Your New Fashion Hero - Unique 21

I'm here with a sneaky little fashion post aren't I? 
I know, I know, I'm as blown away as you are But here it is and I would like to introduce to you: Unique 21.

Plus Size Leopard Print
Leopard Blouse: Unique 21
Jeans: Second Scripts
Boots: Next 
We all love a new plus size brand don't we... Well, I *say* new, Unique 21 have actually been knocking about for a while now, albeit previously on other sites such as Simply Be (Where I bought this rather fabulous blouse) and ASOS. They've now launched their HERO range on its very own site, bringing us bright co-ords, snazzy blouses and sparkly knits. 

I think we can all agree that"Jeans and a nice top" are the most useful thing you can have in your wardrobe so being able to extend my options in this department is always very much appreciated. It seems like Unique 21 are going to be a good call for simple well made styles in different colour variations. 

This leopard print wrap shirt is ideal over a pair of skinny jeans, it's an easy to wear, throw on item that would work just as well down the pub as it would in a cocktail bar. I haven't practiced doing backwards rolls in it yet (that's what I do on nights out now, who knew?) I feel like it would be perfectly possible. 

Where the range is currently quite limited, I am told that this is set to increase with more options becoming available in the larger sizes (It currently stops at a 26...) which, as you can imagine, I am very much looking forward to seeing. 

I also ordered a purple pussybow blouse* which is absolutely perfect for work with a good pair of cigarette pants so be sure to keep your eyes on my insta for more...
Em x 
* Denotes gifted items for review - All views are my own. 


Falling Back In Love With Fashion

We all lose our mojo sometimes. We get stuck in fashion ruts, we fall out of love with our beautiful bodies, we dont see ourselves the way that other people do. Then just as soon as you've lost it, you can find it again. AND I HAVE FOUND IT. 

Tie Front Blouse* - Lovedrobe
Mum Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Topshop (Similar
I really really enjoyed taking the pictures for this post because I actually felt great. Genuinely great (Hence the title of the post!) and a lot of that came from shaking up my wardrobe just a little bit. Up until last week I had managed to let peasant blouses pass me by, now all of a sudden I have three... (How do these things happen?!?) but with luxe embroidery, shirring and tassels this Lovedrobe number is definitely my favourite. It sits so beautifully and is really grown up, even with just a pair of ripped jeans. 


The top is an 18 and fits me like a glove. I'm sure a 16 would have been great too but with this style, the idea is that it's loose isn't it? So I'm going to say go for true to size. It's actually on offer at the moment for £28 and I cannot get across to you just how good value this is for such a well made blouse - I can see this in my wardrobe for years to come. 


These jeans are SO far from anything else I have - Highwaisted, ripped (I think the term is actually "trashed" when they're this ripped?!?) AND cropped. Bonkers but I just love them. They're and H&M size 44 which I believe is an 18. I haven't fit into an H&M 18 since I was a real world size 12 so this is, once again, evidence that you should always try things where you can. In fact, I'm reluctant to shop as much with H&M because it REALLY grates that they don't stock a wider size range in-store, this said (jeeeeez I'm fickle) there's so much more online - I managed to find heaps of styles I never imagined would be available in 18/20/22. So yes -  My morals can be turned by a green jumpsuit...


I'm sincerely hoping that this post is the first of many where you see me smiling and really really meaning it!

Em x
* Denotes items gifted for review - All views are my own. 



Delightful Denim with Simply Be

A couple of weeks ago, I had a day out with my beautiful friend Steph. We drank some drinks, ate some food and attempted to take some decent pictures. Despite inadvertently dressing as each other, I think it was a successful day. Not least because Steph is an awesome woman and I had chips twice.  

Bardot Top - Simply Be
Jeans - Simply Be
Sandals - Simply Be
We'd been sent some items from the "new in" section of Simply Be after getting involved with their London Fashion Week Instagram takeover and had both managed to go for a lil bit o' gingham. I went for this Bardot top and Steph was wearing a peplum blouse in the same fabric which I have to say, looked utterly banging. I have to be honest, I'm not certain I love gingham on myself, I prefer a bigger, bolder print. This said, with a blue denim, I think I could do a lot worse.

