Beauty | A Change Of Face With The Parks

[This post features discounted treatments from The Parks

Guys, I got a new face. 
Well, not a new face as such but I’ve made a few changes to the lovely one I already had thanks to the wonderful team at The Parks. 

Full discolure, prior to these treatments, I was an existing patient at The Parks, having had under-eye skin boosters there for a number of years. When I find somewhere I love and trust, I will remain loyal FOREVER and The Parks make that incredibly easy. 

In the past, I’ve found the world of cosmetic treatments daunting and extremely exclusionary, The Parks make knowing your options accessible which, let’s be honest, is half the battle.
  • The clinical team will absolutely not recommend more expensive treatments if they’re not right for you (I learnt this from personal experience!) 
  • The advice and aftercare they offer is second to none - They’re so easy to talk to and absolutely non-judgemental. 
  • It really does feel like you’re working together on these treatments, I’ve never felt directed towards a treatment, rather presented with options - Always including cost and information relating to what my money will actually be paying for. 
  • The clinic itself is such a clean, safe and relaxing environment - I always feel like such a fancy lady when I’m there. It’s something just for me.
During a recent appointment to top up my under-eye boosters, I mentioned to my clinician; Dillon that I had always had concerns with the shape of my jaw and that these were becoming more prominent as I got older. We discussed which treatments could do some way towards addressing this, considering my age, facial structure and, ultimately, what would be most effective. From there, Dillon drew up a plan and off we went! 

Part 1 of The Plan 
The Treatment 
Fat Disolving Injections 

How Does It Work? 
YOU WEE OUT YOUR FAT. These injections break down the cell membrane of fat, making it all mushy and, with some masage-y help, passes the lipids into the lymphatic system, which then escorts them out via your wee. So sweet, so simple, so brilliant! 

What I had done 
I had the injections in my neck and underneath my jaw, the first treatment in March and the second in May. Dillon started off with some anaesthetic cream on my chin/neck before mapping out the areas that he would be injecting - This involved a lot of assessing from every angle to make sure it was perfect- EXTREMELY reassuring. He then started the injections which were an absolute 2/3 on the pale scale - No worse than a scratch and done so quickly I was surprised when he was finished. The second treatment was much of the same only with far fewer injections thanks to the amazing job everyone had done the first time round. 

I cannot lie, post the first treatment I panicked... My neck and jaw swelled up like a bullfrog - Dillon had warned me this would be the case but I don’t listen because I’m an extremely chaotic person with cloth ears. The first two days were spent with me being certain I would expire through vanity (No pain, minimal bruising, complete self-imagined drama lads) The swelling lasted around a week and with recovery being sped up by my favourite part of the whole regime - The facial massage. Every day for a month my wonderful husbnad (begrudgingly) massaged my face while I lay in bed like some kind of lady of leisure. It was bliss. AND helped the drainage obviously… Following the second treatment, the swelling was nominal, I didn’t panic at all and by the end of the week, was left with a much slimmer neck resulting in a visibly defined chin and jaw. 

Part 2 of The Plan 
The Treatment 
Dermal Fillers 

How Do They Work? 
Right, the science bit here - Most Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body and gives us beautifully juicy, hydrated skin. In the cosmetic world, Dermal fillers can restore the volume we lose on our faces and bodies through ageing or illness They can also help to reshape/define areas of the face in a natural way. The reason it’s so vital that you go somewhere reputable for this treatment is that facial proportions are a real art and you absolutely need to work with someone who understands this. Fillers generally last 6-18 months dependent on what you have, where you have them and how well you look after your skin. 

What I had done 
I had chin and Jaw Enhancement Filler, meaning a line of filler was injected into my chin and along my jawliine to create the look of a more sculpted, less rounded shape. For the past few years I’ve actively avoided fillers, instead opting for skin boosters to reduce the appearance of hollow eyes - I’m not going to lie, I WAS SCARED. I genuinely needn’t have been. Dillon used two techniques to insert the filler - starting with a needle and moving onto a canular to reach the right places and create the desired shape where required. I’m not going to say it was a pain free experience but would only give it a 3/10 on the pain scale - VERY SURPRISING. As with the fat dissolving injections, aftercare was very straightforward and common sense - Gentle but firm massaging of the area (I’m a Gua Sha addict so this was not an issue at all) 

Post-treatment, I had zero bruising, pain or swelling I would class as visible (Despite being warned that all of these things were possible) Instead, I had a defined, jaw-shaped jaw. The change has been so subtle that, despite receiving are multiple “You’re looking well” comments, nobody can actually put their finger on what is different - Exactly what I hoped for. 

Look, I’ve been clear from the onset that cosmetic treatments are not for everyone. Ageing and genetics are both beautiful and inevitable. It’s also worth noting that this is not a quick fix for negative self image - That’s another thing entirely. Is it fatphobia/agephobia to want to make these changes? Honestly, I guess that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself. 

From a personal position, I’ll always be interested in the ever increasing number of safe, afordable options out there. Will I always do it? I can’t honestly say. But I WILL allow myself the space to change my mind or appearance and even to make mistakes (Not in this case I’m sure you can tell!). I’m nearly 40 now and, despite really enjoying the days when I love what I see in the mirror, know myself well enough to base my worth on more than just my appearance. 

If you’re interested in any of the treatments I mention above, I urge you not to just take my word for it - do your research and absolutely drop The Parks a line via their website HERE