The Complexities of Plus Size Office Wear

I work in an office which until recently had an extremely relaxed dress code, I still dressed professionally but occasionally jeans and casual dresses would sneak in. A recent change in this code gave me an excuse to think a bit more about what I put on mah bodeh of a morning.
Roll neck sleeveless top - H&M (Similar Here
Floral Trousers - River Island (Similar Here)
Tote Bag - Accesorize (Similar Here)
Shoes - New Look (Similar Here) 
This outfit is one which I felt absolutely excellent in. Sadly none of the items are currently available as they were last year's purchases but I've linked to similar above so you can peruse if you like what you see. I like how the snazzy pants allow a bit of personality to shine through with a touch of Summer. I probably wouldn't wear this for a merger meeting (Ya know, all those merger meetings I attend..) I like shoulder pads when I'm being an all powerful bizzness bitch, but this is perfect for day to day.

As I've said before, I don't love my arms -  So I've forced myself to have a think about why this is - My arms aren't defined, they aren't tanned, I assume there are some muscles in there but they're not really that visible... But why do I want my arms to look like that...? Fat is not bad. Undefined is not bad. It's just different from what I'm used to seeing on the TV, most of the internet and shop windows (I don't read magazines any more - They're bullshit). It's like a false reality. I've been trained to think that the way I look is in some way bad. Which it is not. Not at all. I hate doing what I'm told. HATE IT. So why on Earth am I letting people (mostly men) I don't even know and certainly don't value tell me how I should be presenting myself to the world? WHY GUYS WHY?!?!?

This is a really long way of saying - Look, this top is sleeveless. I bought it a long time ago and every time I've put it on I've though nah. NO MORE MY FRIENDS. NO MORE. I've basically realised that life is too short to be uncomfortable and for worrying about what other people think. Especially when there's a strong chance that they're not even thinking it anyway. I also truly believe that all bodies are good bodies. I look professional, I look comfortable, I look like someone who can do their job without sweating my boobs off (Although I probably still will...)

I will never ever ever ever EVER tell anyone what to do and what not to do - It's your life for crying out loud, if you want to wrap yourself in a giant cape and stick a balaclava on top you have my full support. I can however, recommend that if you're avoiding wearing or doing something or are struggling to like something about yourself, think about why you feel that way. I've found that in these circumstances it's very rarely my own values and opinions which are influencing me...
From L- R
Black Floral Print Joggers - River Island (Sizes 6 - 18)
Paisley Print Straight leg Trousers - M&S (Sizes 8 - 24)
Cropped Floral Print Trousers - Simply Be (Sizes 12 - 32)
Monochrome Floral Print Trousers - F&F (Sizes 8 - 20)
White and Blue Floral Print Trousers - Yours Clothing (Sizes 14 - 26) 

In the absence of the snazzy pants I'm wearing, some of my current favourite florals are above. They're just so versatile - Mondays need never be dull again!

Em x