Sunday, 9 February 2014

#OOTD - Church window cheapness

It's been a while! This is just a quickie to ensure you that I haven't got lost (again) or become a nun (tempting as it is I CAN TELL YOU) (That doesn't sound like something a nun would say does it....I take it back) (ACTUALLY, even nuns must get annoyed sometimes, like when they drop a hymn book on their toe or when their wimple always seems to be wonky)
Roll neck jumper:  Primark £2
Scuba skater skirt: Primark £5
120 den tights: Primark £2
Ankle boots: Primark £18

This is a bargain outfit RIGHT HERE. Head to toe Primark styling. I bought the jumper and skirt a couple of months ago for the grand total of.......(wait for it).......SEVEN POUNDS. I'll be honest, I didn't think I'd wear them but I was having one of those "must buy all of the things buying makes happy happen need happy colours" days and I just really liked the idea of them. 

BUT I WAS WRONG. I've worn the jumper an awful lot, it's just so versatile, the length means that it even works with jeans without me worrying about getting a chill in my kidneys. It's extremely soft woollen and the batwing style sleeves make it a bit dressier and terribly comfortable (not to mention warm!) The colour works beautifully with denim and tweed which is lucky because they're pretty much the fabrics of my life.

On to the skirt - Check out that print guys, isn't it mega!!?!? Two things about me: I struggle with bright print (don't know what to wear it with) and I don't like skater skirts (I always think my bottom's going to appear when I'm least expecting it) but for some reason, this one works. It's a lovely thick scuba style material and I sized up to prevent it flaring out too much from the waist and creating said bottom slashing. I'd never wear a skirt of this length without tights, it's just not my bag, and these tights are my all time favourites; I NEVER have to pull them up through the day and they are very resilient which is important for someone as massively inept as I am.
The boots are a recent acquisition. I wore my last Primark ankle boots to death, they go with all of the things. ALL OF THEM. These ones are epically high compared to the last, so I think they'll be better for evenings out, you know, times where I'll ironically be more likely to fall and mortally wound myself. They're an 8 wide and fit me like a glove. I think they look a bit like clogs, I've always wanted some cool clogs but am just to weak to walk in them. Pathetic or what. 

I'm going to attempt more posts this month, I'm full of beans (So to speak. I actually hate beans.) Plus I have some exciting things coming up in my life. I've got an exciting idea for a blog series too, I just need to convince* some people into helping me (*con) 

Em x

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