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[Images in this post contain gifted items]

When I was in my early teens, I was desperate to fit in - Fashion, culture, habits; I wanted to be just like everyone else. Yet at 6ft tall, with size 9 feet and a very limited understanding of what “cool” meant for me, it wasn’t to be. 

Thank goodness, this was the time that I discovered Vintage. 

Anyone whose defining years were spent in Hull in the 90s will remember the top deck of Prinny Quay - more specifically my style saviour: Groovy. 

Groovy was the home of second hand, surplus and repro and all the best people shopped there. Also it was next to a skate shop full of the dreeeeeamiest boys so you could shop whilst you shopped (Full disclaimer: Boys didn’t like me. They still don’t. Small blessings). 

My wardrobe became full of flares, Retro tracksuit tops, logo tshirts and bespoke denim skirts. I had found my look and I loved it. I didn’t need to fit in any more because the coolest people I knew stood out through their differences.

This love of the vintage, the retro and the unique has followed me into every element of my life. It’s like a rule of thumb that the things I find beautiful have a nod to the past - Like these beautiful [Gifted] prints from Wee Blue Coo In fact, Wee Blue Coo have a whole section of vintage style prints with options for mounting and frames so there’s something for any retro taste. 

The other joy of this is that it works in direct opposition of fast fashion. Some of my vintage items have been with me for decades and will be with me for many more. The. Best.
Em x