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[This post is an AD in collaboration with Simply Be and contains gifted items]

Shopping for occasionwear when you're plus size can seem HARD my friends. I can't tell you the number of times I've trawled the internet looking for a frock that's even the right length and fit, before even considering whether it's going to be chic enough for the wedding of the century. Thankfully, Simply Be are upping their game this year to make being the best dressed guest much simpler.

Joanna Hope Prom Dress - Simply Be 

With three weddings this year, all with very different outfit requirements, I'd managed to get myself into a minor style panic. I flipping LOVE checking out what my fellow guests are wearing, I cant tell you the number of times I've ordered something mid-ceremony after seeing it on another babe (Literally did this just last month) but this does increase the pressure I put on myself to look A*. Cue the statement prom dress.

As statement dresses go, this one is a whole new level. Beading, mesh, appliqué; It's all going on. I really like the option for coverage without being too warm, partly because I don't generally like to wear a jacket to a wedding (It's one more thing to lose) and partly because it's one less area to moisturise/tan/faff about with. 

The length is absolutely spot on for me and the fit is bang on (I'm wearing a 16 here). It's a really comfortable dress to wear and I think you can see from the pictures just how great I feel in it. All of the boxes are ticked and I can concentrate on having a wonderful time rather than worrying about how I look.

With a dress as fancy as this, I prefer to keep the accessories toned down - Hence the neutral toned Barely There Sandals and Tortoiseshell Chain Bag. I refuse to call this colour nude because there's no such thing BUT a light coloured sandal has been SUCH a useful addition to my shoe collection, especially in Summer. The tortoiseshell detailing of the bag gives it a modern edge (And it goes with my hair which is always a winner for me).

I'm generally a fascinator wearer but the last few weddings I've been to have seen me get exceptionally sweaty (Frankly, when am I not...?) and leave my headwear wherever I've flung it. I'm really glad hair clips are back in style because it lets you add a bit of something non-sweat inducing extra. Similar clips HERE.

I've actually got another, VERY different, frock from Simply Be to share later in the month. I already cant wait to style it so keep your eyes peeled! 
 Em x