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I've sung the praises of Manon Baptiste at Navabi many a time on this here blog. With beautiful fabrics, timeless designs and quality through and through, they've long since been my go-to for workwear and occasions where only the best will do.

Suit Jacket* - Manon Baptiste @ Navabi
Suit Trousers* - Manon Baptiste @ Navabi
Earrings - Zara
Shoes - ASOS 
You may have seen images from the recent Style Collective shoot with Navabi (More of that soon!) where I'm wearing the most incredible electric blue trouser suit? WELL. I fell in love. Hard. That's when I knew I needed a Manon Baptiste suit in my life AND THIS IS THE ONE. The Autumnal Print against the blue background is eye-catcing without being too OTT, I knew from experience that the trousers would sit at that perfect cropped length on me and, most importantly, I knew it would look utterly banging.

The material of the suit is a light jacquard polyester. Jacquard polyester is a fabulous fabric for many reasons; Bold patterns, long-lasting but most importantly to me; It simply does not crease. Every plus-size trouser wearing woman has been there, you sit down on a train/in a meeting/on the sofa for a prolonged amount of time. When you stand up, your trousers strongly resemble an elephant's arse. Not great. I have cavorted about into many shapes in this suit and it still fits exactly the same as when I first put it on.

Both the trousers and the jacket are an 18. I feel like I could have gone for a 16, they would have been tight but it turns out that's how I like my trousers (Seriously, on paper my measurements are very much an 18 trouser-wise but I always feel like they're too big. I obviously really like having my butt tightly cradled...) So I'm going to say that these probably fit right on a normal person who doesn't weirdly like being squeezed, making them true to size.

I'm planning to get my hands on the electric blue suit now that it's in stock (possibly after my new house-bashed finances replenish somewhat...) and pretty much live in suits from hereon in - They're just so EASY. If you have a suit that you'd like to recommend, please link to it in the comments! 
Em x 
* Denotes Items gifted for review - All views are my own.