Saturday, 27 December 2014

Seasons Greetings

 I'm all too aware that Christmas time can add to the stresses and anxieties of many people out there. As so many people are saying at the moment, please remember you are not alone. 

Below are links to posts from three of the wisest women I know, I hope that if you do feel like you're facing a battle, these posts will point you in the direction of help, support and further proof that you ARE important and you DO matter. Please don't go it alone x

To those of you who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a happy, safe and positive holiday (And maybe a sh*t tonne of food..)

Em x

Sunday, 21 December 2014

All I want for Christmas with M&Co...

That's right guys: I've found a new collaging app and as such am collaging pretty much everything I see (I'm not gonna lie, it's mostly cats and glitter) 

This is my Christmas wish list. A WHOLE ENTIRE OUTFIT OF DECADENCE (bar shoes, because big giant feet innit) FOR £79.30. All of the items above are from M&Co, who I confess haven't always been on my radar - Though looking at their moodboard for the festive season, I genuinely can't work out why!
I started with the dress. My new motto is: "Don't buy anything Christina Hendricks wouldn't wear" As such, I've been admiring many a velour dress this year, and this one being a midi length excited me greatly. The embellishment is subtle and, unlike my sequin jacket, unlikely to attach itself to passing Christmas revellers (I wouldn't mind generally but the last person I "attached" to was a sweaty 19 year old dressed as an elf...) This dress is actually in the sale at the moment so it's a bit of a must have really. 
How stunning are these earrings? And under £5 too. I have some very very similar with a clear stone and they cost around four times this - I'm just going to pretend they're diamond and not diamondique in order to justify the excessive pricetag... I love green with my hair colour and these will look very Liz Taylor with the dress.
The faux fur stole is the way that I do faux fur. I tend to look like an actual Sasquatch in full fur so a stole like this over a coat or leather jacket is still glam but not quite as giant mythical creature-y. I really like how full this one looks.
Finally, I've said in the past that shapewear isn't for everyone, I personally like to wear it when I go out but more for support and minimal "hoiking" than for the shape (although this is a nice additional benefit). This underbust support slip is perfect, it means you can wear your own bra and there are no near miss toilet incidents that can happen with bodysuits or pants (any muscle I have in my arms is due to battles with my spanx whenever I need a wee NOW). Also, I find  a slip feels much sexier than other shapewear (until you forget to take it off and wake up with it tucked into your pyjamas with half a pizza wedged down it).

I'm pretty amazed by how much I was able to slip onto my wishlist for under £100, particuarly taking into account the quality and overall look of so much of the range. New Year will soon by upon us and I'm definitely keeping an eye on M&Co for glitz and glam.

Em x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

#Célfie unashamedly

In discussing an item of clothing with the slogan #Célfie, it would be obscenely inappropriate not to take a number of Selfies.
If you follow me on Insta, you will be aware that, along with many other hip young thangs, I favour a strong selfie game for many reasons:
I rarely look in a mirror any more, 
I like to see what colour my lipstick actually is with a flash, 
Selfies make it look like I have cheekbones, 
I'm perpetually amazed at what I can do with my face, 
Nobody else is documenting my life so I might as well do it,
Finally but most relevantly; Sometimes I get bored.
The tshirt was very kindly sent to me by the lovely people of Yours clothing and is now officially my only tshirt. 
My plan is to wear it around people who are disdainful towards the art of the selfie and watch their heads implode, "what, you actually know that you're doing it and are THAT unashamed that you'll even wear a tshirt promoting it?!?". "Yes," I shall reply "yes I do"."Now get out of my shot, you're killing the vibe" 

