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Summer Holiday Swimwear - Joanie Clothing

The tan has faded, the hangover has ended and this is the last in my Summer Holiday Swimwear Series *sniff* BUT AT LEAST I'M GOING OUT ON A CORKER!
Ariel Bikini - Joanie Clothing
When Joanie Clothing told me that they would be launching a swimwear collection, I was VERY excited - I knew that their fun yet classic retro style would lend itself perfectly to Hollywood poolside glamour. Boy was I right. For crying out loud, JUST LOOK AT THE PRINT ON THIS BIKINI - It's utterly stunning. If bikinis aren't your style, the tropical coral leaf pattern is also available in a longline swimsuit which is equally as glam.

This set is an 18 - I could have sized down easily on the high waisted briefs but the top definitely needed to be bigger in order to facilitate the ol' wangers - This is another top which isn't really suitable for jiggling about in, I mean, there's no wire so it should be no surprise that the support is limited. However, this also means it's INCREDIBLY comfortable. If you're after looking mega hot whilst reclining (when am I not) the high waisted brief cut and keyhole tie back top detail is perfect. Plus, at only £25 for high quality repro swimwear, you genuinely cannot go wrong.

I've got a lot going on inside my big old head this week, which usually means that it's time for another Five Minutes... post. After that, I'm going to share some of the beautiful dresses I wore on my holidays, you know to get some mental equilibrium back into the world.

Em x 

Summer Holiday Swimwear - Simply Be

This is the second in my Summer Holiday Swimwear Series and today I have my top picks from Simply Be, who are all about poolside glamour this year - with bold prints and cutout detailing, I was spoilt for choice.
Longer Length Magisculpt Swimsuit - Simply Be 
I spotted this swimsuit at a recent Simply Be event and was immediately VERY into the colour -  IT'S JUST SO AB FAB. This is the kind of swimsuit that you would wear to a spa. When I say spa I mean bar by a swimming pool. Which is exactly what I did... I also have matching lipstick. Which I wore with it. Because I am just. that. glam.

The longer length makes it utterly perfect for my height. I have to confess that I was put off by it being shape wear - I assumed it would be a bit too thick for the poolside and I'd end up sweating my tits right off. Luckily this wasn't the case at all - The magisculpt lining does mean that the suit is hard work to pull up (and down if you're in a rush for a wee . Which I always am) but it is otherwise spot on.
String Tie Bikini Set - Simply Be 

The cutout detail of this string bikini is the kind of thing you see so rarely in plus sizes and I LOVE IT. Let me be honest, you won't be running any marathons in this top - The support is pretty non-existent despite the foam cups and silicone tape (The sticky stuff that holds it in place) but it's ideal for lounging about and is mega comfortable.

Obvious words of advice - Watch your tan lines with this one. It's actually really good for pulling the straps down on so I managed to avoid any issues but I really don't know how you'd cover up these lines... Maybe go topless? I don't know, it's up to you. Be your own sexy self. 

Isn't it amazing how quickly you slip out of the holiday mode...? At least I can keep it going on the blog with one more bikini post after this!

Em x

Summer Holiday Swimwear - Curvy Kate

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've just come back from my holidays and OH BY HECK I've had a lovely time. I pretty much spent ALL week in swimwear because we did  absolutely nothing but read, drink rum and relax. With this in mind, I thought it would be entirely appropriate to share my favourite bikinis and swimsuits with you, good reader.
Set Sail Balcony Bikini Top - Curvy Kate
Set Sail High Waist Briefs - Curvy Kate 

Part one of my Summer Holiday Swimwear Series (Renamed from Big Boob Bikinis because I thought I'd get the wrong kind of attention...) is the incredible Curvy Kate. All of the swimwear you see here is a 36F on the top and on the 18 bottom (With bikinis I tend to go up one back size just because I don't want them to be quite as tight as my bras)  On my jollies I like to take a mix of high waisted and hipster briefs away with me as well as different style tops to support with the anti-tanline battle (More important than ever as I'm a bridesmaid on Saturday!) so the ability to mix and match every piece of Curvy Kate swimwear is ideal.
Reflex Balcony Bikini Top - Curvy Kate
Reflex Short - Curvy Kate
Sarong - H&M
(This is a stupidly small sarong - I wouldn't recommend beyond a size 18)

I've said it before but I've not always been as confident in wearing bikinis, however, I can honestly say that with most things (Like eating broccolli) it gets easier the more you do it. This year I didn't even think about it, I just put a bikini on and frolicked about, almost like I was just a human woman on holiday with a body in swimwear - WEIRD RIGHT?!? 

I've also mentioned how important it is to be around people who respect you and your body - I know that this isn't always easy and I'm very lucky that after 33 long years I'm finally at the point where I can honestly say that I don't have to think about this any more. My husband sees me on a daily basis and as such my body is no surprise to him - He knows exactly what he's getting and he, I quote; "likes that it's all smooth" (Freaking weirdo...) Any people in my life who may still take issue are very aware that the "body" discussion is well and truly off the table and that my happiness is far more important than any opinions they may have. I cannot tell you how liberating this is.
Reflex Plunge Bikini Top - Curvy Kate
Reflex Short - Curvy Kate 

I want to say something a bit weird here and I don't know how it will come across but I'm going to say it anyway: 
I get quite a few messages from people saying they wish that their body was more like mine.

1. I'd firstly like to say thank you, I know that these comments are made with loving intention and that you mean what you say. There have been times when I've battled with my figure, I've never looked anything like my friends, I am a large person from all angles- 6ft tall with everything to match (plus the squish) but I do love my body now - It's the one I have and it would be silly not to. 

