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Travel | A Chub Girl's Guide To Surviving The Heat

Ok, the sun was here, then it went. And basically all it proved was that we're headed to a fiery dystopian global warming hellscape BUT in that short time I realised that year on year I come closer to NAILING Summer. So, here, for your delectation, is MY Chub Girl's Guide To Surviving The Heat; Ten handy hints that are getting me through the sweatiest of days in one only mildly damp piece.

Plus Size Swimwear 

A Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe - The Warehouse Stripe Midi Dress

It's time for Part Three of my Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe, which brings us to the fabulous, dream to wear; Warehouse Stripe Midi Pencil Dress
Stripe Midi Pencil Dress - Warehouse
Sandals - Primark (Similar here
What really sold this dress to me was the fit. This is an 18 and other than a little bit of bagging around the bottom (Goodness knows why, my ass is one of my more voluptuous regions!) it fits like an absolute dream. It's like it was made for my proportions - At 6ft it hits just the right place in the calf for a midi, the zip up back means that the bust and waist can fit snugly without pulling at the seams and the straps sit in exactly the same place as my bra straps - HURRAH!!!

This really is such a lovely dress to wear - It is a soft cotton which looks and feels more like a light linen. It's one of those "throw it on and you'll be fine" frocks. Plus: Pockets. 

The only issue I did have with the dress is that the straps are attached at the back with buttons, not the strongest buttons may I add. Luckily my Mum is a dab hand with a needle because I very much needed stitching back into the dress on its second wear... beyond this, the quality is utterly excellent and I can see this being a dress that lasts me a really long time. Unless I spill more crap on it. Which I inevitably will.

Sadly, these old reliable Primark lace up sandals died on the last day of the holiday (Whilst I was out. It was great) so I have had to replace them with some very similar ones from New Look which are actually a tad more comfortable. Has anyone else found that they need a small heel as they get older? I do hope so because I have and I'm not even that old (am I?!?!)

I'll definitely be considering Warehouse more in the future if this dress is anything to go by, in fact, I already have my eye on this floral print midi for Autumn; Hurray for surprise shop successes!

Em x

A Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe - The Pleated H&M Dress

It's time for part two of my Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe, and today's item is one which ridiculously very nearly didn't make it into the suitcase...
Pleated Dress - H&M (Available up to a 20)
Sandals - Primark (Similar here)
Earrings - H&M (Similar here)
I first saw this Mustard yellow Pleated Dress in the Birmingham Bull Ring H&M and got a little twinkle in my eye...until doubt kicked in... Thin straps?!? It's been a loooong time since I wore thin straps. Even as a gangly teenager, my shoulders felt too broad for such a dainty style. So I left it. Until the day that I returned an epically misjudged bikini purchase the store in Meadowhall and the dress reared its pretty little mustard face once more, begging me to reconsider. Now I'm not one to let a pretty dress down so I bought it without even trying the thing on.

I AM SO GLAD I AM STUPIDLY IMPULSIVE; This dress is a dream - Calf-length, double layered with an elasticated seam under the bust, cut-out at the back and slits in the sides, it just screams HOLIDAAAAAYYYYY! I am over the moon with it.

This is a size 16 and INCREDIBLY it is true to size (H&M and I do not see eye to eye on our sizing in that their sizing is wrong) Available up to a size 20, I feel that this is the Summer dress many of us have been waiting for. Sadly, I spilled garlic oil right down the middle of it but my Mum assures me she can fix it which is bloody lucky because I don't have a flaming clue when it comes to this shizzle.

A word of advice: This skirt is VERY transparent. I just put a pair of my shapewear shorts on underneath and it was all OK but I would hate for someone to buy this for a wedding on my recommendation and be subsequently excommunicated from the family for showing up the bride... Other than this, the pleated dress is yet another incredibly easy to wear holiday item which, even just paired with a simple pair of sandals and gold earrings, made me feel utterly gorgeous.

There you go, further evidence that it's worth shopping outside of your comfort zone!

Em x

A Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe - The New Look Bardot Dress


Therefore, over the next fortnight I'm going to post my favourite looks from the week. It made such a lovely change to have the time, lighting AND a willing photographer, in fact, I may book another holiday for these reasons alone. Definitely not because I want another week of unadulterated eating, drinking and general slobiness...
Floral Print Button Front Bardot Dress - New Look
Sandals - Primark (Similar here)
Bag - ASOS (Similar here)
This is my first look for you - The Floral Print Button Front Bardot Dress from New Look. You may have seen this on some other babes and it truly is the dress that keeps on giving - I've genuinely not seen it look anything but gorgeous on everyone, at all shapes, heights, skin tones and ages.

The dress is 100% viscose but it feels more like a cheesecloth cotton to me - Light to the touch and in terms of general sweatiness but heavy in how it hangs and moves. And the oversized floral print? SO romantic and utterly perfect for a day in the sun.

With regards to size, this is an 18 and is extremely roomy - I could have done with a 14/16 but there wasn't one in store and I am extremely impatient... I wore the dress out for a meal along with my simple heeled sandals from Primark last year and my tan ASOS clutch - Also an old favourite. I really enjoy how easy this dress is to wear, the length sits perfectly on my calf and the neckline sits in exactly the right place to avoid movement and rolling up as can often be an issue with bardot necked clothing.

Please excuse the quality of the pictures over the next week - Unfortunately I filled my case with giant shoes; leaving no room for my camera meaning that these are very iPhone based!
Em x