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[This post contains gifted items from Pull The Cork]

Sustainability is such a buzz word right now, and for perfectly good reason. We are a nation of consumers; Fast food, fast fashion and fast relationships.

Cue me, a 35-year-old woman, terrified that the world is crashing and burning, making some big choices. The IMPORTANT choices. 

Choices, my friends, about wine.

So why this sudden love for sustainable wine? 

WELL, I've recently been quite mindful of ethics around the things I consume and how, at times, I can make a considered choice that has a lesser negative impact on the world around me. Often, these choices are no more costly or onerous than the other option. 

So here we are.

But why wine? Well, because WINE obviously. 
Also, I was fortunate enough to sample and be completely blown away by a glass or nine of this Ciello Bianco vegan wine on a day out with my soul sister Jess. 
We had a wonderful time. NO heartburn. NO hangover. I honestly don't know why but something about this wine just worked. 
We were no more out of pocket than we usually would have been, and I went to sleep with, not just a gentle boozy buzz but, the self-satisfaction of someone who feels like they're saving the planet one glass of wine at a time.

Following me waxing lyrical over on the 'gram, the wonderful team at Pull the Cork very kindly sent a couple of bottles of their choice to taste. Pull the Cork specialise in making sustainable wines available to the masses, and they do it SO well. With a vast range of choice, helpful AF descriptions and incredibly reasonable prices, there's basically every reason to give sustainable wine drinking a go.

The bottles I was sent (above) retail at just £14 and £12.50 which is frankly ridiculous in a market where the word "sustainable" automatically ramps the price up two fold.

So what about the wines themselves? 

Pinot Grigio is TOTALLY my bag and this Antonutti Vini Pinot Grigio 2018 was DELICIOUS. Fresh and fruity, it's the perfect addition to a picnic with friends. The guidance on the website suggested I try it with some aged cheeses. I personally can't do this, or I'd have to set up camp in the bathroom for the foreseeable but I would very much like it if one of you fed back on this recommendation so I can live vicariously through you. Old cheeses aside, the Pinot was beautifully refreshing and at just £14, I wouldn't hesitate to order again.

The Goru Organic is a vegan friendly wine and it goes down like honey. In the past, I've always gone for a red over a white but this was horribly spoilt by the old heartburn (Yes. I am old) This red, however, is soft and smooth, utterly blummin' delicious and not a heart was burnt. We love a cheeky vegan option, especially when you can't taste the difference.  Again, this wine will be on reorder for me. Next time I ain't sharing.

The final brilliant thing that I'm going to leave with you about Pull The Cork is that they know A LOT, and they're willing to share this knowledge. Their article on sustainability in the wine industry blew my mind. I had zero idea how much of a negative impact the wine industry has on the environment and we knock it back like it's going out of fashion in the UK.

Have a read, get informed and make your own decisions. All with a glass of sustainable wine in your hand...
Em x