2. These are photos of me standing still in great lighting, I still love my body in other lighting and at other angles but I certainly don't always look this poised and sweat-free. When I move I fall over or bump into things (Check out the thigh bruise above and the fact that I currently have two broken toes...) Basically, don't believe the hype. 

3. Please never wish that your body was like mine. Please never wish that you look like anyone but yourself. Please use some of the energy you put into admiring other people into admiring yourself. I regularly say that "Comparison is the thief of joy" and I mean it - I freaking ADORE Sofia Vergara's body but I don't wish I had it because I already have a body. There will always be someone out there who looks at what you have and thinks PHWOAR. in fact, it's probably me. So send me pictures...

 Curvy Kate are huge advocates of self-love and are currently running a campaign asking YOU you take the month long challenge of treating your body the same way that you treat your best friends. Think of the way that you see your friends, you love them unconditionally, you would walk through buzzy wasps for them, yet we are often our own worst critics, I know I can be guilty of it BUT this is really making me think - It's just one month, all you have to do is adore yourself as much as you adore all the other babes in my life. Who knows, it may even stick...?

If you tag @curvykate and use the hashtag #MyBodyMyBFF on Instagram then you could be in with a chance of winning amazing prizes every single day (Check out their BLOG for more competition details)
Em x 

#SwimStories with Curvy Kate


Last month, the wonderful team from Curvy Kate swept me off to the swanky Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London in order to get a sneak peak of their first ever Autumn/Winter bikini range. 


We spent the morning in the Blue Harbour Spa with its sauna, steam room and what I imagine to be usually peaceful serenity pool (when it's not full of bloggers and CK girls pretending to be mermaids and leaving bum prints on the wall...) We were then given an incredible hand massage - I hold a LOT of tension in my forearms allegedly, it's all the activities I do. I honestly left feeling like I could quite happily be a rich person for a day or two without feeling too bad about it.


After some extreme splashing, ducking and heavy petting, we were fed and watered on the stunning terrace, overlooking the harbour and a plethora of probably really inexpensive yachts...

Seriously, the Chelsea Harbour hotel is A-MAZING. I have NEVER been anywhere so smart (Not even the Hull Campamile is at this level). The decor is breathtaking, the staff are wonderful and the service is utterly flawless. We even had a tour of one of the penthouse apartments which had to be seen to be believed.

FOOD. There was also big food made small in the form of mini burgers which I didn't photo because I was dagnamn eating it.

On the day, I wore the Plain Sailing underwired, padded plunge bikini top and Plain Sailing Fold brief which I utterly adore - Keep your eyes open for a full review very shortly! There was such a range of gorgeous body shapes on the day and the range truly has something for everyone. My girl Kate looked PHENOMENAL in the tankini and skirted brief and the ever decadent Nancy killed it in glamorous monochromeSeriously, there were so many babes there looking breathtaking - If you don't believe me, take a look on the CK instagram.
Plain Sailing Bikini Top and Brief - Curvy Kate
In order to celebrate the launch of their first ever Autumn/Winter swimwear range, Curvy Kate want you to share your #swimstories on Twitter and Instagram. Whether it be funny, profound or downright naughty - WE ALL WANT TO KNOW, SO SHARE! As an added bonus, if you do, you’ll be in with a chance of winning a weekend away with Spa Breaks for you and a friend, along with 3 pieces from the new collection. The competition is being supported by lovely, lovely Figleaves some of whom I met on the day and are already stocking the entire collection here.

To hear my swim story, keep your eye on my instagram and twitter over the coming week. You don't want to miss it...well you do but I'm not going to let you....

Thank you so much to Curvy Kate, Figleaves, Chelsea Harbour Hotel and the Blue Harbour Spa for an incredible day. If you ever need someone to jump into your pool in exchange for tiny burgers again, I'm your woman.

Em x

Sun, Sea and Seaspray Swimwear

I hear that there's a heatwave in the UK. I'm not witnessing that first hand because I am actually in Spain which is prrrrretty frustrating because I didn't spend all my dosh on a holiday for you lot to be swanning about in basically the same temperature. I'll let it go this time (mostly because I'm eating crisps for breakfast and you're probably not so I'm winning).

HELLO black halter-tie tummy control bikini. I was sent this gorgeous little number by Seaspray Swimwear who aim to provide fashion forward swimwear for every body shape and requirement.

The bikini features a halter-neck braand  draped briefs which are a work of genius! They can be adjusted every which way to suit your needs - I'm wearing them half rolled down to give a 50s shape but they can be worn higher, as a skirt or even pulled all the way up to give the appearance of a full swimsuit. 

There's a definite vintage glamour feel to this bikini which really floats my boat. As for how I feel wearing it: This year, I have slightly more chub than I'm used to. I have no beef with this as I am still able to do all the same things that I could last year (Other than do knee slides on the marble floor but that's a lifestyle choice rather than chub related...) and I'm not one for wasting quality holiday time on what other people may or may not think of MY body. 

Despite all this, I have felt that I would like a little more control around the midriff, which these briefs offer without squishing the paella right out of me. There's no shame in wanting to feel glorious in what you're wearing and Seaspray seem to really get that. I'm wearing a 16 in the bikini which I have found to be true to size.

The only minor criticism I have with the bikini is that the top doesn't offer quite as much support as I would like - I have a broad chest and benefit from a bit of a boost. Saying that, the padded cups do give a lovely smooth shape and if you have boobs which go out rather than across this shouldn't be an issue at all.

Leaving you with a cheeky back view here - YES, I have folds, they're lovely aren't they? Sometimes I find things in them.

Seaspray design swimsuits, bikinis, pareos and kaftans inspired by luxury destinations around the world. Most items are available in sizes 10-20.

Em x