Style | Love Your Legs In Heist Tights

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am an absolute tights fiend. When I moved earlier this year, I threw out no less that 27 pairs of cheap, holy, baggy tights. So when luxury brand Heist got in touch to say they were launching in sizes and 16-24 I was VERY interested.

The wonderful Heist team very kindly offered to send me a pair of The Fifty in Black, (also available in Fig which is a gorgeous burgundy colour.) As someone who normally won't entertain below an 80 den for fear of ripping them or that awful uneven coverage you get when your tights are stretched to the limit, I was a little dubious BUT as soon as I put these tights on I knew that the colour and fit of The Fifty were utterly spot on.

I can't go any further without commenting on the Heist packaging. Have you ever seen such beautiful presentation of tights?!? The wrapper which came through the letter box had even the Mr excited. And the box itself? This is some beautiful high-end shiz my friends;  individually packaged with their very own dustbag and guidance on how to wear and care for your tights (Including avoiding cat claws which is easier said than done in this house...) there is no way you could feel anything other than full on luxury b*tch.

These are the high waisted design, I could easily have pulled them higher BUT here's the thing: I didn't need to. In standard tights, I wear my waistband mega high for the following reasons:
1. I dont want them to fall down
2. I find tights move better when they're worn higher up.
3. I hate when my tummy rolls over the top...

The fabric of Heist tights' waistbands are a luxury sportswear design, meaning that they move with your waist in the way that...well...sportswear does. No matter what you do, they don't roll down, they don't twist and MEGA importantly for me, the seamless design mean that they provide an excellent base for anything you wear over the top, including body con dresses and lightweight fabrics. This is rarity in tights in general, never mind larger tights. 

I'm wearing the 16-18 here and they fit with plenty enough stretch to get my hands into them in order to put them onto my legs EVEN AT 6FT TALL GUYS - Brilliantly though, this stretch is stretch; NOT excess material which is what I've got used to when wearing tights which are long enough for me.

But what about the £22 price tag...? If you look after these tights (USE THE DUSTBAG) I am confident that they will last. Wearing tights that ACTUALLY fit mean that you're not having to gently coax them over your knees praying that they don't rip. The toe seam is actually under the foot lessening the chance of you poking through the end. Essentially, you will love these tights so much that you want to take care of them.

These tights look great and they FEEL really great - I could wear them aaaall day without feeling squished or otherwise bothered by them. As tights go, I would give them an easy 10/10 and I now fully intend to stop buying cheap tatty tights that I wear twice and invest in more Heist!
Em x
* - Items gifted for review. All views are completely my own.