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[This post contains gifted items denoted with an *]

As much as I've complained about the seemingly never ending sweatiness of this year, Summer never seemed to get started did it? Maybe it's because I've not been on my holidays yet or maybe it's global warming. Who knows. 

This HAS, however, brought the old transitional style question into play earlier than I would usually expect and I AM NOT READY.

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Dress* | Shein         Layered Necklaces* | Daisy London 

Summer-into-Autumn Style is HARD my friends. Trying to maintain "A Look" whilst being weather savvy just ain't the one. Is it sweat or is it rain? WHO EVEN KNOWS ANY MORE?!? 

 Layered Necklaces* | Daisy London

Before I get too far along, I want to share a recent and very exciting discovery for a woman who simply CANNOT accessorise; These layered necklaces* from Daisy London have very much changed the style rules for me. Everything I wear with them seems just that much COOLER you know? 

Plus it's just an easy way to wear my signature green without going head to toe. If you follow me on insta, you'll have seen the longer of the two chains with pretty much everything recently. They're so simple, high end, easy to wear and will see me through the seasons. And now I ACCESSORISE.

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Dress* | Shein         Layered Necklaces* | Daisy London 

Very excitingly, in advance of this year's Curve Fashion Festival, new (to me!) brand Shein  got in touch and offered me the chance to give some of their range a go. I was so very pleasantly surprised by Shein's choices, particularly across the larger plus sizes - They have something for everyone and at some cracking prices. Including this perfect linen midi dress - The perfect transitional piece. 

Saying this, I would be remiss not to remind you to shop smart - Just because something 
is a good price doesn't mean you need to buy more. Spend the money you've saved on cheesy chips or wang it in your savings (I say this as someone who does NOT do this 
but really should) for a nice little weekend getaway. 

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Dress* | Shein         Layered Necklaces* | Daisy London 

Ethics and sustainability-wise (Will I ever get off my political soapbox? Probs not) two things:
1. Things that are cheap are usually mass produced.
Things that are mass produced are not generally ethical in their manufacturing. 
I can't see anything to suggest for or against this with Shein but let's be sensible and if, like me, you are able to take this into consideration please do. 
2. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to only buy ethically. FACT. 
It would be fabulous if there were retailers trading in sustainable, ethically-made fashion at all sizes and price points. But there aren't, so please don't let you a size ten influencer who makes £5k an insta post shame you until accessible ethics are a reality for everyone.

The Em Edit

And what about Autumn? How is a picture of me frolicking about in a field in the blazing sunshine going to help any of us please? Look, I don't make the rules BUT the rules are: Wear it with a (p)leather jacket and ankle boots. Simple as that. The sun comes out - Take the jacket off. This basic b*tch rule has never let me down and I'm glad I can share it with you. 

Head over to my instagram and let me know how you beat the transitional fashion quandary. No rush mind, I'm going to be on holiday for a couple of weeks so frankly, I don't care (remind me of that when I'm back...)
Em x