A Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe - The Pleated H&M Dress

It's time for part two of my Plus Size Holiday Wardrobe, and today's item is one which ridiculously very nearly didn't make it into the suitcase...
Pleated Dress - H&M (Available up to a 20)
Sandals - Primark (Similar here)
Earrings - H&M (Similar here)
I first saw this Mustard yellow Pleated Dress in the Birmingham Bull Ring H&M and got a little twinkle in my eye...until doubt kicked in... Thin straps?!? It's been a loooong time since I wore thin straps. Even as a gangly teenager, my shoulders felt too broad for such a dainty style. So I left it. Until the day that I returned an epically misjudged bikini purchase the store in Meadowhall and the dress reared its pretty little mustard face once more, begging me to reconsider. Now I'm not one to let a pretty dress down so I bought it without even trying the thing on. 


I AM SO GLAD I AM STUPIDLY IMPULSIVE; This dress is a dream - Calf-length, double layered with an elasticated seam under the bust, cut-out at the back and slits in the sides, it just screams HOLIDAAAAAYYYYY! I am over the moon with it.


This is a size 16 and INCREDIBLY it is true to size (H&M and I do not see eye to eye on our sizing in that their sizing is wrong) Available up to a size 20, I feel that this is the Summer dress many of us have been waiting for. Sadly, I spilled garlic oil right down the middle of it but my Mum assures me she can fix it which is bloody lucky because I don't have a flaming clue when it comes to this shizzle.


A word of advice: This skirt is VERY transparent. I just put a pair of my shapewear shorts on underneath and it was all OK but I would hate for someone to buy this for a wedding on my recommendation and be subsequently excommunicated from the family for showing up the bride... Other than this, the pleated dress is yet another incredibly easy to wear holiday item which, even just paired with a simple pair of sandals and gold earrings, made me feel utterly gorgeous.

There you go, further evidence that it's worth shopping outside of your comfort zone!

Em x