 I'll always be a big fan of a Bardot neckline, they stop me overheating (Have I ever mentioned how sweaty I am? I'm really sweaty) but are incredibly easy to wear. This particular top is loose and light with a fabulous addition of tie details on the sleeves. I'm wearing a 16 here and it's perfect - The neckline is the ideal width, even on my broad shoulders, meaning that there is no digging in or the dreaded "hoik". 


These sandals are fab - perfect heel height, good and sturdy and SO comfortable. I could have easily worn them all day no beef. I'm never without a pair of tan coloured sandals, they make warm weather outfits so much easier, whether it be jeans, a midi dress or tailored jumpsuit, they seem less dressy than a black sandal but more versatile than flip flops or the such (My toes are too long for such frivolities...)


Thank you Steph for a thrilling day despite the epic rain - Here's to many more cocktails, accidental twinning and dry pies. 
Em x
*Denotes items gifted for review. All thoughts are my own from my own brain. 


Plus Size Plisse - The Elvi Pleated Top

I've said it before but I love plisse; It's light, loose and so lovely to wear whilst still looking dressy. This Elvi top is no exception to the rule and I'm already a huge fan.

Plisse Top* - Elvi
Jeans - Simply Be (Customised myself)
Sandals - Primark (Similar)
Isn't this colour to die for?! Burnt orange is so my bag, I just can't wear it head to toe or I look like a lost tangerine... With that in mind, there are matching culottes which I've seen other people looking incredible in but that are just a bit too cool for me and my middle of the road sensibilities. 


A top like this is a wardrobe staple, as good tucked into a skirt as it is worn over skinny jeans. These particular jeans are the Simply Be Chloe Jeans which I'm a big fan of - in fact, SB have recently changed their "recipe" and they've improved even further - I'd just recommend sizing down (I'm generally a 16-18 in skinny jeans but am a 14 in Chloe).


I need to apologise once more for looking so surly in my blog photos; I'm absolutely shattered right now. It was my birthday last week (33 HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED?!?) and despite having a marvellous time, it really took it out of me. I can only assume it's a combination of old age, late nights and a veritable smorgasbord of alcohol...


I'm not going to lie - I hate my ass in this picture but that's just life, sometimes your ass is amazing and sometimes it looks like a sack of squirrels...
Em x
* Denotes items gifted for review - All opinions remain my own.


Floral Obsession with Navabi

Plus Size fashion is rarely this luxurious so when it is you need to scream about it. Therefore, I am here today to scream about LITERALLY the most luxurious item of clothing I now own care of the wonderful team at Navabi.

Embroidered Tunic* - Johnny Was at Navabi
WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS TUNIC* PLEZ?!? I mean, the embroidery alone makes it so special - It is just IMMACULATE. In an Art Deco style, it features flowers and peacocks galore. It reminds me very much of a 1920s gown of the style that I've only ever seen on House of Elliott or in a museum. Every element has the most flawless detail: embroidered edging, detailed sleeves, buttons, ribbons. Seriously, I audibly sighed when I opened the box. 

Embroidered Tunic - Johnny Was at Navabi
High Waisted Jeans - Primark
Sandals - Primark  
The tunic is a viscose material. Now I don't confess to know a lot about materials other than "Makes me sweat/Doesn't make me sweat" but this feels very similar to silk in that it is light, soft and drapes beautifully. Also - Doesn't make me sweat.
I'm wearing a 14-16 and it fits like a dream, the very nature of a tunic is that it should be loose and flowing and the relief of wearing something which I can barely even feel on my skin in this thundery hot heat is just fabulous. I love how it looks with jeans and that I can dress it down equally as successfully as I can dress it up. You really, really cannot underestimate the power of a luxe item.


These jeans are a cheapy cheap cheap pair (£12) from Primark which I've cut the hems off because I decided I wanted some raw edged jeans like the ones that all the cool kids are wearing without having to pay a billion pounds - I think they've ended up looking pretty good but am 99% sure they're going to get tangled in the washing machine and costing me £500 so are a bit of a false economy really. The sandals are also Primark from last year but are lasting extremely well to say that I've worn them more than twice...


