Five Minutes On 2020

2020. What a year. 

It’s been a muddy year. I’ve walked in the mud, I’ve pushed a pram in the mud, I’ve picked babies out of mud, I’ve laughed in the mud, I’ve cried in the mud, I’ve washed mud off EVERYTHING. How I’ve LOATHED it but yet how lucky I am to be in the position to do all of the above.

This year has brought me a life I didn’t believe possible. It’s tested me to limits I didn’t know I could handle and it’s gifted me the kind of experiences I’m not sure I’d have otherwise known. 

Small joys are multiplied by 100 at times like this, and I’m choosing to take the following with me from this year: 

> Erotic dancing and Teeth whitening with my friends.
Watching the migrating geese flying over my town in their thousands.
The joy of seeing my parents from a distance but IN REAL LIFE post-lockdown v1.0.
Meeting my baby for the first time.
Celebrating Christmas through the eyes of a child and realising that maybe we’re getting something right.
The news of vaccines being rolled out and the sense of relief that this brought to so many.
Being able to hug my sister. 
The recognition that I could not have found a better husband if I tried.

Five Minutes On 2020

My mantra has been ‘Better times are coming’ and I truly believe they are. Until then, I’m so, so glad that you’ve stuck around in wait for them with me.
Em x