Rethinking What Feels Good - The Cropped Jumpsuit

I really should have written this post ages ago but I didn't. The reasons for this are multiple but basically come down to the fact that I'm craving a holiday so hard that even just looking at myself having a nice time in the sun is like a knife to my sun-starved heart.

Jumpsuit - Warehouse (Similar)
Wrap Sandals - Simply Be
Earrings - Zara (Similar)
I love me a good jumpsuit. Whenever there's an event where I want to feel put together, I find myself a good jumpsuit, some cracking earrings and a pair of heels and I feel fabulous all night. This year I took two away on holiday with me - The unspeakably useful wide legged Farrah jumpsuit from Joanie Clothing (£24 in the sale right now) and this cropped leg, tie waist jumpsuit from Warehouse.

I think everyone has one piece of clothing that they want to love but that they just don't feel mega sexy in and this jumpsuit is it - It clings to my bum, it clings round my front lady pouch and the neckline has the potential to make my bosom look distinctly matronly, but here is the (big) but; It is comfortable, it is practical, it goes with heels just as well as it goes with trainers - It's basically an incredibly useful and versatile item to take on holiday. in fact, by the time I got back I'd decided to slot it into my corporate work wardrobe. I think I've started to realise that it's ok to not always feel sexy and that there's just as much value in feeling comfortable.

I'm really in to the stitched in belt detail as I mentioned in my last post, it just adds to the practicality element. I'd say that Warehouse sizing is on the smaller size - An 18 fits me really well. For these pictures, we were on our way out for a nice meal so I wore it with my wrap around sandals and some banging Zara earrings - Seriously, I don't even bother with anywhere else for statement jewellery any more, Zara have it in the bag. You will see that I also accesorised with a beautiful tone of sunburn - Please people, learn from my constant errors this year and go for more rather than less with the lotion. My skin is still looking horrendous more than a month later - It's not big and it's definitely not clever.

Looking at this last picture, I think I actually quite like how my butt looks... I should take more rear view shots...
Em x