I hope you're all ready for the imminent heat wave. By ready I mean; Have a freezer full of Ice cream.
Em x
* Denotes gifted items - As always, all views are my own.


Introducing: Polly Grace's Tee-shirt challenge

I was recently contacted by plus size brand Polly Grace who set me the challenge of putting together a look featuring a top or tunic from their current range.

 I like a challenge (I would totally be on the Crystal Maze if it was still around and if I wasn't almost certain it would kill me...) so I chose the Catalina* tunic top, partly because Catalina is the name of my smallest and most irritating cat and partly because I was taken by the bold floral print.

Catalina Tunic Top* - Polly Grace
Ripped Joni Jeans - Topshop
Block heeled sandals - Primark (Available up to a 9) 
I styled the tunic with my old favourite Joni jeans from Topshop which are still going strong (despite me extending the rips on numerous occasions because I have flippers for feet and am not cool enough to wear yoof clothes without sabotaging myself and demonstrating how middle aged I am) and my bargain £7 block heel sandals from Primark, which I have picked up and put down three years running before finally giving myself a talking to.

I wore the outfit for Sunday lunch with family and other than a few comments around me "falling of my bike" (Ripped jeans are beyond my family's comprehension...) it was a winning look: Comfortable, fun and stylish. 

All items as above
As always, my opinion is generally "f**k flattering", however, if flattering is your style then I have to say that the dipped hem at the front and back is exactly what you need in your life. I was concerned that the double layer and cut would be a bit too busy for me but it's actually a really simple way to add a bit of interest to an outfit.

It is also ideal for all ages and body shapes - For example, my Mother in Law tried this on, she is  5ft 4, tanned, a slim size 14 with narrow hips (Basically: NOT ME) and she also looked utterly ravishing - In fact, she's going to borrow it for her holiday to wear around the pool with a pair of shorts.
All items as above
I went for a 16 in the top and it fits very true to size on me. The only thing I would say to take into consideration is that the arm holes are on the smaller side. I personally like this with the Catalina tunic as I don't like when an arm hole hangs lower than the side of my bra on looser tops. However, I know for a lot of women this can be pretty frustrating - so maybe size up.

All items as above
Polly Grace have a huge range of plus size clothing, with many items going from a 16 - 32, as well as accessories and jewellery, such as the gorgeous Tula necklace below:

In fact, I also have a pair of Polly Grace's black leggings which are fab so expect to see them featuring on here very shortly!
Em x
*denotes items gifted for review


Cute and Kitsch - The Scarlett And Jo Navy Floral Stretch Jeggings

You know that I'm more into dresses than trousers (Although my wardrobe is beginning to suggest otherwise...) but when Scarlett & Jo asked if I'd like to give some of their new separates a go I couldn't possibly say no.

Jeggings* - Scarlett and Jo at Evans
Bardot top - H&M (Available Here in white)
Clutch Bag - Second hand ebay
Court Shoes - New Look (Similar Here)
Sunglasses - New Look (Similar Here)
I was sent a pair of their brand new Navy Blue Stretch Trousers which are also known as the babygarb jeggings. Beautiful Becky modeled these for the SS15 campaign launch and made them look sexy as hell so I had my fingers crossed that they'd look even half as good on my ridiculously long lengs. 

The jeggings are high waisted and my favourite length for skinny fit trousers; Just above the ankle.  They've got a real 50s vibe to them, I bet Marilyn Monroe would have bought some herself (In between writing motivational quotes obvs)

All items as above
Forgive my face in these pictures, for some reason, the pictures with smiles made me look a tad, let's say demented.

I've paired the jeggings here with my H&M Bardot top which has been quite possibly my most worn item over the last three months. I bought this in striped monochrome as well as the black one and they work with absolutely everything. 

