Monday, 29 September 2014

Model Citizen - Junarose Spring 2015

Last Friday I was invited by the wonderful MS SVG to a preview of Junarose's Spring 2015 collection in London. I already knew that I was passionately in love with MS SVG after Plus North and I'd seen/worn a few items of Junarose's previous ranges so I was extremely excited to do the fashion thang and see the range before it hits the shelves.

The science bit: This range features three GORGEOUS looks and is available in sizes 42 to 54 (UK 14 - 26). Junarose produce 6 collections a year and aim to ensure that every style embraces the female silhouette through tailoring, cut and detail whilst never compromising on comfort. 

As it turned out, my sillhouette bloody loved being embraced...***Picture heavy post (not surprisingly!) and you may see a face you recognise***

MARINE: Combines feminine lace with classic marine details....
This look came across as trés Parissiene to me, the colour palette is simple, lines are clean and it screams of "City Break" - something I've always struggled with. The jumpsuit would be a perfect suitcase staple as it looks fab with heels for a night in a cocktail bar (or three) but would be equally as effortless with a pair of sandals for a day sightseeing.
LATINA: Powerful yet feminine, featuring ruffles, cutouts and layers....
The jeans I'm wearing below FIT ME!! The length was just perfect and they were a light denim without falling into the realms of jeggings. I also loved the red maxi Michelle modelled, the cut of it is just so stylish whilst remaining light and fun.
GREECE: Greece features draping, lace, floral and heavy embellishment...
This look was just adorable, Lucy looks perfect for a Spring/Summer garden party (do these still happen?!?) and I think Michelle's face says it all with that top - we all had a good feel of it and it would look MEGA with my ripped jeans.
My favourite item from the day was the striped dress below, it's just so versatile - every time I see it I think about another way to style it...
Each and every item I wore was light, airy and really, really comfortable (As I put it, perfect for a sweaty London Summer) every chiffon item was fully lined in a lining that allowed flexibility and didn't take away from the movement of the item, the jersey was light and so so easy to wear. The grey below the knee dress is a prime example; The jersey draped beautifully over my curves, the arm holes were the right size, the length was PHENOMENAL and the zips on the shoulder give it just the right amount of edge for the office.

The models and I were extremely excited about the fact that this range simply didn't look or behave like a "plus sized range" there were no butterflies, no oversized tshirts, no slogans. Even the florals were stylish and chic. This range is just like something you'd find in a high end "straight sized" highstreet store but with a quality that makes it worth every penny.  Maybe I'm biased but I'm really looking forward to this range hitting the shelves.

Another element that I loved was talking to the designer of the range, she is clearly incredibly passionate about making women look and feel magnificent; sizing, cut and fabrics are always being reviewed and they are extremely eager for feedback from the people who wear their clothes. How refreshing is it for a new brand to know who their consumer is and listen to what they have to say....?

MS SVG have been mega awesome and are offering 25% off all full price items on your first order with the code newcustomer214 

Em x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Checked Autumnal vibes


I love Autumn, it smells magnificent, all fresh, clean and nature-y. Then there's the colours, OH the colours.  With Autumn comes layers, wool and boots, scarves, hats and coats. I AM IN MY ELEMENT.
This brings me to this beyond wonderful coat from Evans. It is collarless, fluffy and very, very cute. I'm wearing the 16 here, the 14 fit beautifully but if I was to wear the frankly massive jumpers I intend to rock this winter my arms would be stuck out horizontally and I'd look like a starfish. And I really don't want that. I wore the coat for a walk on Sunday and was really pleased with how light yet warm it is. And it's not tickly. So people can cuddle me without sneezing. 
I'm wearing it here with my Joni ripped black jeans from Topshop which are the perfect jeans. They're high waisted, have the most powerful stretch I have ever witnessed and are the right length for my excessive limbs. The only issue I have is that I'm well paranoid over the rips, let me give to you the following scenario: I'm walking up the stairs, my knee pops through the rip, the rip rips all the way round, the bottom half of my jean falls off, I'm left wearing half jean-half shorts. I'm blatantly going to end up sewing up the rips...I was born 60...
I'm also wearing yet more ankle boots. I can't stop buying them. In fact, I found another pair I'd not worn earlier. I'm like a crap Imelda Marco. These are from New Look and are a size 9 - Hurrah! I'd been after some cherry red/burgundy Chelsea boots and these are absolutely spot on.
Get set for lots more pictures of me indoors in outdoors clothing. I may mix it up by wearing a dressing gown to the chippie....

