Style | Living More Sustainably

At the beginning of this year, I didn’t think for one minute that I’d be able to kick the clothes shopping habit. 
And honestly? I haven’t. 

What I *have* done, is to change ~how~ I shop and, as a result, my bank account, wardrobe and general sense of smugness are in a much better place. So far this year, I’ve bought twelve items new and sent back eight of them - I’m just so much more discerning about fit, fabric and loveability (whether I actually look forward to wearing it or not) and I don’t seem to be having my itches scratched by the highstreet. 

This said, my habit is raging (got to get that dopamine hit somewhere right?) but even then, I’m infinitely more careful about what I buy - Would I buy it new at 5-10x times the price? If the answer is no, then I clearly don’t want it that much. 

This outfit is made up of items that made the cut (even if the shirt was bought in January when I was basically like a kid in a candy store with all these gorgeous almost new options) and cost me £15. Ridiculous. 

If this sounds sanctimonious, THAT IS NOT MY INTENTION. I needed to change and I’m getting there slowly. It’s all about me, my friends, I’m a horrible capitalist nightmare… Next: Food waste...

Em x