Em x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

It's all in the Jeans - The Fashionworld essential trouser

Check this out, I have my very own infographic - yeah, that's right, I've hit the big time guys. Look at my little face in the corner. This (MY) Infographic is courtesy of Fashion World and aaaaaall about my favourite trouser. The high waisted jean (I chose all the words myself, I'm basically a copywriter innit).
I'll admit, I used to be a bit scared of high waisted jeans. I thought they'd make my bum look like a horse's bum. To an extent, they do but apparently horses' bums are quite a nice shape and so I've embraced the look and rolled with the high waisted.
As you can see, I like a casual pair of high waisted jeans, I feel comfortable, smart and not like my bum's going to be on show any minute. One day I may be brave enough to wear them with a shorter top, maybe even a crop top. Maybe. Until then, I like a slightly longer loose cami or tee with a jacket, perfect for dressing up or down in any weather.
Above (L-R): Joni high waisted jeans - Topshop // High waisted skinny jeans - Claire Richards for Fashion World //  Simply Be Lucy skinny jeans- Fashion World // Bailey High waist super skinny Jeans - Dorothy Perkins // Simply Be Lucy skinny jeans- Fashion World
Here are a couple of my favourites available for sale RIGHT NOW. Try some and we can all have horsey bums together <3 If high waisted isn't for you, why not head over to the Fashion World website and see what does it for you. 

Em x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Guest Review - Younique 3D Fiber lashes

Due to my inability to see my own eyes without my glasses on, I have a guest reviewer today; My cutie pie younger Sister Kate (I'm biased, but would you just look at her?!?)
Kate was kind/gullible enough to offer to review the Younique Fiber lash mascara on my behalf.

The mascara consists of a Transplanting Gel and tube of Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of thickness and volume. It comes in a lovely case and looks pretty swish, HOWEVER, I was sceptical. Because I always am. Because I'm crap at makeup.
Kate threw herself into the challenge with the vigour of someone with youth and ability to try new makeup without their face sliding off. These are Kate's lashes in their natural state. As you can see, they're not exactly short but they're definitely not that dramatic (well actually they are compared to mine but I'm basically a mole person) 
And this is the outcome - I mean, WOW. They're just so LONG! 

Kate sent me the following instructions 
"1. I put my own mascara on - a very light layer and let it dry.
2. Put a layer of the glue stuff on immediately followed by a layer of fibres. I did this step three times.
I think you have to be careful how many layers you put on as after the first time I tried it, about 10 mins it was all under my eyes..." (Reviewing PROS in my family, AMIRIGHT?!?)

On the surface I was really impressed but I wanted to know from Kate how the mascara felt, I mean it's all well and good looking amazing but if you can't blink then it's not ideal. Well Kate LOVES it, she did state that it takes some getting used to putting on but when it comes to a big night out or event this will be taking the place of false lashes all the way. 
Just a step by step above to show you how much of a difference Younique makes from what I always thought was already quite a dramatic change with the mascara. It's absolutely amazing, when Kate sent the pictures through I refused to accept she wasn't wearing extensions. Sisters lie you see.

Younique is now available in the UK as well as around a lot of the rest of the world. I'm going to have to enlist Kate in doing my lashes for me when I next go out, I don't want to be the letting the family side down... 

Em x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Monroe Knows, they REALLY do..

I recently met Marvin. Marvin is the brains behind Monroe Knows, a signature collection of classic dresses inspired by his experience with female friends struggling to locate dresses that both fit and made them feel stunning (hey, we've all been there!). It was clear to me that Marvin was GENUINELY interested in making plus sized women feel good about themselves and I wanted IN, so when Marvin contacted me to try some of the range I said "No, absolutely not" (we all know how this goes now...)
A stunning package arrived, complete with tissue paper, handwritten note and an absolutely delicious truffle (OBVIOUSLY there is no picture of that because I ate it before I'd even confirmed it was food...) and then came a gift even better than chocolate:
Dress: Leigh by Monroe Knows
Shoes: Faith at Debenhams
Necklace: Topshop

