Floral Fashion with Matalan

Happy Bank Holiday Everyone!
Instead of going out and having a fabulous time with my mega cool friends, I've decided to stay in bed today with a stomach bug. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. 
Luckily, I was well enough yesterday to pop out for a cheeky bank holiday glass of wine and decided that even though the sky was grey, it didn't mean I had to be (I'm green today).

Longline Embroidered Blouse - Matalan
Ripped Black Joni Jeans - Topshop
Ghillie Sandals - New Look (Similar)
 I brought the brightness into my life via this Longline Embroidered Blouse* from Matalan. Guys, firstly let's have a little chat about the embroidery. It is REAL embroidery - Not just a drawing of some sewing. The detail is so very beautiful and the colours are incredibly eye-catching - In fact, because of bedazzlement, a really cool young person in H&M asked where it was from and I basically tried to marry them because THEY HAD NOTICED ME and made them wish they'd never said anything. It is just THAT good a blouse.

Normally longline isn't longline on me, it's just a normal length (Particularly when my bubble butt gets involved) but this blouse goes all the way down to my knees HURRAY. It buttons from top to bottom but I quite liked to have it open to the waist so that it flapped a bit in the breeze - I'm a modern superhero.


I'm genuinely surprised this shirt isn't 100% cotton because it is so light and soft against the skin; I actually spent a lot of time stroking myself for just this reason. I didn't get a good picture of the back of the shirt but it's gathered at the middle of the shoulders  (You can see this better on their website) which, coupled with the waist-height side splits, gives it a lot of movement and makes it ideal for over skinny jeans or leggings - it's such an easy look to wear.


Some advice on fit: I'm wearing an 18 here and although there looks to be a bit of gaping on the bust, it's actually really roomy. I think the gaping was more to do with it needing a quick iron and I could have definitely sized down with this if it wasn't for the sleeves; they're not tight exactly however, with the fit of the shirt, I think they would sit a bit better if they were maybe two inches more generous. The same with the collar, a 16 would have fit better on the torso but I would have struggled with the top button. If anyone else has this shirt, let me know what you think in the comments below.

You'll have to excuse the white dust on the picture above - I'd had a chip butty, the breadcake flaked onto me and my "photographer" didn't make me aware...
Matalan have some fab seasonal stock coming in at the moment (I'm WELL into this Ditsy Print Blouseand with such low price points as £20 for the blouse I'm wearing, it's worth a look for your early Autumn wardrobe.
Em x
*Denotes Items Gifted for review - All views are entirely my own.