Style | A different kind of Black Friday with Brastop...

This Black Friday I've managed to spend a lot of money. Like a REAL lot of money, every single penny of which has been on other people... With this in mind, I'm very lucky that the lovely team from Brastop sent me this beautiful Pour Moi fuller bust lingerie set in order to enjoy a prettier and less expensive kind of Black Friday.

Pour Moi Longline Bra - Brastop
Pour Moi Brief - Brastop 
The longline shape and, sating fabric and mesh detailing of this plunge bra gives it a beautiful retro look - This is not a cleavage-inducing bra, it's a slink-around-the-house -feeling-very-glamorous bra. The briefs only add to this feel with a satin panel to the front and mesh throughout. I love how this set feels, the cut of both the bra and briefs is ideal for someone who carries their chub around the middle.

The fit is perfectly true to size - I'm wearing a 36F and 18 here - Although the mesh gathers slightly on the smaller cup, it is minimal and the edging ensures that overall it sits flush to my chest. I think that fact that you're seeing me wearing it in a full length picture where I'm not hiding behind anything demonstrates just how fab I feel in this set.

Brastop have a plethora of Black Friday deals this weekend - Including 25% off the set above, so if you're a D-K cup head on over for a good old fashioned bargain.
Em x
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