Five Minutes on January

It seems that the simple act of existence without self-loathing is a renegade act. And in January, that renegade act can often feel like a battle.

Festive Fun With Fenetic Wellbeing

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Christmas shopping can be a bit of a nightmare - Crowds, queues and chaos. "Why do we do this to ourselves?" I hear you cry "Why don't we just do it online?!? 
Mulled wine. That's why. 
That and the sparkly lights, the brass bands and the general camaraderie of the festive experience. 

I take it for granted that the crowds may be annoying but at least I can get in, out and off to the snow bar. This isn't quite so easy for so many people with mobility issues, so when Fenetic Wellbeing offered me the chance to take one of my lovely friends out, not only for all of the above but also to try their Lightweight Rollator*, I was intrigued.

What's On My Christmas List - Style

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It's the second in my seasonal roundup / lust list/ 'things I just reyt like' posts. This time on my favourite topic of THINGS THAT I CAN PUT ON MY BODY aka STYLE. 
I mean, you can put anything on your body if you want; wafer thin ham, twenty terrapins, an egg. But these are things specific to me and if you want to talk about those things, do your own post ok?

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What's On My Christmas List - Beauty

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It hit me today that I LOVE roundup posts but I never do them. Partly because I'm lazy and partly also because I am lazy. So I've taken the decision to use the festive season as an excuse to summarise the products I've loved throughout the year, items I've had my eye on and just generally lovely things I'd like to tell you about, and where better to start than with Beauty?
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Travel | One Week In Tuscany

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If you're anything like me, when you think Tuscany, you think beautiful rolling vineyards, delicious food and gallons of wine. And you wouldn't be wrong my friend. But where do you start? What do you do? Who do you take? WHERE DO YOU DRINK SAID WINE?!? Never fear dear reader, I'm here to tell you the best way to spend One Week In Tuscany.