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Denim Delight - Arched Eyebrow x Navabi

Bethany Rutter is fabulous, there's no two ways about it. She's bright, fun, influential and WHOA can she design a capsule wardrobe!
Denim Effect Jumpsuit - Arched Eyebrow x Navabi
Animal Print Sandals - ASOS (Similar)
Earrings - Zara (Similar) 
Bethany's first Arched Eyebrow x Navabi collection knocked everyone's socks off; Beautiful bright wardrobe classics which have seen so many of us through the year and this range is just as strong. Bethany has always been at the forefront of the call for wearable basics for plus size babes and that's what this range is. Cute colourful tees, go-with-everything culottes and this fabulously wearable denim jumpsuit - On a page, the collection is simple, SO cohesive,  and frankly beautiful.

When I look at any range, I like to assume that at least one piece was made with me in mind and this one is mine. Comfortable and easy to wear - Denim effect is perfect for Summer, you get the look without the bulk (and sweat!). The length is spot on, the neckline is easy yet chic. I would be just as happy wearing this jumpsuit with my converse and a leather belt as I am in heels and statement earrings. And you all know how much I love versatile.

I'm perpetually between sizes and would have been equally as happy in a 16 as I am in this 18, the fabric is loose and stretchy but has a really great weight to it, meaning that it hangs from the shoulders to the waist then from the waist straight down - No clinging or camel toe! Bethany has ensured that the fit of this range is much more consistent than the previous, meaning that every piece is true to size (How much easier is life when that happens!?)

Huge congratulations to Bethany and Navabi for yet another crowd pleasing collection - Please keep them coming! 

My readers can get 10% off the whole Arched Eyebrow x Navabi range until Tuesday 5th June with the code TUMBLESBR10 
Em x
* Item gifted - All views are my own 

Rethinking What Feels Good - The Cropped Jumpsuit

I really should have written this post ages ago but I didn't. The reasons for this are multiple but basically come down to the fact that I'm craving a holiday so hard that even just looking at myself having a nice time in the sun is like a knife to my sun-starved heart.
Jumpsuit - Warehouse (Similar)
Wrap Sandals - Simply Be
Earrings - Zara (Similar)
I love me a good jumpsuit. Whenever there's an event where I want to feel put together, I find myself a good jumpsuit, some cracking earrings and a pair of heels and I feel fabulous all night. This year I took two away on holiday with me - The unspeakably useful wide legged Farrah jumpsuit from Joanie Clothing (£24 in the sale right now) and this cropped leg, tie waist jumpsuit from Warehouse.

I think everyone has one piece of clothing that they want to love but that they just don't feel mega sexy in and this jumpsuit is it - It clings to my bum, it clings round my front lady pouch and the neckline has the potential to make my bosom look distinctly matronly, but here is the (big) but; It is comfortable, it is practical, it goes with heels just as well as it goes with trainers - It's basically an incredibly useful and versatile item to take on holiday. in fact, by the time I got back I'd decided to slot it into my corporate work wardrobe. I think I've started to realise that it's ok to not always feel sexy and that there's just as much value in feeling comfortable.

I'm really in to the stitched in belt detail as I mentioned in my last post, it just adds to the practicality element. I'd say that Warehouse sizing is on the smaller size - An 18 fits me really well. For these pictures, we were on our way out for a nice meal so I wore it with my wrap around sandals and some banging Zara earrings - Seriously, I don't even bother with anywhere else for statement jewellery any more, Zara have it in the bag. You will see that I also accesorised with a beautiful tone of sunburn - Please people, learn from my constant errors this year and go for more rather than less with the lotion. My skin is still looking horrendous more than a month later - It's not big and it's definitely not clever.

Looking at this last picture, I think I actually quite like how my butt looks... I should take more rear view shots...
Em x

Jumping into Spring with Navabi

It's that time of the year where we start to see brands' Spring/Summer ranges hit the streets and I'm FULLY ready to embrace them. Top of the Pops (Remember Top of the Pops?) for 2017 have got to be yours and my favourite premium plus-size retailers Navabi. Think floaty florals and chic tailoring mixed with fabulous colour pops of Summer brights. it's genuinely a pleasure to behold.

Jumpsuit - Manon Baptiste at Navabi
Bag - Simply Be (Similar)
Shoes - Topshop (Similar)
Sunglasses - MONKI 
When I saw this jumpsuit I audibly gasped and can only assume that my eyes turned into love hearts.  As a sailor girl at heart (Fake News; The biggest sea-faring vessel I've ever controlled was a pedalo) the deep navy blue, gold buttons and flared leg spoke to me on a whole new level. The chiffon split-sleeves soften the look and keep the jumpsuit from being too tailored for a warmer day, while the zip back means you can zip in even the most voluptuous of bosoms/stomachs/thighs. 

The only part of the look I was initially dubious about was the cropped length. I have a strange relationship with my lower legs in that they anger me because no matter how tanned I may get, they remain the same colour as something that has never seen sun. My ass potentially. This said, think they fall to the perfect length - It's the length I'd wear a dress to so why not trousers...?

