he looks damn good in it. 

I just want to mention sizing. Everything above is available in my size - 16 in dress and 9 shoe, and many items are available up to an XXXL which the website states is a size 20 (Mostly Carolina Herrera and Diane Von Furstenberg)  FarFetch is definitely worth a look for the incredible bags alone, but unless you're a smaller plus, clothing choice is limited.

For this year at least I'll be helicopter and designer dress free, which isn't a problem with me at all - If I ever end up anywhere other than Morrisons Caff, we all know love is dead...

Em x