Love Thy Bust with Simply Be

Good Morning All, today we are going to talk about a very important subject:


Boobs are fabulous aren't they? No matter the size, shape, weight, length, format they're just brilliant. Simply Be want us all to "Love thy Bust" so I'm going to take some time out of my busy doing not much at all schedule to tell you about how I have learnt to love my bust.

I have found an underwear brand that I trust: 
It's wonderful knowing that your underwire isn't going to try and stab you through the heart after one week of wear, that the elastic in your straps isn't going to expire after a Big Mac and that a GG is actually a DD... I'm exceptionally loyal to Curvy Kate for these reasons and many more.

I make sure that my bra fit is right:
One of my boobs is much bigger than the other. Like MUCH Bigger, so I wear what fits the larger cup - NO SQUISHING. I recently did a review for Curvy Kate in a bra which I thought fit. It was a bit less comfortable than I was used to but I just thought "New bra innit". Almost immediately, one of the amazing Curvy Kate ladies came back to me and said "That bra doesn't fit". Simple as that. Just from a video. She didn't even need to manhandle me. THESE WOMEN KNOW THEIR BOOBS LET THEM HELP YOU. 
Scantilly Peekaboo bra 
I wear what makes me feel good: 
For some women, it's all about the colour, the lace and the detailing and that's wonderful. I, however, have no shame in saying that all my underwear is black. With one exception (The Curvy Kate Roxie in blue which is just magnificent). I feel my best in a classic, well fitting black bra. Depending on what I'm wearing, I might wear a balcony bra or a push up but it is always simple and it is always black. When I was younger and I wanted to be a bit more sexy (Oh how I LOL at the thought of this) I would squeeze myself into all sorts of contraptions. None of which made me feel good, they just made me feel like I was being garroted. You live and learn guys...

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I care for my boobs:
October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast Cancer is something that has caused grief for a great deal of us, it's an absolute f*cker. I'm only too aware just how important it is that I take an active role in looking out for any warning signs. Get to know your lovely boobs, whatever the size and if you find anything abnormal, get to your GP right away.

As an added bonus for October, Simply Be have teamed up with Georgina Horne from Fuller Bigger Bust and Leyah Shanks from I Am Leyah Shanks to share their tips on bra fittings which you can watch HERE
Em x