In the SS17 lookbook, the jumpsuit is styled with red shoes, red lips and a black clutch and it is just the most effortlessly chic outfit I have ever seen. Genuinely. I've played it mega safe here with tan accessories and my new MONKI sunglasses to prove that cropped jumpsuits don't have to be dressy. I can see it looking equally as magnificent with some flat clogs or even ankle boots (in fact I'm going to check this out tonight) 

Now the sizing with this jumpsuit is a bit odd. I'm currently a 16-18 and went for a size 18 with it being a fitted item. It's FAR too big on me. Like two sizes too big. I've just ordered a 14 in the hope that it will fit better because I genuinely need this jumpsuit for my Summer wardrobe and I'll feed back on how much better the fit is. Until then, my recommendation would be; SIZE DOWN.

I'm thoroughly delighted to be back out in the sun again and am doing my upmost to absorb some of those vitamins that stop you from feeling like a human slug, so fingers crossed I'll be less Casper and more sun kissed and energy-filled by the next time I post. WATCH THIS SPACE.
Em x
*Denotes gifted item - All views are my own

A Warm Weather Jumpsuit with Simply Be


 As such, I've been knocking about in this here Floral Jumpsuit from Simply Be, being an effortlessly cool flower queen, eating ice creams and sweating minimally wherever possible. 

Plus Size Floral Jumpsuit - Simply Be
Tie Front Playsuit - Simply Be
Tan Ankle Boots - Simply Be
Tan Clutch Bag - Simply Be
Firstly: This print. Isn't it fabulous? I'm a big fan of a floral as you may have noticed in the past like a million times. I'm also very drawn towards all-in-ones in the warmer months because they're just so easy - This one has an elasticated waistband and buttons at the back, meaning that you can get out of bed, step straight into it and off you go (Sometimes I even brush my hair. Sometimes).

Plus Size Floral Jumpsuit - Simply Be

I think there's been a tendency for brands to think that a plus size jumpsuit has to be dramatically oversized, have a dropped crotch and basically be as close to a onesie as possible, I'm pleased to report that Simply Be do not prescribe to this. I sized up here - This is a size 18 and is a perfect warm weather fit (no sweaty gussets please) but otherwise the fit and style is . 

Plus Size Floral Jumpsuit - Simply Be

The boots are also from Simply Be and may be a tad premature weather wise but are going to be ideal with my tights for Autumn (YES, I'm thinking about Autumn, as it is the most wonderful time of the year and frankly I'm bored of always having a hot red face right now) They're ever so terribly comfortable and I do not say this lightly, just like my face, my feet hate Summer; they like to be all folded up where nobody can see them. 

Plus Size Floral Jumpsuit - Simply Be

How are you keeping cool at the moment? All advice greatly appreciated...

Em x

Seasonal Jumpsuits with Yours Clothing: Take 2

I told you there'd be more jumpsuit action didn't I? Well here it is:
Black Lace Jumpsuit* - Yours Clothing
Red Shoes - Old New Look (Similar HERE) 
I first saw this Yours jumpsuit on gorgeous model Bara when we were shooting the #All Yours advert and I needed it. What I will say is this: This jumpsuit looks incredible on women with a fuller bust - I love how it looks on me but to get the full detail of the scalloping and crossover I think you need to be one of those "Boobs that go outwards not across" people. Saying this, it's really nice to have the option to cover up a bit or reveal the gals.

Another thing that I'll say for this jumpsuit - It is wonderfully warm. The double layer makes it incredibly cosy and comfortable which in turn makes it ideal for a Christmas meal/dinner/three boxes of after eight mints on the settee. Plus, if you decide to go out in this stupidly cold weather that we're having, you are unlikely to catch frostbite.

I'm really starting to get into the party spirit at the moment, this is in part due to the incredible mulled wine I bulk bought from M&S and have been necking like Ribena. Also, Ferero Roche. If I carry on at this rate I'll have gout within a week...
Em x 
* Denotes items gifted for review. As always, all opinions are my own

Seasonal Jumpsuits with Yours Clothing

You know I love a good Jumpsuit and Yours Clothing have come up trumps with this one.
Metallic Jumpsuit* - Yours Clothing
Cape Jacket - Jameela Jamil for Simply Be
Shoes - New Look (Similar HERE)
 The suit* is made of a metallic thread based nylon rather than glitter so it doesn't shed which my cats are thrilled about as they don't look like small furry pixies after sitting on me. It's also extremely lightweight and despite the narrow straps, gives an excellent coverage meaning you can wear a good bra underneath. Also the length is a thumbs up for tall people. 

I'm wearing an 18 in these pictures and it fits brilliantly - A 16 would be fine but I like to minimise the chance of camel toe at all times. All. Times. For that reason, I've also added a belt because it allows me to create a bit more shape and draping at the middle whilst strengthening the barrier between me and lady part catastrophe.

