Five Minutes on Being A Big Woman

I am a big woman. 

I’m 6ft tall, wear a size 10 shoe, have a broad back, thick arms and a strong chin. 
I weigh more than every man I know. 

Lingerie: Tutti Rouge - Elektra [Gifted]

Women like to hug me or have me pick them up, men love to comment on my bigness, children love it when I scoop them up and throw them around in the air. 

I can reach ALL of the shelves in the supermarket (including the special ones at the top) and I’m actually pretty strong when it comes to lifting things. Like several bottles of wine or my suitcase for one night away (possibly because it contains several bottles of wine).

I’ve always had to squeeze through doors, into chairs and spaces that other people believe a woman should fit. As a big woman; prettiness, elegance, femininity as I learnt to see it, was something I never felt I could display. 

Yet here I am. Big, strong, taking up space and really quite fabulous.

Who’da thunk it?
Em x