What's On My Christmas List - Style

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It's the second in my seasonal roundup / lust list/ 'things I just reyt like' posts. This time on my favourite topic of THINGS THAT I CAN PUT ON MY BODY aka STYLE. 
I mean, you can put anything on your body if you want; wafer thin ham, twenty terrapins, an egg. But these are things specific to me and if you want to talk about those things, do your own post ok?

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For full transparency, where an item has previously been gifted to me, or where I've worked with the brand at any time, I'll mark the item with a *. I'm very lucky that being gifted products means I'm quite often able to try things out that I perhaps previously wouldn't have known about. 
This said, I haven't been paid, or asked to talk about any of the products in this post, which means my opinions are just that, lovely opinions about lovely products.

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Nanette Boots - Grenson
I simply cannot tell you how long the Grenson Nanette Boots have been on my Wishlist. Because it's like a REALLY long time. A good pair of boots are THE best investment and that means that they generally come at quite a cost, hence me dilly dallying over actually buying them. Let's hope father Christmas is made of money and reads my blog eh...?

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Spangly earrings - ASOS
ASOS are my go to all of my spectacularly flamboyant earring needs - The bigger the better! The above are currently on my list which is a really good reflection of how hard I'm expecting to go this festive season...
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Raey Coat - Matches Fashion
GOSH, I'm a woman of expensive tastes aren't I? This coat is another one of those sartorial choices that have been on my list for a couple of years, albeit in varying colour ways. An oversized coat is ideal for this time of year, mainly because you can wear it over several million other layers but also because it makes you look a bit like Luther and who doesn't want that...? 

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A Lovely Christmas Jumper - Joanie*

Christmas jumpers are great, the tackier the better BUT for day to day chicness, please make mine a sparkly Joanie number, like this Nora Make Believe, which I'd wear dress up with a leather look skirt or day to day with denim and some ankle boots.

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Emma Willis Pyjamas - Next
What's Christmas without a new pair of pyjamas and this pair are dreamy as heck - Light, button up and, most crucially, available in tall. 

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Niki Handbag - YSL
Want it. Can never have it. Let's move on. 

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Tote Bag - All Body
This is more like it from both an affordability and suitability perspective. All Body was recommended to me by my beaut friend Steph. Founded, owned and run but absolute goddess Emma Tamsin Hill, they stock inclusive, body confidence boosting tees, sweatshirts and totes that not only look fab but feel GORGE. This tote bag is already in my possession, as is one of their long sleeve tees. 10/10 fully recommended. 

I love a fancy frock but rarely get the opportunity to wear them EXCEPT FOR CHRISTMAS. 
ASOS have some beautiful dresses available at the mo, many of which are currently in my saved items...

Super Plunge Multiway Bra - Curvy Kate*
Another year round essential for me is a versatile, very useful multiway bra and Curvy Kate have just brought a whole new offering to the table. Just in time for all of our festive frock needs, this is a proper cleavage booster and goes up to a fabulous 40 back and J cup. It's deffo on my list and I suggest you get it on yours.

Tights - Snag
I generally receive at least one pair of tights every Christmas which is a PERFECT gift for me because I wear a LOT of tights. Snag have absolutely cornered the market for me over the past 12 months - Stretchy tights that fit, don't fall down and are mega comfortable. I've bought every pair myself and will continue to do so because we must never underestimate the value of a well fitting pair of tights. 

I'm going to be dropping the rest of my Christmas lists over the following weeks, including Home and Food and Drink, but, as I said before, it's VERY important that we all remember Christmas isn't just about "stuff".
It's hopefully an opportunity to chill out a bit, enjoy the twinkly lights and social opportunities (If that's your thing). This is as much advice for myself as for anyone reading this, but PLEASE don't feel you need to get into financial predicaments to keep up with the Joneses, it's just as lovely to watch Elf with the people you love. Trust me. 
Em x