This is The Leigh, a long sleeve maxi dress that is just SO Hollywood. You know I have the occasional beef with maxis due to my trés long legs but this is another example of why you shouldn't rule out anything until you've given it a go (well...not ANYTHING...) The weight of the fabric prevents it from flip flop flapping about and allows it just the right amount of movement. Saying this, I think it would look equally as nice with sandals when it warms the distant future... In these pictures, I'm wearing my lovely new Snakeskin pointed courts from Faith (size 9 and the fit is perfect).
The Leigh is available in a 16-24 although a few of the other dresses go up to a 26. I am wearing a 16 and feel the sizing is extremely true, maybe even a bit bigger due to the spandex. The crossover is a bit cheeky but has enough fabric that ladies with a fuller bust will be catered for. The tie is a lovely touch but is for decoration rather than function - It's what most would call a "mock-wrap" - There's no chance of it undoing and there being an unintended Full Monty moment (no matter how hard you try...)
ALERT: I'm going to use the word "curves" here and mean it in its truest sense: I am not a very curvy woman, I'm a typical "hourglass" shape but am wide rather than curvaceous e.g. There is no dramatic difference between my hips and waist and my bust is wide rather than portruding (gosh, don't I sell myself here?!?). This dress on a "curvy" woman would be INCREDIBLE (have a look on the website if you're not sure what I mean). There is just so much stretch in the areas that you like to stretch and the split skirt is wrapped in such a way that even if you have generous jambons (as I do), you can still choose to be covered up.

And just for you: Ma face. Complete with a bargain Topshop sale necklace which I just knew was going to work with the Topshop lipstick in Inhibition. I love all these jewel tones at the moment, they're just so decadent. 
Im so, so pleased with this dress, Monroe Knows are definitely a brand for ladies size 16plus who love a bit of classic glamour to keep their eyes on (Check out the Amber - it's absolutely stunning.) I, for one, can't wait to see more as the range grows and want to wholeheartedly thank and congratulate Marvin on a collection that ticks all of my sartorial boxes.
Em x

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Staying inside my comfort zone and WHUT???

For me, there's a tendency when I'm window shopping online to get carried away. I'm not sure if any of the rest of you get me (it'd be the first time anyone did...) but I get some incredible multicoloured unicorn idea in my head and think I'd look fabulous in a floorlength ball gown, holographic boots and a large hat. The likelihood is that I maybe would, HOWEVER, I generally wouldn't feel comfortable or at all myself in those particular items.

Blogging really gives you the opportunity to try new things and I regularly move myself out of my comfort zone (tutu anyone?) but ya know what? I LIKE BEING ME. SO, ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you: 

I apologise that this is such a "safe" array of clothes but this is me guys; simple through and through (in all contexts...) AND I LIKE IT.
Em x

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It does exactly what it says on the tin - Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless

Advance warning: I had to put a filter on these pictures because I got some chicken jalfreizi on my neck and didn't realise until it was too late because I didn't have my glasses on. Let this be a lesson in how not to blog to us all. 
In this picture, I am smiling. I am smiling because I am wearing a perfect bra. This is the Curvy Kate Luxe strapless and as with all of their bras that I've tried it is FABULOUS. 

I wear their daily boost every day (I just don't leave the house on wash day...) and had a ceremonial burning of the majority of my other bras when I realised just how perfect for me it is. In fact, I made a video about it which you can see on the Curvy Kate YouTube page, you can hear me talk and wave my arms about and have many, many chins 
Back to the the bra in hand; The Luxe fits me in exactly the same way, I went for the 34GG which is my size in a moulded cup (I'm a wee bit/very wonky and so go for the larger cup to avoid double boob). I get full coverage, nothing over (or under) hangs, the centre fits flush against my chest and nothing rubs. Anywhere. 
The most important thing about any strapless is the support that it provides. My main beef in the past has been with that slimy, sticky edging which is meant to hold the bra up but actually gets all sweaty and wet and then slides down your back and gets tangled up in your tights (that you're wearing up to your armpits in order to stop them also sliding off) and then you end up in a big messy sweaty heap and vow to never leave the house again or at the very least never, ever attempt strapless again... 

WELL: That does not happen with the Luxe. It just doesn't. It is so much lighter and less constrictive than any strapless I've ever tried, yet the four hook and eye fastening means it doesn't slide up and down to where you don't want it to.
It comes with multiway straps which give excellent added support should you decide to do an office to bar dash and goes up to a J cup in some back sizes.

Finally, this bra looks GOOD. The detailing, as ever, is very classy and importantly doesn't show through even the tightest of dress. I carry most of my extra lumpy parts across my ribs and so rarely feel flattered by a supportive bra - It's one of the other: support OR sex appeal, but I don't feel like that with this one.