The Cape Jacket is Jameela Jamil for Simply Be. I've wanted a cape jacket since seeing Kate in her lush multicoloured dream coat, so when Simply Be brought one out in classic (Read: Too sensible) black I was sold. It truly is a powerful, powerful jacket.

I've not yet worn this outfit outside of the garden path but my festive social calendar is starting to get busy and I intend to never be less than 100% sparkly.

I have another jumpsuit to show you this week, it's not as spangly but it's a little bit saucier... (At least it's meant to be, let's see how I pull it off...)
Em x
* Denotes items gifted for review. As always, all opinions are my own

Baby We Were Born to Run - The Yours Clothing Acid Wash Playsuit

An extremely quick post for you here courtesy of some of my parents' garden and a very begrudging paternal photographer...

Jumpsuits and playsuits: You KNOW I love me an outfit that I can flail about in and this Acid wash denim playsuit* from Yours clothing is absolutely no exception.
Acid Wash Denim Playsuit - Yours
Turquoise Necklace - Yours
 Sleeveless Waterfall Waistcoat - Yours
Gladiator Sandals - Yours

I first saw it at the SS15 launch and knew that people would totally and utterly lose their shit over it because it's just so COOL. I described it as being like the right kind of an 80s throwback. Think Springsteen not Hawkes (who I have beef with but that's a story for another day...). This meant that when Yours sent me the playsuit to try I had it on my body within about 2.5 seconds.

The denim is light and and OH so soft. This is a playsuit made for comfort, frolicking and warmer climes.

The playsuit fastens with presstuds and a drawstring waistband which add to the light and non constrictive feel of it. I'm wearing a 16 here and despite my Grace Jones thighs of power, there are plenty of room in the legs and waist without being too big. 

I'm wearing the playsuit here with the sleeveless waterfall waistcoat*, black gladiator sandals* and turquoise necklace* (all from Yours because they are just THAT good).

The sandals are a size 9 ***REAL SIZE NINE ALERT*** and I finally know how it feels to wear sandals where 40% of my foot is not on the floor as they usually are. These are stupidly comfortable and to say that my feet are in esence just big hands on the ends of my legs, they make them look moderately inoffensive!

 Not gonna lie, I've already worn the waistcoat almost every day; With a vest and jeans, over a sleeveless midi dress and with a plain white tee which made me feel a bit like a crap waiter but STILL LOOKED ACE. It's an absolute wardrobe staple for me now and had reopened the options of a number of strappy dresses which I've avoided in the past because the proportions haven't felt right.

I'm a big fan of a statement necklace but am REALLY bad at wearing them. I just look all self conscious like when you first put a collar on a kitten. Thankfully, this one is different and I'm on to a winner!

Prepare yourself for more holiday looks because I really need to start getting all my shizzle together and packed (by packed I mean in a pile on the floor...obviously...)
Em x
*denotes items gifted for review

Utility Chic with F&F

By now, you will have gotten the jist that I really like F&F. After the AW15 event I decided to make a couple of snazzy purchases, resulting in this D-Ring Utility Jumpsuit and Leather Metallic Effect Clutch Bag.

F&F  SS15
The jumpsuit has an elasticated waistband and a D-ring belt detail. I cannot get on with the D-ring belt.It keeps undoing itself. Potentially due to the sheer strength of a tummy full of bar snacks, who knows. But I'm going to come up with a plan for it and it really doesn't take away from the look of the suit so it's not the end of the world.

As always, I'm thrilled when the length of something works on me. The legs are meant to be full length, as you can see on me they're not. But that's because my legs are longer than most things and I actually like where they sit, which proves that you should always give something a go!

All items as above
The jumpsuit is £25, that is it. £25. This is already becoming a wardrobe staple with me wearing it twice in the space of a weekend (I was in different cities so no fashion faux pas if you're concerned). Firstly, I wore it for a night on the tiles, styled as above with my Topshop heeled sandals, F&F clutch and Quiz leather jacket. Then I washed it (hence it being a tad creased...) and wore it rolled up with flat sandals and a cross body bag when the sun came out. 

All items as above

It's going to be utterly perfect for my holiday, my only concern is how it will "travel" in my case as it does crease somewhat. Saying that, the bulk of the creases drop out quickly with it being viscose, meaning I'll just look a little bit bedragglds as opposed to my usual Courtney Love circa 1994 look.

All items as above

When it comes to clutch bags, I only ever go for oversized or it all gets a bit too Lilliput. This leather metallic effect clutch bag is the perfect size for me and the zip fastening means that all my shizzle isn't going to roll out and go all over the place. It's very similar to another metallic clutch I've coveted for a long time which retails at £62, whereas this one is £20. No. Brainer.

Leather Metallic Effect Clutch Bag - F&F
Seriously now, how much have F&F upped their game of late? I'm lucky in a way that my local supermarket is purely food based or the big shop could become prrrrrretty expensive...

Em x