Style | Fabulous Feet with Tskenya

Stylish, affordable shoes and boots in sizes 8-13 (UK)? YES PLEASE.
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These are the Charlie sandals by fabulous new brand Tskenya - Strappy, fluffy, high-heeled AND A SIZE 10! Yes, a REAL size 10. Not an 8, not a small size 9, and actual size 10. With these sandals, my fashion life has been absolutely made.

I can honestly say that I've never worn shoes this high in my entire life (3.5 inches), mainly because I've never had the opportunity but THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE. The ankle straps fit me on the tightest fitting (My ankles are oddly slender, hence them bending/snapping on the regular) with plenty more room for those of you who have been engineered for less feeble movement… I just love the faux fur on these sandals, I’ve seen such frivolity on many a smaller-footed friend and now I can play too.

SO you’ll definitely have grasped that I really like these shoes but this isn’t where it ends with Tskenya. Along with being affordable (With prices from a mere £27.50 ranging to a still completely acceptable £65) and stylish (Velvet boots, ankle ties, faux fur - YUP!)- have a watch of this quick video where founder and designer of TSKENYA; Tskenya-Sarah Frazer describes her mission to make this a range which is intersectional, gender neutral (All marketing is gender free and I, for one, LOVE IT) and truly inclusive of all narratives. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t get behind this vision and checking out the brand across social media really proves just how much Tskenya-Sarah is practising what she preaches. 

Tskenya also follow a number of internal policies which ensure that they operate in an ethical and transparent manner. I am SO impressed by how up front the brand are about what they stand for - This level of environmental and social consciousness is not what I've come to associate with affordability so, frankly, I intend to support this new and exciting brand to the ends of the earth.

Expect to see a lot more of these shoes as they're officially the sexiest footwear I own and as long as I don’t break my neck navigating stairs in them (I have some high heel skillz catching up to do) they’ll be a very important part of my wardrobe from hereon in. 
Em x
* Denotes item gifted for review - All opinions are my own.