Em x

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Purple People Eater

I've been looking for a new dress. Not just any dress; a sexy dress. You know the kind I mean, one you can put on and not pay for a drink all night (I'm blatantly lying here, nobody buys me drinks, I'm an independent woman YOU GET ME!?!). I've always wanted the perfect LBD but with my red hair, black seems to really wash me out and so I widened my search to include all of the other colours of the rainbow.
This New Look dress is purple. Lots of purple. The website lists it as being a black scuba rose print pencil dress. It's not black. It's purple. New look must have been tired when they named it. They also say that it has a zip back fastening. It hasn't. ANYWAY, I digress. The dress is a lovely scuba fabric and had adjustable straps which are important if, like me, you have wonky bossoms. The thing that first appealed to me was the length, I could tell immediately that it would be a perfect length on a taller lady such as me - it is a proper midi dress, even when I sit down it stays below the knee.
I'm wearing the size 16 as there were only 16s and 10s in store but could have definitely fitted easily into the 14, scuba material is so very stretchy even if it doesn't look it. I'm so glad that the Topsy Curvy girls put me in a scuba dress at Plus North or I'd have entirely written off this style. It clings to the parts of me that I like, and with the help of shapewear, it skims over the parts that I'm personally not a fan of. I said it before but sometimes it pays to step outside your comfort zone.
For the purpose of not wearing it with my slippers, I'm wearing it with these Black Open Side Pointed Court Shoes, again from New Look.
I've not worn point toed heels since circa 2002 and genuinely haven't missed them one iota. They go against biology, anatomy and my pain threshold but sadly, they look ace... These ones were a bit of a find, £17.99 from New look and in the nigh impossible size to find 9. They're remarkably comfortable and have the perfect height heel (I've not worn them on a night out yet so please withhold judgement a while longer...)
I'm very pleased with this dress, if I was a person who went on dates, I'd wear it on a date. And probably fall over/try to do the worm/spend all night crying about how much I love kittens. (Hence why I've never dated). Maybe I'd be safer in my pyjamas....

Em x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Plus North - The Catwalks... Topsy Curvy

Good afternoon all! This is my third catwalk post from Plus north - WE'RE GETTING THERE!
Now this one is a very special one: Topsy Curvy
Anyone who has ever met the TopsyCurvy girls will know why I say this is a special one; These girls are just FAB, I really wish I lived closer to Manchester so I could pop into the shop and see Charlotte, Jo and Bethany on a regular (whether they liked it or not! so if you're anywhere near Manc-Lamd, don't miss your opportunity, and give them a big high five from me!

Jo had let me know in advance what I would be wearing and I'm gonna level with you here: I WAS SCARED, these dresses are beeeeautiful but seemed really out of my comfort zone, in that they they are glamorous, classy and not a size too big in order to cover up my various "bits" but Jo put me at total ease. 
Roseprint strappy bodycon dress
Textured baroque strappy bodycon dress
The Roseprint dress is a size 16 and fit me like a glove. My only regret is not wearing a better strapless bra but NEVER FEAR this won't happen again (watch this space!!), the straps are adjustable though - Perfect for you busty lovelies. It came down to just below my knee and is a light scuba material which I've never tried before but am now a total convert. It shows off lumps but not lines if that makes sense, so my outline was smoooooooth not spiky. Plus the waistband is in the perfect place for my waist, giving me an ever longed for hourglass shape. Looking back at these pics, I really should have bought the dress on the day but at just £25 there's nothing stopping me now!
The baroque dress was just stunning, though sadly there are no reasonable pictures of me wearing it. Once again it was a scuba material with adjustable straps, this time with a textured baroque pattern which made me look like a (glamorous) walking Wedgwood vase (imagine I said that it a more fashiony way please). This dress could have done with better shapewear from me in all honesty, once again my crap bra let me down and spoiled the silhouette somewhat but on someone with a bigger bust than me, this dress would be an absolute showstopper, it's just superb.
Lolly, Steph, KatieSara, Rachel, me and Louise
Once again, I'll leave you with my fellow models - Vivacious bundles of colour who I think you'll agree all looked beeeeeeeautiful. 

