The Tall Girl Dream - Simply Be Floral Midi Dress

Don't panic, you've not missed a freak British heatwave; These pictures were taken in Seville where I've just been for an anniversary trip. Seville is literally the most magical place on Earth but I've been told to stop saying this because there were a lot of holiday goers there this year and my husband doesn't like to share...
Closet Midi Dress - Simply Be
Just a quick post to share a wonderful last minute holiday find with you: 
I know, I know, I've proven before that this can happen but I will never ever tire of it.

I bought this Closet dress on a recent trip to Simply Be in Doncaster: The larger lady's shopping paradise, with the ever ravishing Becky. I was immediately drawn to the length (obviously) but the colours and floral print also rock my world hard. It's very pretty without having to be too dressy which is a win for me.

It's a truly lovely, well made, well fitting dress. Just size down, I'm generally a 16 but this is a 12 - it's the VERY stretchy material.

So that's it now. End of the sun. BRING ON THE ROLLNECKS!!!
Em x