Keep up the good work Curvy Kate, your changing of lives and saving of boobs will not go unrewarded.

Em x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Getting my Pretty Woman on - Revival Retro

Whilst I was enjoying my epic(ally expensive) weekend in London, my friend and I went to Fitrovia to visit the fabulous Revival Retro store on Windmill Street. Because we're decadent like that.

Retro revival specialise in retro inspired and reproduction 20s, 30s and 40s clothing and shoes from brands like Stop Staring!Emmy Design, Trashy Diva, ReMix Vintage Shoes and Aris Allen Dance ShoesI've had quite a browse online in the past but never taken the leap as I really wanted to try before buying. 
The shop is just stunning, everything is displayed in such a glamorous, easy to browse way (just look at those beaded 1920s gowns!). I didn't feel awkward about picking anything up for a look (or try...). The ladies who run the store are ridiculously knowledgable on their stock, vintage clothing in general and most importantly, the women they dress.
From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty. We were given a fitting area each and a lady with the best hair EVER brought us an array of beautiful dresses. Not once did I put on a dress that didn't fit or flatter (I know, f*** flattering but sometimes it feels damn good to look like you belong in Mad Men...). 
I could have happily left with any one of the dresses I tried, some of which are above. All of them were a wiggle shape, all fell below the knee on me (at 6ft) and all gave me what I would class to be an enviable rack. What on earth more could I ask of a dress. The shoes are also simply fab, plus some of them go up to a UK size 9 - it's like a dream come true.
The cardigans on the right were simply GLORIOUS, they had two shapes; a cropped boxy style and one with a dipped fishtail hem. The detailing is immaculate, my friend came away with a red one and if the mustard one becomes available in the dropped hem style I don't think I'll be able to help myself...
I was so in love with this cabinet I have my own jewellery at home in a display cabinet and I was very into how the items were grouped - it was like being in a sweetie shop. It was actually really inspiring, I generally end up taking my glamour level down a notch before leaving the house but I'm definitely more inclined to channel my inner Elizabeth Taylor after a couple of hours in the store.
This is the dress I went for, I'm not going to say too much because I want to give it a post of its very own (I think you'll agree that it deserves it). Now, I am not a rich woman, but I do recognise quality and know that this is one of those timeless dresses that I'll be able to wear for many, many years ahead (also my in-laws didn't know what to get me for Christmas so there you go!)
Some of my other favourites.
The really excellent thing is, I now know exactly where to go if I ever need another fancy pants dress, maybe one in teal...
Em x


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A whole lotta MS SVG love

I make no secret of the fact that I'm a big fan of MS SVG. A lot of the time I feel like their clothes were chosen with me in mind (this is all part of my spectacular self-belief and assumption that everything on earth involves me in some way obviously). So I'm not going to be selfish - I'm gonna share the love (hope you're alright with this, I'm generally quite clean...) with a few of my top picks for Autumn/Winter '14.
This Junarose Aubrey Velour dress is just so versaltile, I can imagine it goes as well with tights and leather ankle boots as with a pair of sexy stilettos and a statement necklace
I actually saw the Junarose Lana open cardigan on a few of the bloggers at the Spring 2015 preview and it looked truly excellent on them all. I'd pair this with my ripped jeans, ankle boots and a black cami for winter afternoons by a log fire in the counrtyside (Seriously, I do this, I'm just THAT exciting)
 I've got a baby blue eyelash knit cardigan that is pretty much superglued about my person when the weather turns. This Junarose Nika Eyelash Cardigan is very similar but has a bit of a sophisticated edge with the open front - I can see it over a floral dress with knee boots and a messy up do, or just over my pyjamas for when I want to feel like a massive teddy bear...
My final pick is quite clearly the Piece de Resistance; The Junarose Fling fake fur jacket is vintage glamour in furry form. I LOVE this - Just imagine it over an LBD with tousled hair and scarlet lips...I CANT STOP IMAGINING IT.
If you've not shopped with MS SVG before I urge that you give them a go - Let me know how you get on (and maybe share the clothes with me).
Em x

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fair's fair - Yours Clothing cosy knits