Thank you Topsycurvy for taking me outside of my comfort zone - I needed it. And thank you for continuing to make women feel good about themselves, it means so much more than you realise.

Em x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Plus North - The Catwalks... MS SVG

As I said in my last post, I was very lucky in that I wore some beautiful clothes from some cracking brands last weekend and this next brand was up there with the absolute best; MS SVG:
On the Sunday morning, I was tired. Saturday night had been's just say "late one". Kathryn and I had done some excessive dancing and no amount of showering made me feel anything other than grim... (There's picture evidence but I don't want to soil this post with such silliness). Suffice to say, my inner Naomi Campbell had all but evaporated. Then I met Monique. Monique is the buyer for MS SVG and is just one of the kindest, most friendly women I've had the good fortune to meet. Basically, she could have given me a string vest and I'd have worn it. Thankfully, a string vest wasn't on the cards. What WAS on the cards was this:
This dress was previewed at New York fashion week and is a piece of dress genius. We all have that dream dress, which pulls us in at the waist but isn't uncomfortably tight, is sexy but doesn't require constant tugging and tucking. I also fantasise about POCKETS and a powerful shoulder. This dress ticks all the boxes; I couldn't stop chattering on about the shoulder - it flattered me in a way that nothing else ever has.
The length is perfect on me, I hadn't taken my nice shoes with me and was wearing tights and ankle boots but the dress STILL worked, it's just that versatile. The zip up back is great for easy dressing and the fabric is a stiff cotton, meaning that it keeps its shape perfectly. The sleeves are also that flattering just longer that short sleeves (could do to brush up on my sleeve terminology potentially....) this dress is available in UK 16-26.
The print is just phenomenal, I would never have considered this print for myself if I was looking online but it's certainly opened my eyes to brighter bolder prints. The dress is also available in red and black (modeled on the site by beautiful Hollie) I'm seriously considering the black dress as a wardrobe staple, I loved wearing it just THAT much,
L-R: Hollie, Sarah, Georgina, me, Kathryn and Hannah.
MS SVG stock beautiful plus size clothes from around the world and carry a great deal of UK exclusives (I'm very into the Junarose dress Hannah is modelling above)

I'll leave you with this picture of the other MS SVG models, a group of beautiful women in beautiful clothes.

Thank you Monique and MS SVG for letting me wear this beauty!

Em x 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Plus North - The Catwalks... ELVI

I was VERY lucky this weekend in that I got to model for FOUR brands (If this is what happens when you take a vow to say yes to everything, it could have been much worse...) and I really want to dedicate a post to each of them because they were all just superb.

