Style | Festive Looks For Christmas At Home

Christmas is going to be a bit different this year, not least because most of us haven’t been anywhere, aren’t going anywhere and (in my case) can’t actually remember what it’s like being in a place that isn’t the house/Aldi any more. 

As such, I’ve put together three potential Christmas Day at home looks for your delight and delectation (And also to motivate me out of my pyjamas...) 

Sequin Skirt And Jumper
Rollneck Jumper Link    |    Skirt Link    |    Shoes Link 

A simple rollneck paired with a statement skirt is the easy-peasy occasion wear gift that just keeps on giving. The rest of the year is all about the satin or animal print midi for me, but this sequinned Monki skirt (via ASOS) gives a real festive twist. 

The highlight of this skirt for me is the size of the sequins - They are TINY, meaning minimal scratching and catching; The two things that usually put me off any kind of embellishment. The skirt could be very much dressed up or down and is just so eyecatching. I AM A BIG FAN. Combined with some barely there heels, this is a look that would work in or out of lockdown (thank goodness...) 

Sequin Skirt and Rollneck  Plus Sized Sequin Skirt 
Rollneck Jumper Link    |    Skirt Link    |    Shoes Link

The Em Edit in green midi dress with square neckline shocker. I know, I know, PREDICTABLE, but if it ain't broke, why fix it?

Gingham Midi Dress
Dress Link    |    Shoes Link    |    Similar Earrings Link

This particular midi dress is a beautifully light gingham, ideal for me because (as you know) my biggest Christmas Day/every day issue is being the world's sweatiest human. Wool and the such always seems like a great idea until the oven's on, I'm running around and a sticky mess. 

The bonus of this dress is that I will absolutely wear it all year round (In fact, I wore it to my very exciting trip to the hairdressers last week). There's nothing that can't be made festive with some statement earrings and metallic shoes and if you don't agree, I will fight you no problem. 

Plus Sized Gingham Midi Dress  Plus Sized Midi Dress
Dress Link    |    Shoes Link    |    Similar Earrings Link

The final look is a bit of a cheat, in that it is absolutely posh pyjamas. Hence me wearing it with slippers. No guests? No bra. NO PROBLEM.

Loungewear Co-Ord
Trousers Link    |    Rollneck Link    |    Slippers  Link      |     Similar Earrings Link

This outfit is the clothing equivalent of an afternoon on the sofa with a tin of Quality Streets. Which is fortunate as that's exactly what I'll be doing whilst wearing it. I've snazzed it up with some fancy earrings and some very festive slippers just in case anyone comes and looks at me through the window...

Plus Size Loungewear  
Trousers Link    |    Rollneck Link    |    Slippers  Link      |     Similar Earrings Link

However you are spending this festive season, I hope it is joyful, healthy and safe. Please remember that, whatever you're facing, the Samaritans are on call to listen - You are not alone.
Em x