Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What's that in the sky...? The Scarlett & Jo feather tunic

Scarlett & Jo are a brand that I'm certain a fair few of you are familiar with. Over the past 12 months I've seen a bevy of beauties rocking their 50s style tea dresses, glamorous figure hugging silhouettes. and luxurious lace maxis. 

So now it's my turn with this simply stunning feather print tunic*. The chiffon tunic comes with a jersey slip which can be easily attached/removed with press studs, although I really like this feature, the height of the neckline was just a bit too modest (floozie, me?) so I replaced it with one of my own slips. I'm a big fan of a deep V neckline, and love where the tunic sits on me.

I'm wearing a 14 here and although the slip is true to size, the chiffon tunic is extremely roomy which is where the belt helps to give a little bit of shape should you want. I also really like the sleeves on this. Summer has always been a struggle for me and my perception of my arms, so as much as I'm becoming less judgey of myself I still like a sleeve that gives some coverage without being too tight and getting all sweaty. Nice. 

I have big plans for this tunic, some of which I've already tried (My Instagram can testify as much):
> Coverup over a bikini (I WILL be Elizabeth Taylor. I WILL)

Towards the end of last year I took a trip to London and was very fortunate to spend some time with designer/CEO/all round dude Gifi and the S&J team. What I love about this brand is that they understand and listen to their customers, they know what they're doing well but haven't become complacement, hence the addition of classic separates and new silhouettes. This new direction is extremely appealing to me and the feather tunic was an excellent place to start.

The feather tunic will very soon be available in Evans (this week I'm told!) and I will add links ASAP so you can nab a Summer fail safe of your own!

Em x
* Denotes gifted item 


  1. Mate. You look banging. I retract my earlier lesser rude intentions and am now re-presenting them with added filth.

  2. I freaking LOVE how you've styled this! And we need to talk about those legs! Are you Tina Turner / Loz Taylor love child? (Cherish the thought!) anyway, all this gushing to say you're looking lush as per usual 💜

  3. Gah!

    Look at you looking like the only Peacock in the village - I love it! The print on this dress is gorgeous and it suits you down to a tee. Lovely!!


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