Up first; Elvi
Due to me not having reeeeeeeally long arms, I was unable to take pictures of myself (I'm not Mr Tickle. That sounded creepy, I don't like it) so I've relied heavily on the kindness of others here, to whom I am very grateful - Thank you Sara and Donna!
Now less about me, more about Elvi. Anybody who was at Plus North this weekend will tell you just how aesthetically appealing the Elvi stand was, the colour palette was bold and classy, mixing mustard with metallics and tweed with lace and laser cut. Ever single piece was a marriage of classic style and  modern shape - Guys, these clothes are quality. I was therefore DELIGHTED when I was told that I would be wearing some of the range for that night's "surprise" catwalk. 
My first outfit was a longline lasercut tunic vest, 7/8th legging and a frankly STUNNING mustard yellow crop jacket (which you can't see too well in this picture as I am swinging it around BECAUSE THATS WHAT MODELS DO OK?!?) I'd been eyeing up the jacket on the stand earlier in the day so being able to wear it and maybe even rock it (if I do say so myself) was a huge boost to my confidence.
Quick change into this pleated black maxi skirt which sat beautifully on my waist, the lasercut vest and this absolutely gorgeous metallic cropped jacket which I am buying as soon as it hits the website because it turned me into a 1980s glamour bitch.
Next to something that I never ever thought I'd wear; a longline mustard jersey tunic - I LOVED this - it was just so easy to wear over the leggings and the necklace dressed it up perfectly (For something similar, they have a beautiful Silver Hematite Necklace on their site which I will also be investing in)
Finally, I had fun and games getting into this tie neck black dress with gold eppaulettes (my head is too big and also the wrong way round - hence the sweaty fringe situation above). Another lovely piece, I'm told that when this hits the site there will be more of a split at the neck, on someone a bit shorter than I this would be perfect for the festive season.

It was abundantly clear to me that the women behind this range are passionate about what they design and the women they design it for, this is a beautiful capsule range with pieces that can stand alone or be put together to great effect. I can't wait to see more!

Em x

Monday, 1 September 2014

Plus North - What was on me.

Ladies and Gents, I'll level with you: I've been struggling with where to start regarding Plus North. 
I've just had SUCH a magnificent weekend. For those of you who don't know, Plus North is The North's premier plus size fashion event, where brands, bloggers and babes come together to celebrate plus sized fashion. This years event was in Leeds, which meant I had three days and two nights of what can only be described as excellent carnage- I'll talk more about the weekend itself in another post but seeing as there was some truly excellent light in my house today, I thought I'd start here with what I wore (excluding pyjamas and a fine layer of sweat).

I arrived in Leeds on the Friday lunch for a few drinks and pizza times with Becki, Rivkie and Kathryn - three of the most delightful and talented women I know, all of whom dress like goddesses so I didn't want to let the side down. Therefore, I wore my obscenely gaudy leopard print River Island dress, tights and some very excellent £8 Primark tan ankle boots. The boots are a size 8 wide and are stupidly comfortable.
On the Friday night, a quiet and understated group of 27 bloggers, partners and hotties headed for a superb all you can eat at Cosmo restaurant (fabulous place, delicious food and the best staff EVER). I hadn't thought about what I was going to wear at all but fortunately I had packed (thrown into a suitcase) this black lace sleeved jumpsuit from New Look.
It was an inspired choice if I do say so myself, it was comfortable, practical for a person galavanting about and maybe perhaps just a little bit sexy. It was a genuine bargain at £27.99 and is still available in store. I wore the jumpsuit with my nude Asda shoes which have utterly shredded my feet over the course of the weekend but prior to this were the most comfortable shoes I own (Winter shoes on Summer feet anyone...?). The earrings are from Dorothy Perkins last Christmas, they're remarkably light which is ideal for me and my weak lobes. The bag I LOVE - £6 from Primark, I sh1t you not.

Saturday day time called for something easy to get in and out of, light and comfortable (no more feet shredding THANK YOU) so I opted for tights with my Primark boots and this lovely 60s style frock from Marks and Spencer's. I was attracted to this dress in store because of the flared sleeves which are just so easy to wear.
Saturday night was PARTY TIME. I'd packed my leopard print wiggle dress for the occasion but disaster struck in that it fastened... But I couldn't sit down... Or walk... Which wouldn't have mattered except I really quite needed to do these things in order to survive. So I quickly changed into my Primark retro print jumpsuit which people seemed to really like, it's a bit like wearing pyjamas in the day time so I can't complain at all. I wore it with some gold earrings and my Marks and Spencer's tan wedges. 
Sunday was chill out day so I wore my tights, ankle boots and H&M floral dress which is big, baggy and perfect for someone who thoroughly just wants to be naked and in the shower.
I've got a fair few more posts ahead about the weekend, what happened, what brands I loved and just general heartfelt admiration and passion for this event. HURRAY FOR PLUS NORTH!!! 

Em x
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