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Style | Best Dressed Guest with Navabi

You all know I love Navabi, so when they got in touch and asked if I'd like to join in bringing the gang back together, I didn't have to think twice!!

A Plus Size Bridesmaid - Part 2: Joanie Clothing

How fortuitous for the Plus Size Bridesmaid series that one of my absolute favouritest of all of the brands in the whole entire world should choose this year to launch a wedding shop. Not only this, but they asked whether a fabulous, not to mention GORGEOUS, group of bloggers (and me) would be willing to join them for a photoshoot to launch the range. This means that not only can I show you the dresses but I can actually tell you in a bit more detail how they fit, feel and move which is the whole entire point of fashion blogging and therefore means I am providing you with the top notch fabulous service you have always hoped for from me. 

The Dresses:
You'll see from the pictures, the dresses seem to fit into two clear aesthetics. The first is romantic and ethereal, with rose gold highlights, floaty chiffon and satin bows. For me, this is the more traditional bridesmaid dress, albeit with a modern twist via a stunning colour-way which makes it accessible to bridemaids of all skin tones. Pastels with the added bonus of an extremely versatile navy blue. All at a length to suit all heights.

The other highlight of this look is the embellished capelet in two colour-ways. I'm a big fan of the old cleavage but also like the option to tone it down a little (You know, so I don't burst into flames on entering a church) and this addition allows a small yet beautiful  amount of coverage without taking away from the line of the dress.

The next theme screams vintage glamour, vibrant reds with structured skirts, eyelash lace and Bardot necklines. These dresses change the mood from sweetness and light to snogging the best man and doing the worm on the dance floor. I LOVE THEM. Plus, these dresses bring in the options of sleeves which is something so utterly rare in bridesmaid world.

As someone who had never considered red as a bridesmaid colour; Just look how fabulous the pictures look, the bride (Sade - Not only is she bloody gorgeous but she is super mega intelligent and one of the nicest most considerate people I've met - It was an honour to be her maid of honour and I hope she doesn't mind that I'm going to gatecrash her real wedding at some point and resume the role...) is still the centre of attention (In a Joanie dress no less) but the pop of colour creates such a vivacious and fun look.
Models: KarenChyazSadeDonna
All Dresses and caplets - Joanie Clothing 
Hair & Makeup - The Vintage Beauty Parlour 
Flowers - Venus Flowers
Photography - Tanzaro Studios

The Sizing:
All dresses above currently go from an 8 - 22. If you are busty, I would suggest sizing up where possible. The midi lengths are ideal on most heights - Models on the day varied from 5"2 - 6". 

The Prices:
The dresses above range from £22.50 - £55 for fully embellished. This means you could dress four bridesmaids for under £100. ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS?!? 

Availability :
The Joanie Wedding Shop is online so you can have a good old browse together no matter how far apart your bridesmaids are HERE.

This is an incredibly considerate range that was an absolute delight to wear. At no point was I uncomfortable, all of my body parts fit into the relevant areas. The price range is frankly phenomenal for what you're receiving and with Joanie also selling petticoats, stockings and shrugs; You can buy everything you need for the big day, all from the same place.

I can truly say that I had an absolutely wonderful day with some of the best people I know, please be sure to check out their blogs/websites and if you're considering the big day yourself I can wholeheartedly recommend every single person involved in the making of this shoot. Thank you Joanie! x
Em x

Style | A Plus Size Wedding Guest

I'm sorry that this post isn't a little more timely but sadly I somehow put the pictures in a folder on my phone I couldn't see. Don't ask. Anyway, these are a couple of outfits I've worn to weddings this year and they seemed too lovely not to share.

A Plus Size Bridesmaid - Part One: David's Bridal

Last month I was asked to be a bridesmaid. Well I say "asked" - My sister got engaged and I just assumed. Even if she says not, I'm still going to wear a bridesmaid dress and walk down the aisle in front of her so she might as well give me the job to be honest. This is all of the following: Wonderful, magical and HARD WORK. 

There are going to be five of us bridesmaids. What we have in common is that we're cool as f*ck, drop dead gorgeous and generally just a pleasure to be around. What we don't have in common is our sizes, heights or body shapes - Hence this being the first in a series of "A Plus Size Bridesmaid" posts. 

What I want to do in this series is to source as many potential dress stockists as possible, not only to help you guys but also to try and help Our Kid in ensuring that we are all appropriately dressed on her special day and don't look like a mismatched bunch of bridesmaid wannabes. For this reason, I'm going to be looking out for size 6 - 20 floor length coral-toned dresses, in keeping with (this week's...) theme of her wedding. 

I'm sincerely hoping that I'll get the opportunity to try some of these brands in real life but guys, it is difficult. So many stockists are available purely online and in most cases you're forking out over £100 for a dress that may or may not fit. When you factor in the fact that most brides have at least three bridesmaids, it's no small change. If I do manage this, I'll be sure to post updates on the blog and my Social Media feeds. Likewise, if you have any brands/styles you've worn yourselves which I can feature I'd be over the moon - Nothing's better than the recommendation of a wonderful woman!

The Dresses:


The dresses above are all "White by Vera Wang" and I think they're utterly stunning. I'm pleased that there is a range of styles within the maxi dress category, also some sensible yet attractive straps for us bustier bridesmaids who don't want to give the congregation a coronary. 

The Sizing:
All of the dresses above are available in sizes 4 - 30. David's Bridal also have petite and extra length options in other styles which you can see on their website.

The Prices:
All dresses above range from £160 - £186. These aren't budget prices at all BUT when you think about what you'd pay for an occasion dress, it seems reasonable for what I'm assuming would be a well made dress. 

David's Bridal is available online as well as instore:
London - The Street, Westfield Stratford City,
Watford - Waterfields Retail Park, 
Glasgow - Braehead Shopping Centre,
Not good news for most of us - I'd really like to try before I buy. However, delivery appears to be 5 - 11 days in the UK and as long as your item is not bespoke, there is a 14 days return policy. It seems a pretty safe and clear policy to me, unlike many other online vendors I've looked into.

I like David's Bridal - The pricing is reasonable for an occasion dress, the items look incredibly classic, well made and I love that they have a "Real Bridesmaids" gallery which allows you to see how the dresses look on a range of gorgeous shapes and sizes. It seems likely that I'll be making an order from here, so expect pictures!

Have you tried David's Bridal? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below...
Em x