Five Minutes on Feminism + Fashion

Feminism in fashion is "having a moment" as they say and high street store Peacocks have sasheyed in with their fab The Future Is Female t-shirt, which you may have seen gracing the body of celebrities and bloggers aplenty. It's a beaut tshirt - Lovely soft cotton, great fit and most importantly, a message we can all get behind.

The Future Is Female Tee* - Peacocks
Faux Suede Skirt - Navabi
Sandals - Topshop
Bag - H&M (Similar
Okay, I accept that there are extremely problematic areas around feminism in fashion - Until marginalised women are appropriately represented in advertising, until ranges are inclusive of ALL sizes, until working conditions for the women who make these clothes improve, until fashion is accessible to all; Fashion by its very nature is a feminist issue. 

Some brands recognise that they have a corporate-social responsibility to put their money where their mouth is. For example, my faves Navabi have partnered up with Smart Works, supporting women into work in the UK. I'd love to see much more of this, and as someone who personally works for a company with an incredibly strong commitment to their social responsibility, I can confirm that this working culture has an incredibly positive effect on staff and stakeholders alike.

My question is, why is feminism in fashion OK when it's only available to people with a big bank balanceWhen Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney showcase feminism, we see it as art, as politics, as a war cry (This is in no way a criticism - These women are incredible and what they give back is phenomenal). Yet when the high street does it, we see it as somehow crude or gauche. For those of us not rolling in cash, this is an affordable way of showing your colours, of spreading the word. Why shouldn't feminism - a movement which should benefit us all (including men, not that I care), be accessible?

I feel that this is likely going to be an unpopular decision but I think that feminism and high street fashion CAN work. In a time of great social change, where misogyny seems more visible than ever before, intersectional feminism is essential in preventing the fight for equality being thrown back in time a hundred years or more. The important thing is that you don't just wear the t-shirt, you believe in it and you live it; Support marginalised women, be loud, call out the bullshit. Disrupt the default.
Em x 

I'm extremely open to comment on this post as you don't get anywhere in life by talking and not listening. I'd like to also say that I will always recommend supporting your local small feminist business by spending your cash with them where you can - I will start to share below but if there are any you would like to share - Please let me know and I will update the post with these. 

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