Sun, Sea and Seaspray Swimwear

I hear that there's a heatwave in the UK. I'm not witnessing that first hand because I am actually in Spain which is prrrrretty frustrating because I didn't spend all my dosh on a holiday for you lot to be swanning about in basically the same temperature. I'll let it go this time (mostly because I'm eating crisps for breakfast and you're probably not so I'm winning).

HELLO black halter-tie tummy control bikini. I was sent this gorgeous little number by Seaspray Swimwear who aim to provide fashion forward swimwear for every body shape and requirement.

The bikini features a halter-neck braand  draped briefs which are a work of genius! They can be adjusted every which way to suit your needs - I'm wearing them half rolled down to give a 50s shape but they can be worn higher, as a skirt or even pulled all the way up to give the appearance of a full swimsuit. 

There's a definite vintage glamour feel to this bikini which really floats my boat. As for how I feel wearing it: This year, I have slightly more chub than I'm used to. I have no beef with this as I am still able to do all the same things that I could last year (Other than do knee slides on the marble floor but that's a lifestyle choice rather than chub related...) and I'm not one for wasting quality holiday time on what other people may or may not think of MY body. 

Despite all this, I have felt that I would like a little more control around the midriff, which these briefs offer without squishing the paella right out of me. There's no shame in wanting to feel glorious in what you're wearing and Seaspray seem to really get that. I'm wearing a 16 in the bikini which I have found to be true to size.

The only minor criticism I have with the bikini is that the top doesn't offer quite as much support as I would like - I have a broad chest and benefit from a bit of a boost. Saying that, the padded cups do give a lovely smooth shape and if you have boobs which go out rather than across this shouldn't be an issue at all.

Leaving you with a cheeky back view here - YES, I have folds, they're lovely aren't they? Sometimes I find things in them.

Seaspray design swimsuits, bikinis, pareos and kaftans inspired by luxury destinations around the world. Most items are available in sizes 10-20.

Em x