Last week I learnt the hard way that I really, really needed some new jumpers in order to not lose my arms to the Sheffield Winter. As such, I was positively delighted to receive this beautifully Autumnal magenta and black long sleeved jumper from Yours clothing. It arrived just in time for me to go to the fair which was VERY lucky as I am notorious for dressing entirely inappropriately for such events, freeze my boobs off and end up living in a hot bath for weeks afterwards.
First things first, the sleeves on this jumper are full length, as in: The full length of my arms. This is a rarity in itself. It's also a lovely length, I've rolled it under a bit here with the skirt being a longer length but with jeans or a mini skirt I would definitely have it a bit longer. The side ruching is really flattering, a friend of mine with a much larger bust tried it on almost before it was even out of the bag and she looked an absolute bombshell in it, which suggests to me that it would really work with a variety of figures. Finally, I'm well into the deep magenta colour with my hair, the pictures make me look a wee bit eccentric and I'm really digging it, 

For me, Autumn is all about layers and this jumper is warm yet light enough to wear under a coat without becoming a big sweaty palava. It's also not itchy as heck so you don't need to worry too much about an additional layer underneath. 
I also received this fab denim midi pencil skirt - I love me a good denim skirt and this is ideal for the 60s mod look that I perpetually crave. It has an elasticated waistband which I generally avoid because of the tendency they have to twist/dig in/cut you into a link of sausages. However, this band is nice and thick and properly stitched into the skirt so that it sits tight against my middle with none of that kind of debacle. The length is also great, as you know, I'm 6ft and this skirt falls below the knee even as I'm walking.

In both items, I'm wearing a 16, I'd recommend that with the jumper you size up (unless you like your knitwear tight obvs) but the skirt has great stretch so I'd say size down to keep the pencil shape pencil-y.
To go to the fair I wrapped up in my Evans coat and new faux fur stole from Select, I had one almost identical but flushed it down a toilet in a freak KFC incident (don't ask...) and it's taken me forever to find another one I like - expect to see much more of it! I'm also wearing my heeled chelsea boots from New Look which I've already worn to within an inch of their size 9 lives and my standard 120 den Primark tights - perfect on my 34inch legs.
Just a final picture for you, I was at the top of the big wheel trying not lose control of my faculties here, flipping good job I was so well wrapped up - Thank you Yours for stopping me from freezing my bottom off!

Em x

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

"Date" night - Elvi's teal lace dress

I've been starting to think about the fact that this time of year requires nice dresses. Lots of nice dresses.
Teal Lace Dress: Elvi
Earrings: Topshop
Tights: Primark 120den
Shoes: New Look
Blue Clutch: New Look
I've always been a fan of a long sleeved lace dress, I have a black Primark one which is such a wardrobe staple and this beautiful teal dress from Elvi is definitely going in the same category.
The dress is double layered, with a lovely soft under layer and an eyelash lace over the top. The neck is a slash neck which is ideal for me - I find with having a broad back, a round neck on a fitted dress means the arm holes can pull a bit. This is also helped on this dress with the zip up back, no sleeve twisting.

I'm reluctant to use the word "comfortable" because generally "comfortable" and "sexy" don't go hand in hand. HOWEVER, this dress IS comfortable, it's fitted without being completely clingy, the ruching around the middle also gave me a bit of space for food and drink. Which is important. Despite this, I would class this as a sexy dress; it's slinky, a great shape and a fabulous colour.
I love how the teal looks with my hair, it's definitely a shade I'm going to look out for more. I went for the size 16 but a 14 would have been fine everywhere other than the arms. I would say, as is usually the case with Elvi, the clothes are true to size. 

For the purpose of posh, I wore the dress with my New Look pointed heels and oversized clutch and these Topshop chandeliers. For the purpose of not freezing, I wore tights... I definitely don't think this bag "goes" with the outfit but it's just such a perfect size - if I could find one like this in a tan or black leather I would NEVER need another bag again. EVER. (Until I see another one I NEEED obviously...)
When I actually went "out" out I put on my leather jacket, switched to some "rock" earrings and became smart-casual Smyth. And I liked it. So I ate a curry (and several million popadums) in it... Hurrah for the lace dress!
Em x

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