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Plus Size Valentines with Yours Clothing

Despite me being literally the least glam human on Earth I actually like a good slinky chemise 
(As do my cats... Hence me never being able to wear one outside of a locked room...)
Kimono Robe and Chemise* - Yours Clothing 
This silky number from my faves over at Yours clothing is treble-y good because not only do you get the chemise and the robe BUT YOU ALSO GET A COAT HANGER. This may not sound particularly exciting to you but it is a silky padded coat hanger and so you can use it OUTSIDE of your wardrobe to display things like people who have their lives together do. I am going to put my lanyard on it.

I sincerely apologise for everything looking a bit crinkled but this is my life and this is how I wear things. Its my signature style if you will. If you think this is bad, you should see the contents of the chest of drawers behind me.

The back detail is gorgeous, with cross over lacing and a deeeeeep opening which I'vve not photographed because:
a) Bum crack
b) Crap 90s tattoo
And OK, so it only just covers my arse but I suppose that's the point of it... It really is a very romantic piece, sweet and sexy without being at optimum saucy level.

Yours Clothing have all kinds of saucy shizzle going on at the moment, from cheeky bustiers to romantic sets like the one my good and sexy friend Becky is bedecked in here so there's something for everyone this Valentines. Even if it's a big lovely pair of pyjamas.

Em x
*Denotes gifted item but as always, my view is entirely my own.