Saturday, 11 April 2015

April Showers - The Simply Be Waterfall Mac

Today it wasn't warm. As such, I decided in my wisdom to go for a lovely walk around a duck pond. Six hours later I have just defrosted. Thus is the nature of the weather in the UK. Last week is was scorchio, this week there was hail. GOOD JOB I HAVE MORE CLOTHES THAN I HAVE SENSE EH?!?
Waterfall Mac - Simply Be
Jamie Jeans - Topshop
Peplum Top - Dorothy Perkins (No longer available)
Shoes - New Look (Similar Here)
Satchel - John Lewis (Similar Here)
Here's what I wore - A perfectly acceptable Spring outfit (Or so you'd think...). My Topshop Jamie jeans which are a perfect fit at a 16 (I wear a belt with them as they are a bit lower waisted than I'm used to and I hate the feel of them falling down), New Look shoes which are fab but that I'd prefer were leather or suede (sweaty plastic feet anyone...?) and an oldie but goodie peplum top that I bought in the sale from Dotty P's a couple of years ago and only got round to wearing last Summer as it's loose and just snazzy enough to make an outfit a bit more interesting.

The waterfall Mac is a recent purchase from Simply Be and I'm utterly thrilled with it. I'm particularly pleased with the fit across my back, shoulders and the tops of my arms, as well as the fact that I can wrap it around me with it remaining loose. Light jackets tend to be a terrible fit no matter what size I go for, which makes me feel much less care free and flamboyant than one should in a Mac (I like to feel all Parisienne, chic and a little bit rebellious like I could zoom off on the back of some guy with a beard's/girl with a pixie cut's scooter). This one is spot on, I wanted something light enough to take to Madrid with me but that still gave me a little bit of warmth should I need it. Which I evidently do.

My plan for the next month is to carry around a large rucksack with clothes for every eventuality from string bikini to snowsuit (I have neither. Yet) OR just wear everything I own all at once with a large hat on top.

I have an exceptionally exciting week ahead (I'm going for dinner with Tess Holliday dontcha know? *insert HOW IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?! face*) so be sure to check in on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to check up on me, ensure that I am correctly dressed and behaving myself.

Em x


  1. This is resplendent. As are you.

  2. I must have this Mac! It's perfection! And you look super cute in it 💙

  3. What a lovely outfit! You look awesome in blue.

  4. Oh jesus, it comes in lime and I now want it because of you but it's 70 dollar! Fucks sake Em!

    (However you look beautiful, as always)

    Thaw out quickly!


  5. This is the perfect flasher mac! Looks amazing on you, and that top is super cute!

    C xx


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