#GirlGangGoals with ASOS

I've never been formally asked if I'd like to be in a Gang before. In Yorkshire we tend just to hang around with whoever isn't flushing our heads down the toilet at lunch time... But Becky asked me and I said yes. Because who wouldn't want to be in the coolest Girl Gang going...?

#GirlGangGoals is care of ASOS - So they asked us to pick out two items that would become our signature look for the day.

Denim Shift Dress - ASOS Curve
High Neck Top - ASOS Curve
Tights and Boots - My own
So here's my Girl Gang look. Perfect for causing chaos, kicking ass and generally proving that "Being a girl" is the best thing you could ever be.


I'd been planning on investing in a denim pinafore for Autumn and this shift dress is spot on. Comfortable, versatile and so easy to wear. 

The High Neck Top is magnificent - Spangly, unique and my favourite Autumnal colours. I would suggest that you size up with this top as it is slightly cropped.


So who's in the Girl Gang...? I'm pretty certain you'll know these faces but let me tell you more just in case...
Becky - My Patty sister 4 lyf. In the world of blogging there are a lot less Northern chicks than you'd think, lest of all from the East coast Massif, so when we locked eyes across a crowded room I knew it was love. I have never met such a driven, talented and like-minded woman as Becky. She supports me in ways she'll never know and whenever we're together it's like I'm home. Plus she's utterly bloody hilarious, a wonderful Mum and has the singing voice of an angel.
Kate - This Woman is a star, she has brilliance running through her veins. Anyone who sees Kate wants to be her friend immediately because she oozes cool (Dolly Parton tattoo anyone..?!) But this isn't all there is to Kate. She's sweet, sensitive, funny and exactly the right kind of a deviant. She brightens ever room she's in and has made my life all the better for knowing her.
Make sure you go over to their blogs and see how they've styled their Girl Gang look - I know it's just my humble opinion but PHWOAR.


These girls, along with absent gang members Elena and Betty, are my Dream Team - Strong, brave, independent (and I'd be lying if I didn't say they're SMOKING HOT). 
Want to be part of the gang...? Head over to Mrs BeBe blog and you have the chance of winning two pieces from the ASOS A/W collection OF YOUR VERY OWN (We don't need to share. Unless you want to...)
Em x