All items as above
I make no secret of the fact that I like my stomach to be kept under control, the babygaberdine fabric of these jeggings has excellent firm stretch and keeps all my parts in check whilst keeping shape beautifully. My biggest bugbear with capri pants is the knee thing, you know when you sit down and a virtual knee becomes created in the fabric and before you know it you have several "knees" and baggier trousers that MC Hammer at an all you can eat buffet. WELL, there are no knees with these jeggings at all, they stay the same shape from morning to night. Hurrah.

All items as above
I'm wearing the 16s and I find them very true to size. Saying this, with them being high-waisted I think I could have sized down and they would have still been a good fit.

So far, I've worn them styled as above with my heels and a leather jacket to go out for a couple of drinks. I've also worn them with my generic white lace up plimsolls (takes all my energy not to call them sandshoes..) and a long black tshirt for a loooong walk. They're so bloody versatile! 

The new range also has a wiggle dress and pencil skirt in the same material, though I'm now planning to wear more snazzy trousers, particularly for work so this could be start of something beautiful.
Watch. This. Space

Em x
* Denotes gifted items.



April Showers - The Simply Be Waterfall Mac

Today it wasn't warm. As such, I decided in my wisdom to go for a lovely walk around a duck pond. Six hours later I have just defrosted. Thus is the nature of the weather in the UK. Last week is was scorchio, this week there was hail. GOOD JOB I HAVE MORE CLOTHES THAN I HAVE SENSE EH?!?

Waterfall Mac - Simply Be
Jamie Jeans - Topshop
Peplum Top - Dorothy Perkins (No longer available)
Shoes - New Look (Similar Here)
Satchel - John Lewis (Similar Here)
Here's what I wore - A perfectly acceptable Spring outfit (Or so you'd think...). My Topshop Jamie jeans which are a perfect fit at a 16 (I wear a belt with them as they are a bit lower waisted than I'm used to and I hate the feel of them falling down), New Look shoes which are fab but that I'd prefer were leather or suede (sweaty plastic feet anyone...?) and an oldie but goodie peplum top that I bought in the sale from Dotty P's a couple of years ago and only got round to wearing last Summer as it's loose and just snazzy enough to make an outfit a bit more interesting.


The waterfall Mac is a recent purchase from Simply Be and I'm utterly thrilled with it. I'm particularly pleased with the fit across my back, shoulders and the tops of my arms, as well as the fact that I can wrap it around me with it remaining loose. Light jackets tend to be a terrible fit no matter what size I go for, which makes me feel much less care free and flamboyant than one should in a Mac (I like to feel all Parisienne, chic and a little bit rebellious like I could zoom off on the back of some guy with a beard's/girl with a pixie cut's scooter). This one is spot on, I wanted something light enough to take to Madrid with me but that still gave me a little bit of warmth should I need it. Which I evidently do.


My plan for the next month is to carry around a large rucksack with clothes for every eventuality from string bikini to snowsuit (I have neither. Yet) OR just wear everything I own all at once with a large hat on top.

I have an exceptionally exciting week ahead (I'm going for dinner with Tess Holliday dontcha know? *insert HOW IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?! face*) so be sure to check in on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check up on me, ensure that I am correctly dressed and behaving myself.

Em x


#Célfie unashamedly

In discussing an item of clothing with the slogan #Célfie, it would be obscenely inappropriate not to take a number of Selfies.
If you follow me on Insta, you will be aware that, along with many other hip young thangs, I favour a strong selfie game for many reasons:
I rarely look in a mirror any more, 
I like to see what colour my lipstick actually is with a flash, 
Selfies make it look like I have cheekbones, 
I'm perpetually amazed at what I can do with my face, 
Nobody else is documenting my life so I might as well do it,
Finally but most relevantly; Sometimes I get bored.
The tshirt was very kindly sent to me by the lovely people of Yours clothing and is now officially my only tshirt. 
My plan is to wear it around people who are disdainful towards the art of the selfie and watch their heads implode, "what, you actually know that you're doing it and are THAT unashamed that you'll even wear a tshirt promoting it?!?". "Yes," I shall reply "yes I do"."Now get out of my shot, you're killing the vibe" 

Em x
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