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Falling Back In Love With Fashion

We all lose our mojo sometimes. We get stuck in fashion ruts, we fall out of love with our beautiful bodies, we dont see ourselves the way that other people do. Then just as soon as you've lost it, you can find it again. AND I HAVE FOUND IT.
Tie Front Blouse* - Lovedrobe
Mum Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Topshop (Similar
I really really enjoyed taking the pictures for this post because I actually felt great. Genuinely great (Hence the title of the post!) and a lot of that came from shaking up my wardrobe just a little bit. Up until last week I had managed to let peasant blouses pass me by, now all of a sudden I have three... (How do these things happen?!?) but with luxe embroidery, shirring and tassels this Lovedrobe number is definitely my favourite. It sits so beautifully and is really grown up, even with just a pair of ripped jeans.

The top is an 18 and fits me like a glove. I'm sure a 16 would have been great too but with this style, the idea is that it's loose isn't it? So I'm going to say go for true to size. It's actually on offer at the moment for £28 and I cannot get across to you just how good value this is for such a well made blouse - I can see this in my wardrobe for years to come.

These jeans are SO far from anything else I have - Highwaisted, ripped (I think the term is actually "trashed" when they're this ripped?!?) AND cropped. Bonkers but I just love them. They're and H&M size 44 which I believe is an 18. I haven't fit into an H&M 18 since I was a real world size 12 so this is, once again, evidence that you should always try things where you can. In fact, I'm reluctant to shop as much with H&M because it REALLY grates that they don't stock a wider size range in-store, this said (jeeeeez I'm fickle) there's so much more online - I managed to find heaps of styles I never imagined would be available in 18/20/22. So yes -  My morals can be turned by a green jumpsuit...

I'm sincerely hoping that this post is the first of many where you see me smiling and really really meaning it!

Em x
* Denotes items gifted for review - All views are my own. 

Taking Floral into Autumn with Lovedrobe

I've heard of people who pack away their Summer wardrobe. Like they actually put everything they wear in the warmer months into suitcases and then get them out again the next year. 
1.   Who is this organised?
2.   How do they have this much time?
3.   Why would you do this?
Shift dress* - Lovedrobe
Block Heel Ankle Boots* - Simply Be
Aviator Jacket - River Island (Similar)
Most of my wardrobe is incredibly versatile in that I wear it all year round; Sometimes I put a roll neck under an item, sometimes I swap a skirt for a pair of skinny jeans. More often than not, I bang on a pair of tights, ankle boots and a big old coat to keep out the cold, just as I have with this Plus Size Shift dress from Lovedrobe.

This dress is already pretty seasonal in that it is knee length, fully lined and has a beautiful embroidery to the front and sleeves. I'm an eternal fan of navy blue but this particular dress is also available in maroon (As seen here on gorgeous Lucy) Size-wise, I opted to size up twice due to the generally small fit of Lovedrobe, actually an 18 would have been fine but I like the looser fit of it, particularly around the sleeves.

I've been pairing the dress with my River Island aviator jacket which I invested in after getting hold of a 25% discount in October and I LOVE IT. It's so warm and the over-sizing of it means that it sits in exactly the right place and isn't at all boxy. Plus I get to look like Del Boy - What more could one want from life? I've looked online and can't see it in stock other than in black but have definitely seen it still in store so if you're interested it may be worth having a look about.

I've also been wearing these Simply Be Ankle Boots* non-stop recently, they go with absolutely everything. If you fancy reading a bit more about them I've written the first of two Autumn guest posts for them over on the Simply Be blog - Why not have a read.
Em x
*Denotes items gifted for review - All views are my own FACT.

Ladies Day with Plus Size Brand Lovedrobe

Those of you who follow me on Social Media will have seen that I was a very lucky woman indeed in being invited to a Ladies Day with Plus Size Brand Lovedrobe.
L - R Betty, Sam, Kat, Me, Olivia, Kellie, Becky, Rosie
Picture c/o Lovedrobe
I and a plethora of gorgeous bloggers luxuriated with fizz, canapes and had a generally bloody lovely time. It's so nice at the moment to have a day away from the office, doing the things that I love to do and also having a drink or nine (Please don't ask me about the rest of the weekend, my lips are sealed and my liver is destroyed...)
Picture c/o Lovedrobe
I also had my makeup done by Dean who was just an utter delight - You can see on my Instagram how it turned out (Clue: There were mega borws, it was fierce and I LOVED IT).
Check Wrapover Dress - Lovedrobe
We were all asked to choose an item on the day (Yesssss!) and I was extremely tempted by the Wrapover Dress above, which was a gorgeous shape and ideal for any of the larger busted ladies in my life - Unfortunately the colour washed me out a little but if this comes out in any other colourway (Currently available in stone and white) I will be all over it.
Textured Shift Dress* - Lovedrobe
Instead I went for this Textured Shift Dress* which I have already worn to work on a number of occasions to great praise. This is such a power dress, the shape emphasises a strong shoulder and on me sits in just the right place to be both work and post-work-drinks appropriate.The textured shift dress is also available in stone and a vibrant pink which looked utterly incredible on so many of the ladies there.

As you'll see on the gorgeous picture at the top of the page, there were some extremely snazzy frocks on offer and we all appear to have picked something different. Lovedrobe is fabulous for their huge range in styles, particuarly where dresses are concerned and there is something for everyone. What I will say with Lovedrobe is to be careful with the sizing - In structured dresses with no give (Such as this one) I tend to be a 20 whereas in the dress I chose on the day (a stretchy polyester) I am a 16 - So it varies! 

I had such a lovely afternoon amongst some of my favourite women, all of them strong, individual and independent. A fitting tribute indeed to International Womens Day. Thank you very much Lovedrobe, you really know how to show a girl a good time!

Em x