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[This post contains gifted items from IT Cosmetics]

If you follow my forever faves Danie Vanier and Callie Thorpe, you’ll have already heard about IT Cosmetics. Their CC cream is a firm brand favourite for its light yet full coverage and I’ve been dying to give it a try. 

I feel like there’s a bit of pressure on social media to only share makeup shots that are super sleek, ring lit and a bit “out there”. I bloody love these images but I think there’s also a lot to be said for “Hello I’m 35 and I don’t really know what I’m doing but this is my face”. So that’s what I’m giving you. 

The Em Edit

In this image I’ve used the following gifted IT cosmetics Items:

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in “fair” - This Stuff is the absolute bollocks. I can’t feel it on my face at all, nothing flakes, nothing slides - Even without primer. My skin DOES look like my skin but better. It’s insane how good this stuff is. And it smells like a spa.

Bye bye under eye concealer in “light” -  This concealer is WORKING. It seems to glow. I’m sure there’s some science there but I think it’s easier to put it down to magic.

The Em Edit

Tightline 3-in-1black primer mascara (just on the lower lashes - top lashes are extensions) - I love the idea of this and think it’ll come into its own as my extensions grow out. Until then, the tiny brush is the ideal match for lower lashes + my ham fistedness.

Brow Power universal eyebrow pencil in universal taupe - I’m rubbish at this eyebrows. RUBBISH. But this pencil is flat, meaning you simply can’t go wrong. Plus it has a brush for your fluffing needs.

Your Skin But Better Airbrush perfecting powder - I look airbrushed. WHAT MORE CAN I SAY? 

I was also gifted some IT Cosmetics brushes (As below) which I can sincerely say are THE best brushes I’ve ever had. They’re just so soft and brushlike. And they put the makeup on my face. And that’s what I want from a makeup brush. 
After a few month’s use and the related compliments, I COMPLETELY get the hype and I really like my face; It's natural looking, glowy and basically just the best version of me. Price-wise, IT Cosmetics are not cheap but we're not talking premium makeup prices here and the fact that I fully intend to replace everything I use up out of my own pocket is testament to the fact that I feel I've really found the holy grail of makeup.

Em x